Happy Birthday him or not?

By GemitatiNovember 15, 2019 10:38am — 28 replies
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i want my ex back shes a GEMINI and im a scrop
so its been 3 months and my ex and i had a pretty bad post break up and its been 2 weeks since i talked to her, i was wondering even if the person is annoyed and sick of you. but we dated for 2 years and we loved each other i still love her alot. and i ch
i want my ex back shes a GEMINI and im a scrop help please
i have dated this girl for 2 years and we were doing really well barely fighting but last 2 months i was abit a ass i shut her out i was dealing with alot of family sht and i let the spark and connection die by not communicating. one day we had sex and we
Will Scorpio get over it?
Not that I doubt but... Last week he was planning a real date and we agreed on Wed. However he showed up on Monday because my image was haunting him and he drove miles ‘just to see me and talk’... Tuesday he didn’t contact me. It’s normal. He usually need
Are Scorpios somewhat phsycics
I am about to scream! Last night I was talking to an Aries making plans to meet and have his book promoted and load of shit that was very nice and I was thinking how wonderful that he had happened in my life so I don’t have to lose my mind over a Scorpio
My fucking Scorpio love part 2
Ok...there how it went... I’ve been pissed off...starting decade of torture and I’ve met this gorgeous Aries! Who is divorced and just as Scorpio go getter...and he said I am his ‘mission’...lol I took it for a face value and proceed with his ‘thermomet
Gem/Scorp everyrhing
Gemini Woman + Scorpio Man Chemistry There is no lack of intrigue surrounding this couple, even at the outset of the relationship. Often, they represent forbidden fruit to one another-each or both being in an existing bond-and thus start a romance in sec
Scorpio fucking Gemini’s brains
As I always say...I am not asking for opinions or anything. I am just writing. I don’t give a damn about any 25 y/old scolding me with shit...I am venting. So...last week Scorp went to retreat. He kept it from me because he wanted to surprise me. He book
Gemini and Scorpio
So last night I met yet another Scorpio that gravitated towards me. I don't mind messing with scorpios however dating wise I prefer them the least. ive been stung on several occasions. But i'm immune to that shit. I had fun with the girl last night and we
May I proclaim myself officially nuts?
Last few weeks we were communicating daily with my Scorp about changes in his career and as I said before apparently he needs my input because I’ve been in a biz with him for years and I know more than any of his friends and family. Tomorrow we are meeti
Can we change spelling of Scorpio...
...to a ScorpiOOOOOOHHHHH? Lmao...