• I just woke up, full of sweat. (Nightmare) I was in a very popular shopping mall when suddenly everyone starts panicking and running, then I see a terrorist with a gun, he starts aiming in the crowd, I hear screams and people crying, so I start running
  • Alright y'all so I had a freaky dream last night that I'm hoping someone can interpret. I was finna geaux on a date with my neighbor (the one with the dog I play with) and while we were walking to the car he randomly punched me in the face to keep me in
  • I've been having some weird dreams lately ? Anyway, I had a dream that I was at a mansion hanging out with this Leo guy I was talking to while my bf and I were broken up. And then my bf just busts in the door and sees us and gets pissed off. We weren't
  • I saw him with a full black beard and hair when in real life he is platinum and just a bit of a facial hair. In old country we used to say beard is wealth coming. Anyone? Thanks
  • My Lily (Italian greyhound) came to see me in my dream last night. She passed away December 20th last year. She hasn't came to visit me since 2 weeks after she passed. I was so happy to see her. This past week I opened my heart up to love another Italian