gemini and pisces

  • i am a gemini female and lately this pisces classmate has been subtly flirting with me, likehe keeps complimenting me and yeah today he almost killed me with his mixed vibes one minute he tells me he likes me and asks me out then tells me 'I was joking' a
  • Datind a Pisces man for the first time ever and he really wanted to see me and he kept standing me up he was really apologetic and I got tired of it. I cut him way too much slack. It didn't matter that he wasn't doing it on purpose he was wrong. I was mad
  • Some of you here have a really good eye for this astrology stuff. Can anyone give me any insight on this relationship?? Sun: Gemini Moon: Scorpio Mercury: Gemini Venus: Taurus Mars: Gemini Jupiter: Pisces Saturn: Aries Uranus: Aquarius Neptune: