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Everyone's jealous because we are sexy cookiemonsteres I mean...come on....of course they will be jealous.
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Because they can't fly.
51 years old male from The South Siiide!!, See above^^^
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I think over 290 post to this thread says it all. ((Snickering)) Thanks Mr. Nice for continuing to prove my point. You are truly a champion for Gems all over the world!!! ((Still Snickering))

But to the serious posts. People are jealous of us. We are the shapeshifting, free-spirited, forever young, don't care what you think if you're an idiot, can't b.s. us, quick-minded martyrs that we are. You'd be jealous too. We are not slaves to a certain thing like most are. If you were locked up in a prison and had to witness people being free. Wouldn't you be jealous?

At first I didn't buy into jealousy of Gemini's. But, after experiencing DXPNET. I have had a change of view. Yes, definite jealousy. There, I said it. Now deal with it.


"I can't stand geminis, they always think everyone is jealous them lol. This sign is the most jealous sign in the zodica, you aint got nothing to be jealous. The reason why the thicko's geminis don't understand why people cant stand them is because there so up there own arse they dont realize, think there better than everyone else, sorry but your not. Advice for gemini thicko's, you need to listen more, and when your wrong don't sulk like a baby grow up. Geminis are like little children they never grow up. "

Harsh. You must have met some Geminis with some strong Taurus/Aries/Scorpio aspects or -something- to think they don't care much for your opinions. I just wonder what your opinions of them were; probably negative. If so I wouldn't be wondering why that is. They were probably not very valuable opinions if you just go ahead and say they've got -nothing- to be jealous about. Jealous people are petty people. They could be jealous about ANY positive trait.

"Maybe what the question should be is why do Gemini's think folk are jealous of them. Incidently, I have three sisters (Cancer, Pisces & Gemini, and I'm a Leo) and it's so odd how we all get along fine, except we can't stand the Gemini sister. Jealousy has nothing to do with it."

Also harsh. People tend not to be able to stand those they're jealous of, and hate them. I don't see how that proves the ridiculous behavior of Geminis, only that you're trying to intimidate Geminis by grabbing at your standard person's need for acceptance.
However much people like to hate on others all the sings have their positive and negative aspects, and those aspects themselves can be negative or positive depending on which person is observing them. But people just like to ignore the positive traits of say, Leo and just bash them. People also like to go off on a sign depending on their very limited experience with someone who they think was this/that sign. That's not some very accurate methods of observation, and not doing very much to solve people's negative astrological attitudes.
I am sorry for the way your sister went off on you, but if you are not jealous or hurt I don't know why you would be so offended. Maybe she finds herself in a similar situation. Pressured by criticism and trying to make you proud, and frustrated when she thought you hadn't even noticed/acknowledged her efforts.
"We are the shapeshifting, free-spirited, forever young, don't care what you think if you're an idiot, can't b.s. us, quick-minded martyrs that we are. You'd be jealous too. We are not slaves to a certain thing like most are."

This didn't make much sense to me. First Geminis are labeled as martyrs (which I find extremely strange and random, by the way) and then it is said that they are not slaves to a certain thing (what does that mean?) like most. Martyr means victim, and martyrs are victims of their own victim-ness. They are victims regardless of whether or not someone victimizes them. They are victims onto themselves, of themselves. And to be victim/slave of your own low self esteem or lack of respect certainly does not mean you are free, thank you.
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" Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
Mr. Nice..we are sexy cookiemonsteres and will always be. Now deal with it or treetrunk off.
"Not only that, our emotions/thought process is by far faster than anyone else I've seen. We can come to conclusions relatively fast, get people motivated, and begin the process/take the first leap while others take situations relatively slower. We are not perfect, nor are we the BEST sign in the zodiac, however, we certainly have unbelievable potential and capabilities - like all human beings."

Aside it could also indicate quick changing of thought processes as well. Linda Goodman says in her Sun Signs book about the air sign Libra, they can sure be indecisive and flit from one belief to another so quick they won't remember which one they've chose in the first place. I think aside from a clever mind it highly tells us about Gemini's unstable nature. But one might still consider it a positive trait.
Anyway I guess the trick is the Gemini carelessness - even if we can be too careless, if everybody has equal unlimited potential then we just know to/how to unlock/realize that potential I guess. Because we just do it. I know someone who 'just does it...' He's not a Gemini, but without fear he's done plenty things, like beaten the chess club champion. Like a Gemini however he has multiple talents. Or, we don't keep ourselves down by doubting it. But what does doubt do, you ask? "Oh, can I do that? I don't know... Maybe I shouldn't... what if I can't? Yeah, so I just won't do it..." And these can also be the type of people who start getting pissed when someone does do it, how about that?

"The funny thing on these boards is that when people see their own ego threatened, they like to somehow sustain themselves by bashing others. As a Gemini, we usually react/take a personal tone to our conversations with submerged logic that can get under people's skin. The constant bashing on this forum against Gemini's just reassures insecurities that can be taken as jealously from its members. xD"

I actually don't want to threaten or hurt anyone, if I throw any pies in anyone's face it's likely they were doing just the same to me a pie before. But I get how it feels to be insecure/threatened and all that. Basically my philosophy is to shorten the loop as much as possible and to not keep it going around. If it was done to you and you didn't want it, don't do it to anyone else or keep it in the darn room (and close the door!).


"I mean, who wouldn't be jealous of a chickeny/arrogant, self-absorbed, two-faced hypocrite, that constantly talks butter and smells their own farts!"

Well, that's the negative of it... if it is indeed true, (any Geminis out there smellin' yer farts?) but isn't that the kind of criticism one uses to fend their own jealousy?
1. A is jealous of B (say, because B is free-spirited)
2. A may/may not be aware of its own jealousy but denies it nonetheless
3. A is directly confronted with jealousy by C
4. A cannot stand thinking of itself as jealous so in attempt to neutralize its 'reputation...'
5. A points out that B is naive
6... When really A is jealous of B's free-spirited nature nonetheless
Explanation: A has problems with being free-spirited - whatever they are... Perhaps a nice example is a conservative and domineering family which worked on suppressing any free-expression, free-spirit sort of attitude... which convinces A that A is right and it is unfair that B has such spirit; A probably even feels B doesn't deserve it, probably because A feels it does not deserve it or the world is 'treating' it as such because it does not deserve it, much like someone who says "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me."
Anyway, while A probably has problems with the free spirit thing, it is regardless the same free-spiritedness that seems to come to B so easily. B brings up issues of insecurity, low self-esteem and hurt. A hates B for its own feelings, and hates B because B knows how to get its free spirit right. Hate is rejection. A tries to reject B instead of coming face-to-face with its own issues and problems concerning free spirit. Of course neither A nor B are perfect specimens; A points out B's flaws nonetheless in efforts to remind itself B is just like A when A was getting its non-free-spirited panties in a bunch in the first place. But regardless of whether B has flaws or not, B is still free-spirited. So A still has a reason to be jealous.

- Not that I'm a psychologist or anything...
Now it seems quite a few think that Geminis are arrogant. It makes sense in the way a teenage boy, infatuated with himself plays two girls at the same time for the thrill, for the game, for the bragging, to see if he could get away with it. Geminis are after all said to be highly sexed and fickle. I don't know about the Gemini girl. (Perhaps mistaken for arrogance when one is really just free-spirited, hm?)
Now I haven't actually met any arrogant Geminis, then again I'm home-schooled and don't meet nearly as many people as one might. So y'all everybody, if you haven't actually met two/three or more arrogant Geminis (average arrogance or more) and just gather what you do from forums, know that you could well be mistaking it for outgoing-ness or passionate opinions.
Wups not that you couldn't very well do that in real life...
But I don't wanna explain all that.
Um... thanks if you meant it?

Not the dynamic mind in general, but the Gemini who flits so quickly without delving deeply. Who has fickle nature and the attention span, probably of a nut. I do remember something about a lot of Geminis having A.D.D. ... All signs have their problems, come on. That's what we're here for, to work on them. Strengthen our strengths, weaken our weaknesses. I'm sure in some extraordinary reality you will you have souls already going about being the exemplary expression of each sign. Now of course there is geniuses in this reality nicely enough, and they have to be born under some time. But even they have faults. Stereotypically, absent mindedness comes to mind... perhaps being a workaholic, or never just relaxing and enjoying life. Maybe never getting out much and worrying too much about the troubles of the world - they are a gift to the world nonetheless...

I didn't say it was absolutely necessary, of course. I just said it is highly indicative of an unstable nature. Geminis are not 'necessarily' unstable but they are often unstable anyway, aren't they? A Gemini tends to be scattered and that I would say is unstable, yes. Your typical Gemini tends to be flexible/scattered nature, your advanced Gemini works on it or tries to keep it under control.
I think all the signs are equal. Yes even if I may/may not be a Gemini or have a lot of it in me. To say Gemini is stable -- (if you're not, then... Well unless you're just pointing something out) -- and has many talents plus the careless go-for-it attitude without the negative too-careless or without the negative side of any of their attributes AND all the other stuff I would think put Gemini at the top. It would be like saying the Gemini is seriously the best. Why should one sign be the best? Western astrology is not Eastern astrology. It does not pick one and revere it above all other signs. There is no 'dragon' in the Westernized Zodiac - well, unless somebody took it out along the way...

I've already explained the jealousy thing. Of course I'm not going to explain it again, but basically people can get easily hurt when they are afraid to do things and others do do them, you know. Or... don't you? I don't know.

Anyway that's all I want to say on the matter right now, good graces to you.
35 years old from New York, NY, US
" Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
We are better. Like I said deal with it or go suck a chicken cookiemonsteres.
"We are better. Like I said deal with it or go suck a chicken cookiemonsteres."

from from nyc, New York, where else? duh
Wassup y'all I don't know why people hate on Gemini's for? I guess it's because we're actually 2 of a kind & most people look @ us as being superficial or in other words..(fake).. then again when we look at other signs such as..Leo's who love 2 talk about themselves & love being stingy or capricorns who somehow are somewhat egotistical more than us in a self centered way they can get away with it.. Man people hate on us cause we actually have good looks very athletic & on the most part we are very smart than most people really think they are.. people hate us cause we are being us while @ da same time we can act like any other sign... so much hate for geminis 2bad we got something for every sign but i dont think every sign don't have somethin for us this is why relationships are hard for us & when its beef well let's just say (Jeffrey Dahmer was a Gemini) you gonna need some help.. I do Like Aries however tho cause the ones I met so far are very cool yeah they got their ways & all but when u get 2 know them they are some very cool A $ $ people & i could say da same for some scorpio's cause not all scorpio's are cold even tho they can be by nature but they cool peeps as well...I guess we can only Vibe with Complexed Signs.. oh yea Gemini females watch out for some scorpio's who dont know themselves & Capricorns STAY AWAY FROM CAPRICORNS i think we can deal with aries most..but Yea Gemini's Are The S#!T because we are the 1st Mutable human figure sign in the zodiac you can love us or hate us but which one of us are you gonna Respect... lol Gem's up my fellow Twins!
i so agree...they are so jealous of us. im a teen female....oh and a gemini and people are just so jealous of my confidence. not only that. a lot of times people try to act clever with me and they always end up feeling like losers. in a way it's really funny but it can get annoying

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