Beauty secrets?? What you do and what you'd never do.

Is there any product you absolutely must have and use daily to feel like you? I use vitamin C ester serum the enzymatic beauty treatment forula by serious skin care. It smooths out my complexion, eliminates imperfections in skin tone and makes me glow.
  • I would recommend you thin hair oil concoction( I started roughly 2 months ago and noticed difference after 3 weeks):
    ~3 tablespoon-Extra virgin coconut oil
    ~1 tablespoon-black castor oil
    ~3/4 tablespoon -emu oil
    0.5 tablespoon-whole onion seed (Also called nigella sativa. Bought cheaply from indian grocery store. But its same as this:
    0.5 tablespoon- whole fenugreek seed (also bought from indina grocery store, but sth like this:
    As for the actual health of the hair, a diet rich in protein is good. For this, have raw nuts, almonds are particularly good, and protein-rich meats. Also, dietary supplements such as flax seed oil and fish oil are good for skin and hair.
    As for actual hair style it's best if you leave it short style s-for-women-over-40/ if you want it to look thicker!
  • Some natural products or remedies...

    Musk melon juice/paste for face. Apply and leave it for 40 min.

    (i have 40 minute rule for all these remedies btw, even tho it may be unnecessary for a few) .

    Tomato for face. Apply the juice...for 40 minutes.

    Coconut milk for hair...apply and leave it for 40 min before washing it off.

    Heat up Curry leaves + olive oil - for hair. I apply the oil for a whole day sometimes, depends..

    Steam. Steam for face.

    I don't use any creams or chemical stuff or make up stuff ..other than soap and moisturizer :p ..sometimes, thanks to my climate, i don't require even moisturizing..

    And...WATER. Water is the solution for everything. ?

    Good sleep. Being physically active all day, apart from physical exercise.

  • superScorpio
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    Raw milk and honey for your skin it makes it so soft. Eat a teaspoon of honey a day will keep you looking young. Drink fenugreek , hibiscus tea are great for you. 7 dates and milk in the morning on an empty stomach clean out stuff in the body. Also try to have a lot of extra virgin olive oil. It's also good to take senna leaves once a year. Be careful taking senna you will be in bed and the washroom for a few days. One of my best girlfriends used African black soap and her skin was flawless. I used aleppo soap it's amazing. Most imperfections on your skin can be cured with food.
  • Philyra
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    I drink water,
    and cleanse my face in water multiple times a day.
    Water is life, and your pores are constantly breathing.

    I would never eat refined sugar, meat or dairy.
  • EvatheDiva
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    53 years old female from TX, USA
    I also drink water all day.

    I don't smoke.

    I gave up sodas and java for three years now.

    I remove my make up w/facial wipe.

    I wash my face with Biore Baking Soda Cleaner Scrub.

    And use Avon Youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle Moisture cream day/night. Look at the results! Big Grin


  • tcta
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    i have used zia ultimate moisture for many years now as well as ghassoul clay and black seed oil
  • ashley1734
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    Face mask of: gram flour (garbanzo), tumeric, whole milk, lemon juice.

  • LibraLovesHim
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    AHA Facial wash and organic coconut oil for hair and eyemakeup remover and conditioner
  • Posted by blackphase
    I use a handmade facial wash from LUSH, called Aqua Marina twice a day. It's a seaweed type wash. One of my top two favorite products.

    User Submitted Image

    The other of my top two favorite products that I use everyday, is a face serum called Natures Aid. It's only ingredients are Aloe, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree, Vitamin E & Rosemary.

    User Submitted Image

    The third product that I use every single day is Witch Hazel with Aloe as toner.

    User Submitted Image

    Another amazing product that I frequently use (few times a week) is this facial clay. It is really good for clarifying your skin and removing excess oil, shrinking pores. It draws all the unwanted toxins out to the surface, it works so well and leaves your face feeling so soft.

    All great products!!! I basically live at LUSH, by Bill makes me feel like I might fight the bunnies for a coupon!
  • Prince_Pisces
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    28 years old male from Mattel
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ❤
  • The_eleventh_sign_11
    Lush has this incredible called Ultra bland, it is treetrunking incredible I cannot stress how good it makes my skin...(this is not vegan as it has beeswax )

    You smooth it on your face then wipe it off with a hot towel....

    That's all and in less than a week your face is plump, supple, youthful and above all clean
  • Season
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    Is there any product you absolutely must have and use daily to feel like you?

    I use vitamin C ester serum the enzymatic beauty treatment forula by serious skin care. It smooths out my complexion, eliminates imperfections in skin tone and makes me glow. It gets rid of summer freckling and spotting really fast. Makes me feel flawless.

    I need a deep color lipstick too. I like reds, prefer berry tones or plums and draw with a pencil to pout my lips out a bit.

    I never wear black nail polish anymore because my fingers are long and slender and I think it makes me look like a crone by accentuating that.

    What about you?? What do you rely on? What would you never wear?
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