• weird dream question

    If you dream about someone who your no longer involved with does it mean they're thinking of you. I hardly see this person and after our break up I've had several real feeling dreams about him.I try not to think about him and even started dating again bu
  • Do you guys ever have "Deja Vu"? How often?

    I know this is really weird but its legit. I've had Deja Vu mildly throughout my life. I use to considered it a curse at first I had a dream something very bad would happen that would've been fatal for my younger brother. I don't want to go into much deta
  • Dreaming water

    I had a dream jumping into very clean ,calm yet deep water. In the water there were fish coloured half pink and half blue. For me to even end up in this water , I was from a place where I was moving out of a dirty place with all my belongings, some th
  • the "time to move on idiot" dream

    I just want to post this here, because I find it ironic and quite sad that I obviously have an unconscious hangup on this guy. I basically started 2016 with closure w this guy that I was definitely obsessed with (lol). Still partially am if I want to b
  • Seeing someone familiar in dream

    I took a nap earlier and had a dream earlier that I was going to have dinner with a guy from the past. I remember holding hands and as we approached the table somehow I remember I knew someone else was going to be joining us. I think he may have text t
  • New job dream

    Hi peeps! Does anyone know what a dream of getting a new job could symbolize? This job in my dream wasn't just any job but a particular little store that I have actually been considering giving my resume too. They even gave me hours that I would love
  • Jealous/love analogy?

    I had a dream where I was in this fancy hotel building and it had 5 stories. I lived on the 3rd story. I was downstairs in the lobby and my whole class was there. Half of them were in swimsuits, getting ready for my crushes swim-themed birthday party. I w
  • Waxing Crescent moon dream

    Happened on the night of 12th-13th, this past Tuesday. I was sleeping in the same bed with the person I saw in the dream. Basically it goes as such, we are driving down towards the town where my family lives, driving at night in a red car, and the spee
  • Horror Movie Dream

    So I had a long dream where I seemed to be playing a character. I didn't look like myself, and it felt like I was playing someone either in a horror movie or a seemingly real experience in someone else's life? To keep it short, I remember the killer's fac
  • Babyborn

    Dreamt that I was going to breast feed a newborn as he/she was hungry. I am not pregnant in real life nor want more kids. I was with a man that I know in real life, but we are not in a relationship. I think the baby was ours. Any thoughts on what m
  • lucid dreaming

    i have been having some intense dreams this week, one i was flying over the ocean on a white dove bird, it was awesome! The next day i had a dream of being pregnant and i did not know what i was going to do about it and i woke up before i made a decision.
  • Gunshot Wounds/Deceased Husband

    Hi everyone I'm new here. Just looking for some insight as to the significance of this dream I had this morning. I'm open to any opinions, thoughts, and ideas. I was on vacation at a beach, it was somewhere tropical, that had a beach & jungle. I was on
  • Dream of insecurity, time manipulation, and other weird stuff.

    My best friend and I were sitting on some steps in a place I never seen before and I remember having on leather gloves that were missing the finger part. I remember thinking how badass I felt and looked and said to my friend, "Don't I look cool?" He said,
  • dreams about the same guy -

    I have had reoccuring dreams from time to time of the same person throughout the last year. I hardly ever dream of people in real life so it's weird to me that this person who I barely know have such an impact on my dreams. What gets me is that every t
  • interesting - dream of closure?

    so I had a dream last night that I was still in San Jose... or maybe Chicago. it was definitely a city. probably Chicago because the outdoor restaurant I walked by was more of a Chicago setup. so I'm walking with my friends to this restaurant, and I saw t