The guy I'm going out with is somewhat in to fashion appearancr. Hes clean cut always wears polos and jordans . idk what
i know one must apply heavy amount of conditioner to exceptionally long and thick hair, but availability becomes a probl
Kim Kardashian - I love her style of dress, makeup/hair, beauty. She puts everything together so well.
After an agonizing 2 second thought process..I have decided to give the great Taurean fingers yet again to *societal nor
My daughter has been thinking of applying to a few beauty schools in Toronto and one place she's pretty set on going to
UGH! I am about 5'8. Maybe almost 5'9. I love heels! The new trend of 4 inch plus heels with the hidden platform is SO
I'm assuming this is the right place for this to go, but lately the skin on my fingers has been peeling. My hands haven'
Hi all...I'm usually in the zodiac forums and forgot about all the other fun topics on DXP. So I've started an access
I just purchased a thick natural moisturiser - not cheap, but cheaper than brands like La Mer, SKII, philosophy etc. I t
Just took the quiz...and I'm floored at the concept...but i'm skeptic on how this works..are all the items one base pric
My mother is half Brazilian, half African American and my father is Native American, Irish, and African. His father is h
My friend brought me back this really sexy, really cute new dress from New York!! :D I love it to bits! It's a straples
Do you think it's wrong for me to pursue a modeling career mostly for the money and traveling experience and not so much
People say that permanent make up is a good solution for busy people who don't have time for doing their make up every d
We are looking for jewelry and gifts related websites to exchange links with.Please contact us at: http://www.copperrefl
So, pop star Beyonce gets booed at the 2011 Met Gala because she didn't walk over to pose for photographers. She could
I remember reading about how much less Americans should shower. Saves water, skins natural oils, other reasons, so on...
do they make ur butt look better or worse? I more of a t gal than an a gal and I'm wondering if they make a smaller
What colour eyes do you have and what colour eyeliner do you wear? I have turqious blue eyes with greeny yellow in th
Its totally random but I think I've become an addict to shopping on ebay! I love fashion and especially jewlery. But wha
I just watched it and I LOVE it! The outfits and costuming is so incredible! I love the hype, the entertainment, the win
i thought it would be cool to have a thread where people could post their product reviews. like, this foundation reall
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Can anyone who has their moon in the 8th house, tell me more about yourself. I am talking about your emotions. How do you actually feel, from time to time. I have a friend, who has his Libra moon in the 8th house, and he has a self-destructive behavior
What's your perspective on friendships and (figuratively) burning bridges? When / what circumstances do you find yourself cutting someone out of your life? My Saturn in the 7th, a lot of the articles I read are about high expectations in romance and What can you tell me about this man?
In the distant year of 2013 two financially well-off adult Asian males coming from prestigious backgrounds met on an astrology forum. In 2017 they're still discussing very important things such as which one of them really wants to suck off the other's "ch
Or have a lot of intetesting experiences? More than the average person... I do. Im wondering if its astro related cause ive read that about this placement. Probably has nothing to do with astro tho but lets c.
I guess that's a win, win! No? What is the best compatibility for a #1? And when I find her.. will I know she's the one!?
How come a lot of people say that they have houses in their chart or how does someone go about reading that deep into it? All I know is.. I'm a Taurus Born on 04/30/92 But how does someone know natal charts and what house is in what!? What!?!?
I need some advice. This guy I like who is a cancer zodiac came to my town yesterday and messaged me that he would love to see me tomorrow if I'm not busy. I said yeah would be nice to see you. He said same. Then he messaged me early in the morning like
Any advice on a creative yet sincere way to make peace/apologize to a cancer? We had a bad fallout. Although I'm still disappointed and upset, I cherished the person he is and don't want to be shelled out his life. He's like my best friend. I reached o
Hey, Stumbled across this site when trying to figure out this man I'm sort of seeing. I'm not sure if I fully understand astrology but I do find it interesting. I've discovered the typical scorpion traits define my personality and wondered how my leeb
Hi everyone! So this cancer man I'm crushing on hard is in town and would love to see me. I told him yeah would be nice to see each other. We left on a note of sleeping together but not treetrunking fyi. So he tells me to come stop by if I'm not busy ...Tod
I'm creating this post for you fine upstanding citizens of dxp to roast me. I promise you I'll enjoy it. So roast away. Take your guns off safety for those of you from Texas. From those of you from Arkansas...stop treetrunking your cousins for a moment and
I can not feel gratitude for people fighting wars, I know that we are free because people died for us, but I don't think our governments do enough to keep us safe and I feel our governments think our men are expebdable so they create one treetrunking day to r
Firebunny [img][/img] Baby Dastardly [img][/img] Cloudy [img][/img] The Ands [img][/img] Remix [img]
I've known this gemini male for 6 years going on and nothing has ever transpired, because he's always had a relationship and we live about 3 hours from each other. I should also mention he's one my best friends brother. I asked her if it would be okay tha
It means stuff, astrological stuff. Posting here on the astrology forums to signify. Hope it turns out well for you.
@Scruffles Sign me off the mafia. I'm not gonna post anymore but I won't delete either because: 1. I would still PM copperdove about my Callanetics progress and 2. it would erase the assmaxing thread and I don't want that because a lot of people took a
I want to see how taurus i really am lol ... too much air in me its crazy !! thank you
Finished studies = check High-paying cushy job = check Maturity = check I'm ready to fall in love. :)