Any suggestions or recommendations for a college student looking to build a business wardrobe? What is considered an acceptable business attire for women these days? Where do you normally shop? I live in the US and it appears that Banana Republic
Ok, so I LOVE makeup! I don't wear it everyday but when I do, I like to really look made up. For some reason I can never get my makeup to look like I have on much of it. I know some women like their make up to look natural, and if that's you this ques
&&& so... my favorite nude shoes have mega scuffs on em... I went to Dr.Google & as suggested I tried the toothpaste, shaving cream, alcohol, eraser, vegetable oil, petroleum... nothing is working.... any other ideas anyone?
I'm always looking at natural anti aging secrets! Do y'all know any that you'd like to share?
I'm looking for merchants. Need help? I'm here on dxp usually so I thought I'd ask. Thanks
Meet Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Vietnam's first female self-made billionaire. Much of her net worth comes from her company VietJet Air, which on its website calls itself a "dynamic, innovative airline." But some might have other words for what it is her comp
Has anyone ever taped their breast to wear a dress. I have a photo shoot tomorrow and they asked me if I could tape my boobs. Never had to do that does it hurt?
For my trip to the Longwood Gardens, I wore a vintage powder blue hat, with a beige cotton petticoat skirt and a brown seater. I had on dark brown tights with brown boots. I tied a floral scarf around my neck. For the finishing touch, I wanted a red cross
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading! So, I wanted to know what are some great first date outfits? I know that the most impo
I think jumpsuits are really sexy to wear for party, but I think I'm too old to wear them. I'm in my 30s. What are your opinions?
I want a tattoo. Ive decided. I want it to say "Love me for who i am. Fragile but strong. Little but fierce" Font ideas and designs are welcome guys :)
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Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
Soo I was interested in how those guys develop bonds because the gemini mooners I know seem emotionally unavailable and hard to see through to me, like for example: - They're not the kind of friends I can openly hug and show affection to because they a
I'm thinking of removing my texting plan for a while. I'll still have phone calls and email. It will be annoying for others, but c'est ma vie Have any of you? How'd it go?
Ok so long story short. Im redecorating my entire bedroom As in- everything is going in the garbagio including the bed. Im evenbrippingnout all the walk in closet butter and starting over. I want to erase my ex's energy entirely. Im not sure what i want
Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Mars Leo Venus Gemini Mercury Leo How do they work with each other?
Aries Rising People with Aries rising tend to be energetic, pioneering, rash, argumentative, selfish, impulsive, quick-tempered, aggressive, assertive, headstrong, independent, alert, mechanically-inclined, physically active, self-promoting, self-centere
I(Sagittarius) met an aquarius at an event. A few hours after meeting, she found my info, and reached out to me to hang out more. Then started inviting me to hang out all the time with her, and her friends. Soon we were hanging out anywhere from one to th
So I'm an Aqua female who met an Aqua guy. Sparks are flying like crazy... we are already in a committed relationship and digging into each other lives out of excitement and new shiny things of course. Now we setting some goals because we are of course go
I know I started a topic asking about HP laptops, but I'm starting this one to ask about Lenovo and Dell laptops. Which laptop brand would you say is better out of the two? My budget will only allow me to either get a Lenovo IdeaPad 320 i5, or a Dell I
Say you're dating and her sign is compatible. Are you encouraged by this or doesn't affect you. Say her sign is incompatible. Do you keep dating or forget about it? In my experience, I managed to have long-lasting relationship with only one sign. Not
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can someone please explain? cause i have no idea what it means and why it is horrible. also i have this aspect. someone help please.
Hello everyone! I'd like to ask if anybody can tell me what does moon in Sagittarius square Venus in libra in a man's natal chart means? I've tried to search online, but I haven't found much. I would appreciate your insights. Thank you!
So my sagg boyfriend said omg lord have mercy my gf finally admitted one thing !! holy trtrkk then he's asking what's with the mood because i said tonight i wanna spend time good when you're home and all the other details i keep for myself lol
What's your sun, mercury, mars and venus? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with standards, not afraid to have two friends or none at all if they treated me like crap.
How does it feel? Did you have a break down? Did you get a "calling"? Did you write something down??