May geminis versus june geminis

has anyone noticed any differences between the two months?
has anyone noticed any differences between the two months?
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My sister is june, I am may, she is married 2.5 children type, I am the rebellious wild child type, she is more academic, sensible do the right thing type, I am the free spirited one who speaks from more spiritual sense who went on to higher education but from appearances you would have thought it would have suited her more, she is passive i am the fierce one, whatever about us we are kind of the the light/dark side of each other.. when together we are playful giggly to the pint of stupid, adore each other from the deepest parts of our hearts, virtually telepathic, we aare like peterpan and tinker bell
"Asc. Leo, sun Gem, moon Aqua, Venus Gem"
Posted by DeeGee
Plus all the serial killers that are Gemini's, were all May

Yup I could get all kong fuey ninja psycho on someone if they gave me a VERY good reason, so I wouldnt rule that out lol
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I'm June and my best friend is May. We're more similar than not, I would say. The main differences seem to stem more from our rising signs than anything else (Sag for her and Scorp for me).
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My bff is a June Gemini; I call her the watered down Gem as since Gem starts in May and I'm right at the beginning at 22 May! Just kidding by the way, LOL! We're both career-oriented and are very competitive--however not with each other. We get along because we're very similiar and we are the type of friends who may not speak to each other for a month or so but it's cool. When we do talk it's like we just spoke the day before. I love my Gem friend! I also am crazy over my work bff who's a Gem and a male. We bonded instantly--he's a June Gem as well...
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i'm a june gem and i've only known 2 may gems... one is my best friend for life and even tho we don't speak often... she is more direct/stern than i am. more secure. the other girl i know cheats on her bf constantly. she is more of an appeaser. so, maybe i'm not a good judge for this question, but i thought i would at least share my experience. lol!
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i have two of my friends born in may

they are too intelligent, cannot stop taking and have excellent grades

one common thing between may and june gemini

restlessness ,work at a faster pace

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