Sun in Gemini, Venus in Cancer

How much does the placement of Venus affect a Gemini personality? The Gem Sun, Cancer Venus guy I know can never make u
29 years old female
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How much does the placement of Venus affect a Gemini personality? The Gem Sun, Cancer Venus guy I know can never make up his mind, especially in relationships. We have had a couple of conversations in which he has seemed really serious about moving forward in some aspect, but then gets caught up again in not being able to decide what he wants to do. He strings on women like no tomorrow, yet is very sensitive about sex and typically won't have intercourse unless feeling secure in a relationship (hooking up is no problem though). He craves change and excitement, yet cannot stray from his habitual pattern of behavior. These characteristics simultaneously fascinate and horrify me. Naturally, I am very attracted to him (I am Cancer Sun, Gem Venus).

How does the Venus in Cancer placement temper his Gemini sun? What is the importance he places on relationships? Will he ever get tired of insincere relationships and decide to find something real?

I'm not expecting to get this guy to commit to me; I'm just interested in what is going on beneath his suave facade. He's thrown me for many a loop and I have no idea how to read him.

Thanks for your insight.
29 years old female
Sun -Cancer Moon -Leo Mercury -Cancer Venus -Gemini Mars -Aries Jupi
I've got a really busy schedule -- I really appreciate the comments that were left and now seem to be gone.

schizoGem, thanks for your well wishes. But could you please tell me how this placement affects you and your perception of relationships?
29 years old female
Sun -Cancer Moon -Leo Mercury -Cancer Venus -Gemini Mars -Aries Jupi
Thanks for your advice!! It's really a shame... he's got a wonderful personality and I am incredibly attracted to him, but he just can't seem to get it together. We've been involved off and on since February -- maybe I just missed my window and he's gotten bored. I've decided not to put any more energy into this; if he wants to come around, he will, but I won't be expecting him to.

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