Hello! Pretty new here, pardon me if i'm acting real butterty (very nervous)! My mom is giving me a credit card for a bel
back from a long holiday lol so what do you think about fake eyelashes? :) sometimes I just apply mascara, other t
in my opinion they look about three twins (can I use the word three twins?? or there's another word for it..? :)) f
I have been using rose water as my toner for the past year or so and I'm very happy with the way my skin is looking. Ros
which socks should i buy? theres the pack of white socks or the pack of white socks with the gray part
received it as a gift and I have never tried this color.. first when I opened it & saw the color..I was not impressed l
this is a cold season..and I have this dry, chapped lips problem sometimes they're soft & okay but other times they
This is probably the right place of this, but I was wondering if you guys & girls know any good ones? I have my own (ht
Best things or best days of life are best celebrated with dear ones and their wishes transferred through gifts. What if
What are your views of laser hair removal? Did you get the results you wanted? I have had a good experience with the tre
there's alot of women that love this show, and i found Michelle Phan's Daenery's version. I thought it looked awes
Has anyone tried this yet? I love it. It is a wonderful skin moisterizer. Great for diaper rashes and ezyema too I
For this forum I think it would be nice for us (both males and females) to post photos of ourselves and ask questions li
What do woman look for in t-shirts? Reason for me asking is I help my buddy out with his t-shirt line and plenty of w
After my big chop a year ago, im taking a break from weaves , which i used to do alot! I wanna do pick & drop braids,
Hey i would like to share my lates wardrode collection from shopfromshop.com Sleeveless Adorable Colored Pattern Prin
guys, girls even, do you prefer the heavy makeup look or the natural look on a girl. i do not have the skills of applyin
What are your current top 3 fragrances, and what comments do you get from people when you wear them?
http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r587/rtr_montgomery/photo2_zps2397a3f7.jpg Your thoughts?
I myself is a health obssesed virgo. Im always on the look out for the next beauty secret, Whether its homemade like
Hi, Am new to this and would like some help. African American woman here wanting to know what others of medium to da
I've been considering cutting my hair short and had a friend photoshop me with the length I was considering. What do you
http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r587/rtr_montgomery/photo2_zps2397a3f7.jpg Your thoughts?
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I didn't know how to title this or even how to type this out But who loves us and who do we love to the point where the depths can't be understood. Every experience I've had seem very superficial to me. Not real...just a facade of that which
I emailed my boss in regards to not being paid in a timely manner and asked quite nicely if I could get some sort of compensation until we do get paid and this is what he sent me in return: First, I will need to discuss decorum; and it is highly inappr
Do you put all your efforts and energy in them? Do you leave them to luck? Do you plan before? State your mars sign Mine is in cap in 12th I get over excited by thinking about it and then bored when its finally time to do smt When i start smt thoug
If you know the moon sign of your SO or your crush, tell me one thing that bothers you about their moon sign? My husband has a Taurus moon ... and let me tell you.. I can't explain how frustrating it is when this man will complain, and complain, and co
Which is worst .... Having someone clean your house for you OR Letting small children touch all of your personal belongings?
Honestly if I want to have sex with you after a week I'm gonna tell you... if I want to act like a goof ball sometimes or serious the next I'm gonna do it... I ain't pretending with you anymore to fit the mold I "feel" you want. And if you skip off becaus
Is it true? I dunno I barely saw something like that. This guy's Sun is Scorpio and moon is Leo. Have you ever meet such a guy? Whats your opinion?
I saw the moon as the sun was rising, there was a big star just left and a bit higher than the moon, it was really bright though, i could not tell if it was moving or still, i was tired. From gazing to it, it was eventually still. Looked at both, i co
What is your mercury sign? What aspects does it make? What is in your 3rd house and what sign rules it? I have a mercury in scorpio. Whatever sparks my interest I do intense research on. Im not even satisfied with bottom lines. I keep going and going.
Hayyyyyy My name is Effervescent I'm like an anti-depressant I shine so florescent Cause that's how I do! Sexy on lock Fierce as treetrunk Step to me I got a rhinestoned glock cookiemonsteres be hatin' Cause I'm the best MC in Leo Versace dressed ~
Fwb messaged me today saying he misses me and sad that i javent been messaging him much lately. I sort of told him i'm bored and wanted a committed thing so i decided to distance myself. I dunno but he just stopped responding. Last thing he said was that
A bunch of uneducated asshats want to destroy the Sam Houston monument here in Texas. The guy voted for slaves to not enter Texas and even voted to keep texas out of the confederate states. This crap is going too far.
How many of y'all are dating/married to someone who has a crazy ex?
So. I'm just wondering, is the key to attracting an Aquarius man really through his mind? As in, he likes intelligent women? I never knew that and it baffles me that some men find intelligence sexy when 80+% of men just go off of looks and that's really a
What does it mean if u and your partner doesn't have Venus planet in natal chart??