What video games did you play as a kid?

NOSTALGIA TIME! What games did you play as a kid? And what consoles? :)
22 years old female from Scotland

What games did you play as a kid? And what consoles?

38 years old
Veritas Odium Pariet!!!
Rush'N'Attack (Russian Attack) was my first Nintendo Game.

I also loved Operation Wolf, Rolling Thunder, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic The Hedgehog, Bad Dudes, Captain America and The Avengers, X-Men and Double Dragon.
38 years old
Veritas Odium Pariet!!!
Also, don't forget about the Ninja Gaiden series on NES.

Ah, my friends and I used to spend hours on end playing those games in the summertime during the 1980's.

HALO people don't know butter about tough gaming until they try Gaiden 1 and 2 out.
22 years old female from Scotland
28 years old female
"Lambie!!! Posted by dofacc In consideration of your hard, though unfocused
I grew up with Prince of Persia
42 years old male
" "
Kid Icarus
Double Dragon
Double Dribble
Tecmo Bowl
Ikari Warriors
23 years old male from North Carolina, USA
Kamikaze Failure Sniper (Kamikaze Shippai Sogekihei)
Goldeneye, Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie, and Pilotwings on N64. MGS, GTA 2, Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, and Digimon World on PS1.
22 years old female from Scotland
I loved Super Mario 64.

Anoyone else do this to the baby penguin, or just me?

23 years old male from North Carolina, USA
Kamikaze Failure Sniper (Kamikaze Shippai Sogekihei)
Posted by auriqa
I loved Super Mario 64.

Anoyone else do this to the baby penguin, or just me?

Oh heck yeah I loved dropping that baby penguin of the cliff, so fun.
sonic, mario, sega saturn, play station, ????_??_?????_??_????????_ series (I loved this series lol), street fighters? KOF? doom? and others..but can't remember much..? :S

recently, I am playing some old games like princess maker 2 and 3..and that ????_??_?????_??_????????_ series..
"Creative,love reading and writing books,music and drawing original..love black
Ha novices.I PLAYED PONG.Kiddddddiinng.Here's my list and wooo boi i played a hunk and a chunk of games.

The list of games(best of ALLL time)


MS pacman



Super Mario

LEGENd of zelda

mega man

mike tyson punch out

Robocop(to this day no one has ever made an arcade and movie tie in so good except for.... i'll tell u later)

Madden Nfl

Sonic 2

Golden Axe and Golden AXE 3

STar wars rogue squadron 2

Star wars pod racer.

Tomb RAider mmmmmmmm lara croft......

CRUSADER.... play this game!best soundtrack on this is the rebel base soundtrack.addictive gameplay and waaaaaayy ahead of its time.

Wing commander

Silent hill...... treetrunkin thing made me see nighmares in the day.

Gran turismo

Final fantasy...I hate uuuuuu sephiroth ,i haaaaaatttteee uuuuuu.

vagrant story

resident evil


Street fighter 2 and the ex series

CHRono Cross

Need 4 speed

Top gear

ULtima;Pagan (still can't treetrunkin finish this game despite me thiefin so much stuff,lol)

Terminator 2(ah yes next best game movie tie in sweeeettt)


27 years old male from dallas, texas
I was OBSESSED with Super Smash Bros (N64) Of course, haha.
27 years old male from dallas, texas
Pokemon Crystal from Generation 2 for Gameboy Color.
34 years old
Very Pisces with Cancer Moon
Duck Hunt, Zelda, super mario, FzeroX, Goldeneye

Oh man.. im forgetting the names of some. Mario Kart? Loved that.

And whichever Mario let you ride on kirby and fly. Loved that too.
female from Croatia, Europe
astrology is 100% real unless i don't agree w it
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Not even joking. idk how anyone allowed me to play that, but there's the videogame of my childhood.
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