If your dark sista and color seems to get lost on your skin, ive used the color eyeshadow tattoo and it keeps a bright c
overjoyed! i just found this topic :) and i just started using blue mascara instead of black :)
Whenever I wear mascara it always ends up forming black rings under my eyes i wear water proof. And suggestions on wha
take your look from everyone else to polished and wow!
I've filed, shaped, buffed, and 'base coated' my fingernails. Now only if I could choose a design! Choices for ideas:
Clear skin | Facial | Microdermabrasion Countdown to Clearskin. Safe, Effective, & Clinical. Microdermabrasion is
The guy I'm going out with is somewhat in to fashion appearancr. Hes clean cut always wears polos and jordans . idk what
i know one must apply heavy amount of conditioner to exceptionally long and thick hair, but availability becomes a probl
Kim Kardashian - I love her style of dress, makeup/hair, beauty. She puts everything together so well.
After an agonizing 2 second thought process..I have decided to give the great Taurean fingers yet again to *societal nor
My daughter has been thinking of applying to a few beauty schools in Toronto and one place she's pretty set on going to
UGH! I am about 5'8. Maybe almost 5'9. I love heels! The new trend of 4 inch plus heels with the hidden platform is SO
I'm assuming this is the right place for this to go, but lately the skin on my fingers has been peeling. My hands haven'
Hi all...I'm usually in the zodiac forums and forgot about all the other fun topics on DXP. So I've started an access
I just purchased a thick natural moisturiser - not cheap, but cheaper than brands like La Mer, SKII, philosophy etc. I t
Just took the quiz...and I'm floored at the concept...but i'm skeptic on how this works..are all the items one base pric
My mother is half Brazilian, half African American and my father is Native American, Irish, and African. His father is h
My friend brought me back this really sexy, really cute new dress from New York!! :D I love it to bits! It's a straples
Do you think it's wrong for me to pursue a modeling career mostly for the money and traveling experience and not so much
People say that permanent make up is a good solution for busy people who don't have time for doing their make up every d
We are looking for jewelry and gifts related websites to exchange links with.Please contact us at: http://www.copperrefl
So, pop star Beyonce gets booed at the 2011 Met Gala because she didn't walk over to pose for photographers. She could
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This isn't my first time on this board searching for some clarity about taurus guy- this taurus guy is still confusing as F!!! We go way back more than a year now of on and off talking/texting/ went on a few dates, and every single time was beyond magical
one piece of your chart that you are most proud of and that makes you unique especially in relationships with significant others
.Hi I'm making a new love horoscope story It' is a continuation of my resent story of Capricorn male and Pisces female, Scorpio and Taurus , Libra, Leo Cancer, and Virgo, Aquarius and Gemini I'm thinking of doing the other horoscopes as well. If yo
this cap guy who's a friend has been really nice and he helps me with a lot of stuff especially school work. he made me mochi..really cute rice cakes with different colours. then I ate them all. but idk what to make him he is allergic to oil, dairy pro
I'm not asking you guys what to say; I know what I want to say when I ask for her hand. I just want to know how I should go about presenting my proposal. Sags are lighthearted, easy on the emotions, so I don't want to bog the moment down with sappy drawn
Can we ever be free or is the desire to be free because this life is temporary?
They don't easily change their ideas. We're in the MC, it's the career, solid, stable, it's like the culmination of fixed signs. People often confuse cappies with scorpios, and cappies and leos are often rivals. I think the high point of the zodiac sees
So a couple days ago Cap Man wakes me up in the middle of the night declaring he is "coming home to me, done feeling sorry for himself. On his way!". He comes over, sits me down, gets on his knees to my level and tells me he is falling in love...no "in lo
Can I get some tips on how to act and how to further attract an Aquarius man? He already likes me brain wise lol and physical wise and although I know that they don't commit because hi is 50 and single and childless, but I at least would like to date him
I was looking through celebrity charts and I saw Faith Hill's placements and I realized that she's probably got the most similar to mine- Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Leo venus and though she doesn't have Libra mars, she's got Libra mercury. Plus she's Neptune
I forgot to do this. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/S8WkoJS.jpg[/IMG]
i'm a 3rd house dominant but i dont feel good at communication, what's does it mean to be 3rd house dominant ?
Keeps asking to hang out. He is one aggressive, funny fun man. Thinking I'll give it a shot How.do.adieaen feel.about sag women?
Keeps asking to hang out. He is one aggressive, funny fun man. Thinking I'll give it a shot How.do.adieaen feel.about sag women?
Keeps asking to hang out. He is one aggressive, funny fun man. Thinking I'll give it a shot How.do.adieaen feel.about sag women?
I'm a Pisces sun Leo rising Aquarius moon He's a Virgo sun Aquarius rising Gemini Moon