Your thoughts?
I myself is a health obssesed virgo. Im always on the look out for the next beauty secret, Whether its homemade like
Hi, Am new to this and would like some help. African American woman here wanting to know what others of medium to da
I've been considering cutting my hair short and had a friend photoshop me with the length I was considering. What do you Your thoughts?
If your dark sista and color seems to get lost on your skin, ive used the color eyeshadow tattoo and it keeps a bright c
overjoyed! i just found this topic :) and i just started using blue mascara instead of black :)
Whenever I wear mascara it always ends up forming black rings under my eyes i wear water proof. And suggestions on wha
take your look from everyone else to polished and wow!
I've filed, shaped, buffed, and 'base coated' my fingernails. Now only if I could choose a design! Choices for ideas:
Clear skin | Facial | Microdermabrasion Countdown to Clearskin. Safe, Effective, & Clinical. Microdermabrasion is
The guy I'm going out with is somewhat in to fashion appearancr. Hes clean cut always wears polos and jordans . idk what
i know one must apply heavy amount of conditioner to exceptionally long and thick hair, but availability becomes a probl
Kim Kardashian - I love her style of dress, makeup/hair, beauty. She puts everything together so well.
After an agonizing 2 second thought process..I have decided to give the great Taurean fingers yet again to *societal nor
My daughter has been thinking of applying to a few beauty schools in Toronto and one place she's pretty set on going to
UGH! I am about 5'8. Maybe almost 5'9. I love heels! The new trend of 4 inch plus heels with the hidden platform is SO
I'm assuming this is the right place for this to go, but lately the skin on my fingers has been peeling. My hands haven'
Hi all...I'm usually in the zodiac forums and forgot about all the other fun topics on DXP. So I've started an access
I just purchased a thick natural moisturiser - not cheap, but cheaper than brands like La Mer, SKII, philosophy etc. I t
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I always find conflict in me between the two, the aquarius in my chart is too strong so sometimes overwhelms my sun
Or breast reduction? If so, how did it impact your life?
Or would a sag run if a woman told him exactly what she wanted to tell him all this time. I feel like he knows... Im beating around the bush.✌ but he doesnt like texting. He has AHDH, always busy. See him once a week. And thats on the work floor... Surr
I found this in a forum which was originally taken off of REDDIT before she deleted it - "TLDR - Before my vacation i [F24] asked my boyfriend [M25] to open our relationship temporarily. Now hes regularly having sex with some girl in our apartment a
So sag guy sure knows how to keep me on my toes. First he was al over me in real life and no answering my texts. Now he is so distant in real life but answers back in every text i send. Just when i thought i knew him. Im beginning to feel the urge to disa
So sag guy sure knows how to keep my own my toes. First he was al over me in real life and no answering my texts. Now he is so distant in real life but answers back in every text i send. Just when i thought i knew him. I beginning to feel the urge to di
I wanted to say my goodbyes to the nice people on here who have been kind to me and helped me. Ive decided to delete this account. Farewell to you all and wish you well (: Special thanks to If there is anyone I forgot to mention Im sorry I cant remem
How do you guys feel about your partners opposite sex friends? My partner met my web designer who's also my friend at a lunch meeting and smiled at him, then asked if he could make his own website too. (was probably upset saying that) But he knows
Which signs usually have the best taste in music? To me: Pisces Sagg Gemini Virgo Aquarius
somebody explain why they have Caps listed in the feminine energy category? The Feminine Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces The Masculine Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Is this normal? I love this man to death, but I'm not ready..blah blah How can I make him understand this? He is gemini.. And yes, does this happen to you sag women? Men always talk about marriage to u even if u don't want that?
wow this is sooooo good. great for those who are religious too, and about a selfish egotistical husband who won't even give some extra money to his wife's sister who has a husband who doesn't work and they are struggling, while he makes ALOT of mone
Any tips to improve health can be posted here.
...and flat butt...what do you say? Pretty?
I use Placidus for 2 years now Most astrologers i have seen use Placidus But i found a really good astrologer and psychologist that uses equal house system and i liked her descriptions So i checked equal house too Some things fell into place with tha