Gemini Men and Love?

Posted by sexysiren
How do Gemini men act when they are in love?

I read somewhere, when gemini men actually start have feelings for a woman or have fallen in love with a woman they treat her like they cant stand her or they just dont like her.

Is this true?

HI Sexysire,

Do you know the name or the site you read this on? Have a Gemini male close friend that seems to have been rude, offish and almost seemed obligated when he came to visit me over three 1/2 weeks ago. When we said good-byes he didn't say we couldn't be friends or meet up anymore, also I had sensed he was talking to his ex-girlfriend who's a Cancer and possibly has bi-polar, I was right about what I sensed because they were seen together the next day.
So, your comment kind of hit home with me, but I could be wrong, we've been off and on since 2010, we have a complicated and sensitive situation at hand, it's been very hard on me to tell when and if he'll come back to me again.
We had no contact for almost 6 months, then the eve of my birthday he texted Me; I let him back in, then the thought hit me that because he still didn't initiate contact on my bday, nor the weekend, so on Monday I texted him -we visited for the rest of the day. I would text him and either no reply or slow at replying-then my thoughts went to maybe he thinks he made a mistake in contacting me at all, the day before my birthday.
I agree that Gemini men can tell you they love you one minute and then treat you like they hate you the next.I think when they realize that they are falling in love with you it makes them feel vunerable.You have to be a strong woman to deal with a Gemini.There is going to be alot of giving on your part but,the returns make it all worth it.
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
i so wish i could. but maybe she needs her space. i wish i could find her something that would distract her and divert her attention from me. so she doesnt have to sit alone with her thoughts and driver herself insane everyday. Hopefully down the road I can help her again, and I will. Just not for a relationship. Just help her get her life together as a friend. thats all. I don't know if ANY of this makes sense. Im sure it makes me sound really unattractive, but I care about people in my life that are good people, even if i cant be with them.

I would love to see you again, (my name). To hold your hand and go on some adventure with you. I'm sorry our movie / fondue night got ruined and I'm sorry u had to live through that. I never saw that coming, and i never wanted anything to happen like that. I don't want to have multiple girls in my life, as I have learned from the example with her, even though its super super difficult, i don't want to cheat on anyone. I want to find someone that i enjoy being with, put effort into that, if it doesnt work, then just treetrunkin end it.... but i don't need to go treetrunk someone else, or want to get caught treetrunkin someone else, to end it with someone.

I have no idea how you are going to react to this, but i'll hope for the best. I would love to spend sometime this weekend with you dressing up for halloween and being retarded around la.

well, hope to hear from u...
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
the issue is that she is a FOB, she IS still a good person, she is scared, doesnt have any real friends in los angeles, and is having a really hard time getting over me. She is the type of girl that ONLY wants one man in her life and just wants to make that one man happy for the rest of her life. I have so much respect for her because she is naive and has a beautiful soul. It just wasnt completing me. Its really hard to even describe what I was feeling, it was just not feeling satisfied, not feeling whole. something important was not there. She is the type of girl that never wants to give up no matter how bad the relationship is. Very typical chinese. She gets it from her mother who was cheated on several times by her father but still stayed and made it work. Is that right or wrong? I dont know.

I do have strong feelings for her, we shared a lot of great memories, and a lot of terrible ones, like last night. Lately, i have only heard her cry... My feelings are somewhere between like and love, somewhere that we don't have a english term for. someone that you care for but you are not truly madly deeply in love with. not sure if that makes sense to you.
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
I wasnt hiding it anything, just think she didnt need to here it at that moment. just needed time for things to sink in. so, then last night i think she was trying to just hang out and be happy and not be sad for once and the complete opposite happend since i had to tell her you were over. I KNOw you must be super confused. well, i am trying to make everything clear for you. i said what i was going to do, i went down there and told her clearly that we are not together and i can see other people. She came to try to be sweet to me and hang out and I told her I was hanging out with another girl that I had been out several times with. She instantly broke down and started sobbing.

She told me that she had a burst of anger and seriously felt like killing you out of jealousy. She is just a little 95 lb girl so she didnt really mean it, but she had lots of adrenaline in her, im sure.

I could tell that kissing you in front of her really killed her. It will probably eat her away for a long time.

after hours of crying and trying to talk about things, I drove to your house immediately after she left at like 245 am.. My plan was to come wake you up in the pouring rain and have you come out so i could apologize in person and explain what happened. I wanted to show you that I didnt sleep with her or have some makeup sex or anything like that. Unfortunately, I only had enough energy to make it barely one way, I tried calling and your phone was turned off, so u probably woke up to three voicemails this morning.

30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
the next saturday morning I woke up and said "this isnt working" and she told me to get out. I left and then that was the end. I realized however, she had been there for some really dark times that i had the summer before, when I was unemployed for five months, trying to figure my life out, i was poor, and fighting with my parents, and she had put up with a lot of butter that other people never would have. THATS WHY i never wanted to throw her under the bus or have a night like last nite. she really is a sweet girl that didnt deserve anything bad i did to her, she cant even comprehend any of it... cuz she is like a baby. I feel so terrible the way i treated her. I wish i could go back and undo meeting her, cuz i definitely treetrunked up her life more i think rather than made it better. so i always felt like i owed her something. so i tried to just be friends with her. She would come over and i helped her build a website, we would still go grab dinner but mostly it was a cold relationship where she would come over and i would just work on my computer. we didnt have sex except maybe once in that time period of six weeks after we broke up. Then one night she came over and just started crying her eyes out and said she couldnt' live like this : where we were neither in a relationship nor really out of one. so i told her i couldnt see her anymore at all cuz i realized she wasn't able to do the "friend thing". so once in a while she had texted me, but just stupid small talk and i hadnt seen her really at all in the last three weeks. i think once when i was just at home, she came over for a sec and we sat in her car, like we did all last night (she never came in, she wanted to i wouldnt let her) and I told her "she wasn't the one for me and i wasnt the one for her" and we "aren't going to be together" and she started crying again. so i thought she got the point, , she came by, and she went out with me to a bar and just watched me eat dinner and then we went back and she updated her website while i slept on the bed and then she left. I never told her that i was hanging out with you, she was so upset about just the thought of us breaking up, i didnt want to bring you into it, yet.
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
So about my ex girlfriend. where to even start? I did date her for a long time, on and off, almost a year and a half since we started that ridiculous ride. Majority of the time as treetrunk buddies while I dated other people. About a year into it (this june) i tried being with her and so i cut off all other girls and started dating her. I think I was in a low point in my life and I knew she wasnt the one for me but I wanted to give it a legitimate try. She always wanted more from the relationship and when I look back on it, i just wasnt THAT into her. Thats what made everything so difficult. I really like her personality and she is very smart and she would make a great girlfriend since she is so caring. i think what made me not attracted to her as a girlfriend was that she is very much like a little girl (naive and sweet but almost too innocent in ways). She doesn't have hardly any friends in los angeles, she is unemployed looking for work, yet she is very talented. I admire these qualities and on paper she is an amazing girl. I just never got that crazy heartpounding connection with her. our kisses were cold and empty. It always felt like I was kissing my sister or something. She is like the little baby that you have. You obviously love your baby girl and you need to take care of her ALL the time and protect her but at the same time, you don't marry your baby girl and thats how i felt since I know she was looking to get married in the next three years. There is nothing wrong with her goals, and its not that there was one big thing wrong with her, it was more a compilation of little things and the fact that I didnt have any crazy sparks or felt like I was being ruled. I decided it wasn't fair that i keep leading her on and it wasnt fair to myself. I wanted more from the relationship as much as she did. We actually stopped having sex almost completely...maybe once every two weeks if that. Then there was one day in her apartment like two months ago, we broke up. I went home and cried because I thought this was the type of girl I was supposed to be with and I couldnt find anything particularly wrong with her. She was too nice and too sweet to hate. she never cheated, she was smart, but there was just something missing. So i came back and won her back and then we stayed together another week, I really really tried during that week to make myself happy with her, but it just wasnt happening.
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
Okay so in all honesty. I do like you. A lot. And like you said, i have absolutely nothing to lose by telling the truth, because at the moment, i don't have anything. so here it goes.

I think you are really fun and great. Every time I'm with you, I have a good time and you genuinely make me laugh. I think you're life and personality are just random and crazy enough to fit in with my equally ridiculous (sometimes dramatic) life.

I'm not saying that we are going to get married or anything like that, but AT THIS POINT, I could definitely see a future with you. A good future. I'm not going to put any pressure on it, and i know our last couple talks/situations have made it ever more real. but it doesnt scare me.

Minus last night, everything has been fun, exciting, fresh, attractive, a bit spontaneous and a bit wild.

30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
Im dating a gemini is true they will slowly say things that make you put on a "wtf face" lol. Im dating a gemini guy that seems so natural and so easy to date. We just click. SO WELL that it makes me iffy. We like the same things...think the same. adaptable, chlll signs...that he keeps insisting that im a people pleaser (which im seriously not). Through our course of almost a month noticing that he will play games not to hurt me to seem not interested. HE"LL ask me out on a date and wants to hang out, confess how much he likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend. The next is acts as if he never asked. One minute he is being there for me ..the next he lacks to respond to my text. (perhaps his space thing) when we do hang out he'll sorta treat me like nothing. Going to friends events he'll not even introduce me (he just seems to expect me to do it myself) which is cool cuz im an aquarius..i am social too. Then he'll come kiss me then leave. Then suddenly, one day his ex-grlfriend came by when i was there (that was awkward) the email he wrote may bring insight to how fickle a gemini guy may be..He loves her but he just cannot be with her. Its been 6 months without her but him as an indivdual is caring so he doenst know what to do with her so here it is:
from from nyc, New York, where else? duh
that's true most people don't understand us so it's hard for us 2 get our point across at times...speically when that "one" we want doesn't have a clue about us
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Sounds like you have a clear understanding about gemini males, aquaj! He's lucky to have you
After reading your post gem fox....I find myself really confused...are you serious?

"I agree with the fact that Gemini male & female won't try to force someone
to stay or to love them" ?

I have one that I can't get rid of ....after he was the one who professed his love for his ex of 10 years.....which I made peace with..he calls her all the time, and me all the time..telling us both if he can't have both...he does not want either....EVEN AFTER I TELL HIM OVER AND OVER AGAIN...THAT MAYBE WE CAN BE FRIENDS AT SOME POINT....(sweet guy, but a bit lost) He has convinced himself I still want him..yeesh! he has offered me everything to stay with him and her (LOL)! He will not accept NO!..

Oh! I know thats just his gemini twin...thats always the fallback? Im not mad I just want him to realize that we have no future! I care but will never trust or believe anything out of his mouth!

They like to take you places,& do fun things with you. He might invite you out on
a date for dinner then paintball!!! They like doing fun,playful,sporty things!
If they introduce you to their best friends,they like you alot!

... One of my best friends ( a gem guy ) has done all of that and now he's compaining about his love life and he keeps asking me if mine is ok. >.< I love the guy to death but more like a brother.
its really hard to dump someone that you dont even I said earlier whe he came on to me it came out of left field!!! He did not seem when he did I was compelled to ask...whats up with that...card thing..I am in sales and I never give out my card to a friends date unless they ask..and she didn n n n t askkkkkk! nor was there a commen nominator between the two??

I like the idea of dumping him but there is nothing to dump just an least there was one....i need to get a life..i cant believe I am still talking about this idiot!
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