Eye Creams

By Prince_PiscesJanuary 21, 2020 12:51am — 34 replies
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quick theres a flash sale
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apparently the new movement is if you do these things you are a self hating woman giving into the corporate machine and not accepting yourself also only trying to please men its weird you cant do anything these days without being tied to other people
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just curious about what you all think when it comes to wearing fur personally im all for it if vintage just scored a gorgeous fox fur vintage headband that ill wear tf out of this winter trips to big bear and colorado planed i have several frie
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@Prince_Pisces. I am after your ass!
lol slept with all this shit oil in my hair will try to wash it off it s discusting and it better work
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lets talk best night of the year have you thought about your costume yet bestie wants us all to go as x-men debating between emma frost and jean grey
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