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  • Opinions on the brand Matix..

    Just ran into this brand while browsing and liked some of there things. Anybody have an opinion on them? There's not much online.
  • girl crisis

    I'm having such a difficult time deciding what color to dye my hair. I have medium brown curly hair. It's medium length. I've had golden highlights for about 4 years. It was beautiful! I loved my golden hair so much. But I'm so tired of blonde hair,it's v
  • What color are my eyes?

  • What color are my eyes?

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  • What color are my eyes ?

  • Youtube Channel

    Need Followers on my Youtube Account I've started a makeup Tutorial and i need some great ideas feedback and support My youtube channel is TheVixenn Face
  • Winter Moisturizer

    Ladies, I need your assistance with my ultra sensitive, clog prone skin. We have crazy winters in Canada and I need a moisturizer that will not clog me. My skin used to be combination but with age it's become dehydrated to dry. I've tried many mois
  • Acne Prone Skin

    Acne prone skin is difficult to manage. I have this kind of skin which makes me feel so terrible. I have tried differen
  • watch my video

    press play. do it. you know you want to.
  • Eyelashes Smi-lashes!

    Im of south east asian descendent so my lashes are mostly straight, thin and not full. I detest wearing fake lashes so is there anything (preferably natural) that I can do to enhance them? Ive been using argan and olive oil alternatively and they do seem
  • Summer dresses

    I love summer whole bunches and I'm so happy it's here, and one of the reasons besides the fantastic hot weather is hav
  • Full bloom earrings

    Forget the mascara! I want the earrings! Anyone know where I can buy them?
  • Audrey Hepburn's beauty tips

    For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, sha
  • Boots/shoes

    the last one is strange and i dont like the open toe like that. That'd hurt the toes cause the pressure pushes forward w
  • What do you do to unwind?

    I like to draw a very hot bath, light scented candles and put something low and mellow on. Oil in the bath and just sin
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  • Dear Diary: I blew up on my Taurus.

    Last night we were laying in bed and my Taurus was opening up. I THINK that my Taurus was really effected by his parents divorce a few years ago. it is something he has opened up about a lot thru out our relationship but only in bits in pieces to wh
  • AUTOMATIC Ban for people telling others to...

    Die or things of the sort. How many times does one have to report someone in order for the mods here to listen ? Racist remarks ? Ok. I guess I can mute them or decide to just walk away from someone calling me a fat ape because I'm black. But tell
  • My Natal Chart

    Hi I just joined dxpnet today and wanna know can anyone tell me some cool stuff about my chart. 🙂
  • Would you date a Gemini?

    Why or why not? Be honest. This is gonna be good [img][/img]
  • Should I quit now with this Cap woman?

    Hey there, I have been chatting to this Capricorn via snapchat for a couple of weeks now and I feel like it has been going ok, but not great. I have been just trying to get to know her first, which has been going well but I have recently decided to esc
  • Stay away from those horror movies

    Especially the ones about spirits I wonder if some producers place spells chants or other demon butter inside of movies with the intent of you taking some of the satanic crap with u once the movie ends. Once you fall asleep that’s when all of the funky shi
  • Any Scorpios broken up with Scorpios ?

    I've refused to see him for 3 weeks. He tried to plan a date Monday. I cancelled. I've been feeling better but.... I mean ....Earlier he sent me a video of him going out. I know he wanted me to ask where he was going but I didn't. I remember him s
  • How does one

    Draw an Aquarius back to them? Do I chant like a siren? Do I bathe in his favourite liqueur and hang myself up to dry?
  • How to be there for a taurus man who has recently broke up

    Hello there, I met my taurus man at the gym, and I’m head over heels about him. He always stares at me and gives me that gaze. Since he asked for my number, he used to call every day. I kinda got used to that. Then he started to disappear for a day or two
  • How do you know a Libra male likes you?

    Well he has been sending mixed signals in my opinion, and I want to understand what he really wants from me. We have never talked or interacted in any way, we just go to the same college. He used to stare at me quite a lot, then he stopped, and a couple o
  • Hades Moon

    As bad as it sounds? How does it change with maturity and life experience?
  • Signs you can always pick out

    Probably done before but never read the thread on here, so creating one for my educational purposes So we can all guess someones sign more often than not. But do you find that when you get it right, most of the time these people would be similar signs?