• 10+ years ago I had a dream that I would befriend a guy that I would have had a FWB relation with and the current GF would be severely sick, and I would have a very good connect with the GF. Now this actually happened, both really good friends since 3 ye
  • Hello all, I've been lurking here for quite a while and just got the nerve to create a login and ask this question. Background, is that I've been actively interested in dreaming for almost half my life. I have a dream log spanning almost 20 years.
  • How to Pray

    A Simple Guide for Normal People
  • So, I haven't remembered my dreams for the longest time. I feel like I'm in a very transformative time of my life and last night I have dreamt that I was faced with a choice: This guy showed me two bowls, one with a rabbit imagery and the other with a ha