• I need to talk about a dream I had is that ok?

    It starts off with me and my friends in a ballet class. We are by the bar. The room is covered in mirrors I look to see us all. It's us but us as different from what we are now. I look different. Different hair and different clothes and make up. The d
  • My dream / terrorist attack.

    I just woke up, full of sweat. (Nightmare) I was in a very popular shopping mall when suddenly everyone starts panicking and running, then I see a terrorist with a gun, he starts aiming in the crowd, I hear screams and people crying, so I start running
  • Date/neighbor punched me

    Alright y'all so I had a freaky dream last night that I'm hoping someone can interpret. I was finna geaux on a date with my neighbor (the one with the dog I play with) and while we were walking to the car he randomly punched me in the face to keep me in
  • Bf chasing me with a knife

    I've been having some weird dreams lately ? Anyway, I had a dream that I was at a mansion hanging out with this Leo guy I was talking to while my bf and I were broken up. And then my bf just busts in the door and sees us and gets pissed off. We weren't
  • Reoccurring Dream

    There's an illness epidemic, a pig flu called in the dream. I'm not sick but I have to care for my sick family members (who live in a different country in real life) It's mostly the same relatives each time I dream this and we're always in the same ugly
  • Beard

    I saw him with a full black beard and hair when in real life he is platinum and just a bit of a facial hair. In old country we used to say beard is wealth coming. Anyone? Thanks
  • I had the best dream last night

    My Lily (Italian greyhound) came to see me in my dream last night. She passed away December 20th last year. She hasn't came to visit me since 2 weeks after she passed. I was so happy to see her. This past week I opened my heart up to love another Italian
  • Why do I keep dreaming about a guy I only dated?

    I keep dreaming about this Aqua I only dated. Never was in a committed relationship or never had sex with him. Last night I kept making myself go back to sleep and in each dream he was there. He was at my work place and an event & I also use to work with
  • Sweet dreams

    I woke up earlier today from an interesting thing, but I was sad after I woke up. It was night. I was on my living room floor, the lights were off and the etching light from the hallway peered around the corner and gave the living room a little candlelit