Gemini Men and Love?

43 years old female from MA
How do Gemini men act when they are in love?

I read somewhere, when gemini men actually start have feelings for a woman or have fallen in love with a woman they treat her like they cant stand her or they just dont like her.

Is this true?

57 years old female
Yes .. that is true
43 years old female from MA
He does like to take me to dinner, shopping. He also likes to cook for me. He wants to by me a puppy and take me away for my birthday. He asked me to be patient with him while he gets his life together, ofcourse since I agreed to this, he says I have to behave "no seeing other people, or smashing" So I said, this goes for u also, so he says yes thats why im asking u to do this for me. He tells me that he cares for me soooo much.

At the same time it seems like the closer we get, the ruder he acts, Like he cant stand me.

Is that the norm for Gemini men?
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in love means for us to share and be confortable with "who ever". Love also means helping people and make them happy in a way even sometimes you might get hurt. Love means letting people go when they want. Love means for gemini something else. Love means to be understood. Love means debating, being me (not to play around - when i start to the that be sure is over) love means when i feel good. Our love has so many ways but a.m is about.
If you want more...let me know

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LOL - I dunno about that, g-fox. I know I've done my fair share of "forcing".
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GEM FOX's post was on the money, they seem to get really playful anf if they see you they'll always come up to your crowd. Even if they don't talk to you directly, they'll still be joining in and they'll ALWAYS call you back, because usually gemini men are thhe ones geting all the calls and chatting to multiple people so they wouldn't usually but if they really like you, they do.

and wow a gemini guy that cooks....lucky girl!!
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Learus - there are not enough pages to even contain it....use your imagination.
"heart breaker, heart broken, selfish, lovely, anything i do accept you want to

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"heart breaker, heart broken, selfish, lovely, anything i do accept you want to
wrote to sexysiren. hope i was able to explain my thoughts which can be "even for me" difficult to understand sometimes. Geminifox yes we let love and people go when the time is right or they think is right (forcing, kinda yes sure). My last relationship ended just few weeks ago (almost 4 years with a scorpio girl) - if and when i feel ok to write about will do so. This was probably my biggest expirement in all these years. But the time came to change thinks just for me this time with the hope that all to benefit in long run.
Cooking for a woman - when i cook is just to impress, love (usually for the sake of expirement) and is correct i dont' like cooking just for myself. I m not talking here about plain dishes.
43 years old female from MA
Tet, yes i did understand what u were saying. Lol! Thanx 4 your advice. I actually did use it. Gemini Fox, he actually told me i should feel special because he doesnt Cook 4 just anybody.
"heart breaker, heart broken, selfish, lovely, anything i do accept you want to
well walking alone the great WALK right now and packing.
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"Love means to be understood"

Tet, you are so right about this one!
Most of the time I can't find someone who understands me completely
Just wondering about a gemini man.....? We were introduced by a mutual friend and he didn't seem interested...he even forgot to ask for my number..he later got it from our mutual friend, and texted me the same night! I did not respond..then I texted back later the next day..He called and asked me to do him a favor and when I got to his house he was very affectionate then asked me when he could he see me again? I said maybe this wweekend! Then he said I will call you later, but I didnt hear and it was getting I called then he proceeded to have some sort of visual ...What are you wearing..and so how he was visualizing me with no clothes on....strange! Then i told him it was late and I had to go to sleep and thats when it went down hill! He texted me twice over the next two days telling me that he was really busy at work and he would try to call later..then friday came and I had something that belonged to him so I stopped by and he invited me and my girlfriend to come up, but he was really boring and laid back...when she left I tried to show affection and his response was..that he has to regroup the last time I tld him I was shy and uncertain..I asked if he wanted me to tuck him in, and he said that as soon as his head hit the pillow he would fall asleep.
I do know that he is under a tremendous amount of pressure at work and he is stressed and working late...but does that attribute to the mixed messages. I saw him today cause he offered to pay for my ticket..then I was planning to meet him and just drop it off, but then he said he had some down time so lets hang out for and hour or two...brought him back to work and gave me a really weak peck on the cheek! Is this a gemini or is he just not interested anymore..He told me some bull earlier that day about I was asking too many questions, and it was annoying that I am trying to make a decision so early...DUH! you think...any advice wld be appreciated.
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Not sounding real good, I'm afraid. Believe it or not - if a gem is interested they really don't play games like that. If I were you, I'd keep my distance and not count on anything right now.....kinda see what he does. I think gem relationships are good if there is a base of friendship first. It sounds like he finds you attractive - but pretty much he has to come to you.
I was thinking the same thing, but i just feel something happened...could this have to do with the fact he is distracted? with work??? i dont think so..cause I asked him if he was attracted and he said HELL YES! they say that when they act cold that mean they are interested....TWisted!!!
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