Gemini from 'Good Sex'

The book that turned me on to astrology. Star Profile Element - Air Key wrods - Mercurial, changeable, unpredictabl
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
The book that turned me on to astrology.

Star Profile
Element - Air
Key wrods - Mercurial, changeable, unpredictable, intellectual
Ruler - Mercury

May 22---June 21

You Geminis are curious creatures in love. Others find it hard to comprehend what inspires you. If someone can make you think and make you laugh, they are halfway to your heart. You adore good conversation and mental sparring. Love for you is a higher ideal---mental aerobics---not based on pure animal instinct.

Your passion needs to be varied and you can't stand routine in the bedroom. Love for you is an adventure, an exploration of unexplored territory, and you will stay with a love who is inventive and unusual.

Sometimes you prefer a good book to sex and just adore discussing philosophy and politics. Your partner had better be well versed in numerous subjects if they are going to hold your interest.

The confusing thing about you as a lover---and don't try to deny it---is that you really are the twins! Some astrologers allude to one side of the twins being the "shadow side," a dark, mischievous sprite that causes mayhem just when those close to you relax. In reality, we all have a shadow side. Yours may just come to the surface more often than others!
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
In the Bedroom

Your ideal lover is someone who can transfix you with passionate conversations and surprise you---mundane is not for you. You are often drawn to eccentric types. Your friends may think you are crazy, but it is the mind that captivates you---not looks.

As a lover you have an unerring rapier wit. You will not tolerate confinement and are one of the few star signs who can happily handle nonmonogamous relationships (you can successfully separate aspects of your life, including lovers). This ethereal quality attracts lovers who are determined to pin you down. They don't stand a chance. Your flirtatious nature may ruffle a few feathers, but you were born to be free. You stay on your toes in a relationship and never give all of you, holding something back for yourself. But if you find a partner more intellectual, clever, or inspired than yourself, you will stay the course and be an eager student.

You love a good argument with your mate; not a heated, emotional one but balanced, detached debating. This can lead your partner to tear their hair out at your apparent lack of feeling, but feelings for you are sometimes inseparable form thought. You intrigue your loved one with your brilliant ideas and intellectual knowledge and you love to know what makes your partner tick.

Your mercurial energy makes you changeable; what is truth for you today may be fiction tomorrow. This chameleon air makes you a fascinating, if unstable, partner. You like to explore two sides of every issue. You are usually incredibly honest and charming and are never one to lie intentionally. You are intriguing, inspiring, witty, charming, talkative, inventive, and flexible. However, you are also fickle, easily bored, uncommitted, elusive and unstable.

Your ideal lover is confident and successful, but not necessarily in a conventional sense. A mad artist or a poor poet might turn you on, or perhaps an inventor. You have a great natural ability to be successful at anything that you turn your hand to. Never one to be home every night, variety is the spice of life for you.
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
Twin Souls

The twin in you is often the split between your emotions and your thoughts. This is where the misunderstanding can begin. One day the emotional twin may appear and discuss long-repressed feelings. Your heart may open and for once all those emotions flow freely. The next day, moment, or second you are back to being detached. Unless you are with another sign linked to Mercury, like Virgo, this is sometimes impossible to understand.

You might think about keeping a journal of your feelings to monitor exactly what comes up in times of emotional freedom. How do your mood swings affect your sexual performance? Don't be tempted to use this as a tool to dissect and analyze! If you really need to do that, keep two journal to express these different sides. This can give you clarity, and can also give you something concrete to share with your loved one.

Love Tip

Gemini, your reality may be different from that of anyone else you know. Ask your partner to handle your emotions gently, even if you appear to be totally irrational. Your partner should know that if you cut them off, they should never cause a scene. If your partner makes a fuss or throws a tantrum, you will disappear in a flash. If you, in your mercurial way, end your relationship out of the blue, your partner needs to back off and tell you that they understand so as to give you the space to reconsider. You Geminis love communication, but you don't understand loss of emotional control.
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
The Gemini Man!

Intelligent and talkative, you have a brilliant mind. You will capture your partner with your knowledge and charm, but you can be very difficult to tie down. You rush through life like a mad professor on your way to a Nobel Prize. Sexually, you like to give and receive and can be quite inventive. You need your partner to communicate her sexual desires verbally, as this puts you at ease. You are a bit of a social butterfly and are always late. If your partner gets into your head, she is sure to get into your pants!

The Gemini Woman!

A genius at many things, the Gemini mind is faster than a speeding bullet. You do not suffer fools gladly and adore those with different views. You are sexy and can display boyishness and ultra femininity. This is your gift: to be diverse in yourself and to help your partner get in touch with their own diversity. You are attracted to what is in your partner's head rather than what he looks like, and you need constant challenges to maintain a long-term relationship. Sexually you are curious and can be attracted to both men and women.
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
Gemini: Now you see them, now you don't!

You often get a bad rap in astrology because of your alleged "here today, gone tomorrow" fickleness. Come on, admit it! There have been times in your life when you have loved passionately and all the sexual vibes were right. You were committed, happy even, and then one day you woke up and right out of the blue it was over. You couldn't explain why. It was time to move on.

This Gemini trait of leaving a sexual partner unexpectedly after a period of time does have an element of truth to it. It could take weeks, months, or in some cases twenty-five years, but this alarming and seemingly irrational detachment can occur, often without warning. The good news for you is that it gives you clear opportunities to reinvent yourself and find yourself in a new life. You never look back but start again with the enthusiasm of a child.

Sex for the Gemini can be quite complex. As in all areas, you find it difficult to make your mind up about which kind of sex you actually desire. A surefire bet with the ethereal Gemini is to have soft, stroking and gentle "cosmic sex." Sex for you is a deeper level of communication. But you need the soft, ethereal, sweeping strokes and gentle slow kisses to be really fulfilled. You love to look deeply into your partner's eyes and float off on a cloud of sensuality.
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
The Pros/The Cons

The Pros --- Your partners will be astounded by the variety of knowledge and wit you sassy lovers have. You will entertain and beguile your lover, and teach them a lot along the way, including (no doubt) new sexual techniques and the art of exploring their mind as a sexual organ!

The Cons --- Unpredictable and elusive, you mercurial Geminis are highly changeable. You can never guarantee that you won't change your mind or switch your point of view right at the last moment. You are easily bored and can leave your partner feeling dull as dishwater. Insecure partners should steer well clear of Geminis.

*Good Sex by Michele Knight

Great post Kleo!!

The book is called Good Sex by Michele Knight? I will definately be investing in it.

Does it cover all the other signs too?
32 years old from Planet Earth
"Love child "
heart you too, lovelies

nats @ the book covers all signs . however, i feel like the Gem one especially resonates . yip!

this is a great reference for those confused schmucks out there . . . i don't blame ya.
No loss of emotional control. Sounds about right. Something I value in a person
31 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
my gem bf is boring my mind. predictable.

sex is just routine. a "thing" to do in a relationship.

no spontaneity whatsoever.

for me=losing sexual desire for him
Tsk tsk tsk. Aquas! Never happy
31 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
ha at least i know what i want!
A gem that is routine? Not fun at all. You need to initiate and start changing it up. Tell him to get up on the roof and treetrunk you like a dog
female from The Phil Zone
Gem Sun Scorp Rising Pisces Moon Gemini Venus Aquarius Mars Gemini Mercury
Posted by happykitsune
A gem that is routine? Not fun at all. You need to initiate and start changing it up. Tell him to get up on the roof and treetrunk you like a dog

31 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
Posted by happykitsune
A gem that is routine? Not fun at all. You need to initiate and start changing it up. Tell him to get up on the roof and treetrunk you like a dog

oh i've done it all! he must have a sexual dysfunction.
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