Geminis and emotions?

30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
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Im back yet again with a eerie uncomfortable feeling...

My gem boyfriend and i had a emotional ride in our relationship..from upset/anger to warm and fuzzy and romance and passion. WE did a lot of adventures..and had a lot of emotional talks..this weekend

how do i know whether or not his emotions that he is revealing true? one minute he'll say he isnt jealous because i dont give him reason to be. the next this weekend he said he is so jealous due to events.a..b..c..

He confessed how much he "loves me" then switches to like then love. an aqua and im seriously so terrified i wanna call it quits. emotions scare me..especially coming from a Gemini.

Do gemini's (like aquas) sorta become distant after such emotional experiences (leave a lot of details out) geminis seriously start treating their lovers bad when they are "truly" loving the person?

comments he said:

"you make me feel something i havent felt in such a long time"

"i love you and let me take care of you"

i also notice patterns

if i am stating my opinions on us or a topic, he'll be silent

when he is agreeing with me...if i said "you can be free with me "he'll respond "you can be free with me too" (hence giving me out the pattern that he is in agreement

so then it makes me question what he is feeling or thinking when he is silent

"i love you..." silence

"i'll miss you..." he'll respond "i know you will"

i dont know he isn't consistent with his responses i have no idea what is genuine or what is honest..

i have no idea what he is really feeling and thinking when he is silent..

then at times he'll over explain things

then lack to explain things like

"your my gf for a reason" but lacks to tell me the reason...

DOES ANY OF MY RANT MAKE SENSE? ahh.....i want to escape and hide

any insight to personal experiences with emotions and relationships is all that is needed!

You say your so terrified you want to call it quits. What are you so terrified about exactly?
30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
eh....i dont know anymore hahahaha-_-*)

i guess the fear of not being to easily read. Dont gemini's bail when boredom sets in? or when they know how the person works? the thrill of the chase or the curiosity of the person is vanished?

i guess talking and revealing this weekend on my end a lot of emotions i usually wouldn't tap into.and on his end makes me fear that its already over...

because of that i just wanna bail...and leave it as a good memory
lol i'll never manage to understand aquarians and your 'disgust' over emotions or whatever it is you have against them!

Honestly as a gemini (and i cant speak for all of us) but myself and from what my gem friends have told me and i've seen, I wouldnt be verbally expressing myself like that "i love you", "let me take care of you", "never felt things like this before" etc etc. NO WAY! I would NEVER tell someone things like that unless I truly and honestly meant them. Its just not me to say those things "for the sake of it". I think its fair to say he is being genuine and honest when he says that. He would be telling you "let me take care of you" if he didnt genuinley want to.

Trust me, a gemini always has someone barking up their tree, someone behind the scenes chasing them, interested in them etc. Put it this way, most times, we've got options. If were with you its because YOU are special enough for us to only give YOU our time, affection etc. He could easily be out sleeping with other girls, flirting, etc whatever being a player but instead his opening up himself to you and telling you how he feels. He might not write you a love letter or a novel about how he feels towards you BUT his telling you in small comments and believe me thats a lot.

Dont over analyze the situation or whether his being consisten or not with what he expresses to you in regards to his feelings. Just be satisfied that his is ACTUALLY expressing them. Havent you read the 100 other posts about women wondering why a gem guy wont admit his feelings, dissapears and re appears, etc etc. His with you, your his girl, his telling you he loves you, likes you etc then trust me HE DOES. Dont question it.

Personally I become somewhat distant after admitting a strong emotion such as LOVE.. BUT if the person reciprocates and shows the feeling is mutual (not only verbally, I need to see ACTIONS following through) then I will come back and act normal but I wont be telling you i love you every single day at least not for a while until im CERTAIN it really is true love im feeling and im certain of your feelings for me.

When he swtiches up between "like" and "love" it doesnt mean his playing around with you. I might just be that telling you he loves you freaks him out because its all nice and dandy when you love someone and its in your head and your heart but when you actually VOICE out that you love someone, it becomes REAL so he might freak about it and switch up and change
it to "like".

YOU need to be consistent with your emotions and what your expressing to him. I know what aquas are like (specially the females) and my god can you girls be fkn confusing as hell! Im sure you confuse him the same way he confuses you and its up to ONE OF YOU to come out of your comfort zone and be more open and vunreable. In this case, it should be you because we all know, regardless of astrology a man is a man at the end of the day and they are way more closed off when it comes to these sort of things than women.

Dont be scared of your emotions (easier said than done lol i know) but TRY. Im 100% certain if you be consistent and open up more and show that your comfortabl enough to leave your guard down when it comes to this then he'll be the same and will feel more comfortable.

As a gemini im weary until I get consisent signs from someone that the feeling it mutual and its not all in my head. And i know how reserved and aloof you aquas can be. Once im confident the feeling is mutual, then im wayyy more comfortable in every sense. Just dont over do it and be on his ass all the time OR talking about "us" and our "feelings" all the times otherwise he'll run the other way and start to think your boring. But as an aqua, i doubt you'll have that problem.

30 years old female from Los Angeles, California,
Pie is Good.
your right nats, i need to be consistent....he has problems with me being negligent of his feelings. I feel more stable now and back to earth! thanks for the thorough insight

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