Could someone help my friend to interpret her dream? Ty ❤

By HamstheticsJune 9, 2021 11:55pm — 13 replies

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So I have some really special people that I’ve met in life who swear by manifesting your dreams—instead of dwelling on the negative and thus calling more of that to yourself, you visualize what you want and it comes to fruition. My bfff and another friend
for science
in your dreams in the past year are people wearing masks/social distancing etc?
Recent Dreams
Recently my dreams have become more frequent, some stressful and others violent... I had one this morning where I was part of a group of people and we got our guns and gear together and got in the car to drive somewhere, I can't remember what kind of pla
Dream about details and mundanity
Not sure what to think. I had this dream covid was over. I was trying set up a business. I was renting a place from the council to teach pilates. I am calculating in the dream ....20 students per class at ten euro each ....that is 200 euros per cla
Violent Dream about Unknown friend being stabbed
Hello. It's been a while but I thought about this site straight away after my most recent dream. I had a dream where I was running away from people. I was armed and with an unidentified male friend. I had a HUGE gun. The ones from call of duty that
Dream I can't remember with lingering effect.
I don't remember any of what happened. I know I was having a long conversation with someone and the only memory of it I have is a blurry flash of a image of a women yelling at me. It snapped me awake. I was arguing or being yelled at by her. I shot awake
Drowning Baby interpretation
Weirdest dream yet. I had two children one was a baby less than 6 months old and we are at a shallow swimming pool. The older child maybe 5 years old is swimming alongside the mother and the baby in perfect english says he wants to swim and jumps in and f
Help deciphering my dream
So I’ll just start from the end which is what’s the most significant to me. I’m in my apartment building that has a lounge that kind a looks like a library that also has a gym. It’s similar to my building but much larger. I’m at a table with my laptop pur
RL peopleYou know entering your Dreams
Dreaming about someone that is in your real life or someone you actually know. What does it mean? Do you think they are premonitions or that for some reason your subconscious mind has thought of them? How serious do you take these dreams?
End Times Dream
I had a dream about 10 years ago that actually changed my life. I was in my mid-40's and I had unimaginable wealth. I owned buildings and businesses all over the place. It was a financially prosperous time for me but I wasn't able to really truly enjoy be