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I just wanted to bring our favorite thread into the New Year. Could also make it a game - just like find the hidden objects in a picture...? You can find all the gemini haters hidden in the thread..........hahahhahahaha..........like we care?
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My first husband was Gemini and I dropped his ass like a bad habit . .

worthless, except to himself in his mirror . .

Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
P-Angel....! You know you love us despite the ex
Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
My best friend and college roommate a Pisces........we NEVER fought! She was also very beautiful (still is!) and had flocks of guys around her. Unfortunately.....lots of women just so jealous of her.......no matter that she didn't flaunt it. I used to joke and say I'd just gather up whatever guys she had left over for myself.
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
I know . .

Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
I have nothing in common with gem-guys though...........weeeeeeeeeird. We'd both out-insane each other.

Compared to my scorp-guy though - I'm the calmer one. whew! That's too scary. But it FORCES me to maintain balance. Gems need a boot in the a $ $ once in awhile.
I was enthused with your post. Jealousy is sadly common. Earth signs are perfectionists, and are proud and confident. (Of that.) They wouldn't like a fleety Gemini getting in their way. Fire signs are competitive, and believe me, I know, arrogant and stubborn. I've always had a young brother and he would never admit I could beat him, male or female. (Not only physically, but mentally, which... sizzled his brains out.) I am Gemini, and even though Water signs are basically the only decent people, the emotionality struck with the other strong aspects, like Fire influence, can get them moody about you. That, or just plain our Water signs don't get along with Air signs just as Fire don't with Earth. (They are not competitive just with Air signs, though it may be Air signs specifically it is also Earth and other Fire signs...) I understand it isn't easy being you, though Geminis are very misunderstood (and it is definitely a pet peeve of theirs.) Let the Fire signs play sports with the Fire signs, let the Earth signs goal at being perfectionist against each other, let the Water signs cope with their mental problems and situations. Let the Air signs be where they belong--debate!

Oh Geminis can admit they're wrong. For example: you are 100% correct about your description of Gemini, Mr. Nice. (WRONG...)

And what is it that makes a schemer, or mastermind behind the scenes huh? The brains. Who's the brains? Come on give it ta' me... Gemini doesn't seem like the sneaky kinda person? Well that's only because they're so good hiding it. You'd be surprised. Split personality, remember? Professionals say this, not the average person. The average person is a slightly more narrow minded, less thoughtful kind of person who thinks or expects they'll see all five Geminis in one conversation. Um... No. Sorry... Nope.

If you weren't jealous, like I'm not jealous of any other sign, I seriously wouldn't get so defensive. No, it's not "crap" honestly many seem to think it's not, more so than the crude sounding people who say it's a lie.
Leos are generous when shown generosity, though many can be spoiled and are children at heart that still need to be given learning lessons. If you care you should help them. They give love and shower you, if it isn't returned, (like the cold, detached Air sign that feels the need to hide their true emotions, especially with those close to them which can definitely hurt them) the Leos recoil and retreat, feeling hurt. No matter what face they put on, that roaring lion is an adorable puppy lovin' romantic. (Romance does after all, come in favor of those who like glamor.) What this might say on one half is that Geminis are known to see multiple sides of a situation and we should give benefit of the doubt. There is many reasons to be impatient, but we aren't Fire signs, so why be that impatient?

Gemini definitely does, in some ways, represent the people person. "One who loves people." I definitely trust Geminis on this board better because I know I don't have to be as patient, as explanatory, or hear one billion thousand comments on talking too much. (You can never talk to much by the way, especially in proving a point.) Fine, I'll say it too. I love you Geminis! Do I generally sound cold or critical? Sorry, I am not good at giving compliments on neutral standards. I too am very generous and overly forgiving and so sometimes fail to teach those who take whichever for granted a good valuable lesson.

Sagittarius are actually opposite of Gemini and so very good in partnership. They are the best friends, travel buddies, and business buds. I... don't think you should get together though, with anyone opposite of you, but they are for best relationships (family, friends) and compatibility. Sagittarians may be hurtful to anybody, as for the sharp piercing of their arrow. This does not mean to avoid them at all costs; us Geminis are already distant from people. What if when we see all the faults in everyone, are left alone?

"And we can't help that we have the looks and charm because God made us that way." ... And actually you're quite funny too. Haha. Is it that Gemini humor? Wow. So so far everyone agrees. Are all Geminis good looking, generally and specifically? I didn't know that... Well I sure ain't ugly I'll say that and no more I hate to brag, I don't mind others bragging about some of the same things though. It's normal, I suppose...
Perhaps you yourself want attention, and so expect or assume others of this, to fill in that blank spot you don't understand, with the information of experience? Just the way you see another aura's through your own, you will think Geminis want attention. Now what I definitely don't linger for is attention. Everyone wants attention at some point, though. That's what I was told by a friend. They love it when people are enthused about a book they sold, they (people) like to have a fun birthday party... I read a bit about Astrological goals. Gemini is supposed to accomplish their life lesson by expressing themselves (so as the gift of communication etc.) and as Aries is to discover oneself, Taurus to control oneself, Gemini is about getting that information out there. Just as I said Geminis are misunderstood, this can be mistaken for attention. If you think they want attention... You should take a look at some fan girls. Several signs of the Zodiac are lazy. Including the whole category of Water signs, Leo, etc. You don't expect a thinker to a doer, -do- you? They are not unfocused, but rather than duzzin' at the wall they are in deep thought. Maybe if you hadn't failed to entertain one you would not be irritated at the fact that they seem to ignore you. Perhaps they want... Your appreciation and politeness in exchange? Not for you to laugh about a complex puzzle you do not understand or have had not the world's first hand experience with. All of us here clearly state we are in fact generous, but too generous. Do you want to oppose that? And hey, would a Gemini lie? It's been stated several places (by professional astrologers, not citizens) that Geminis will tell the truth even at the expense of looking bad. Intelligence is the most precious, valuable, important trait. Um... sorry but too bad. You want something you have to earn it. Like respect, for example... (Sadly...)

Oh no frag please don't lose contact with that Aries! She's unsatisfied because she might somehow sense you're not trying. Compete by all means, stop when it gets nasty. Fun isn't pointless. You might be mistaken for a gemini but actually seem like more of a Cancer. Aries is the learner and starter of the Zodiac, when being born on the Earth all of us start out as Aries. She learns from you, since Geminis quickly gather information and pass it on. You're being useful. She finds you something... "fun" to do. Geminis are inspirational to others, this might explain to fact she finds it amusin
Let me tell you many people as Geminis who have been bragging were men. Men = confident, men = brag. (For example Virgo is a Feminine sign and is very humble. The fact that men generally brag is known everywhere.) No harsh feels. As they can be mistaken for signs close to them but lost in the mixed up signals and timing of Astrology... Cancers are known as the moody, and delightfully emotional people.

Well, it's like a rule. (Those who know Astrology or not.) Don't pick an argument with a Gemini. That's clearly a mistake. If it's just a new Gemini, if they really want, they can unlock their best communication powers early. And if they don't... They'll type you to death. That's why it keeps coming up. Just stop the bitter feelings and the chain will be broken. I agree, to say that the guy who started this thread seemed to slightly be venting and so started nibbling on some bitter bread, but if you respect yourself too, you'll turn it into crumbs. Pisces, competitive? That's... new... Well just for the sake of people stating things... I adore Capricorn, so my favorite sign is the 10th. Out of all the bad traits Geminis seriously aren't that bad. I mean... They talk too much? You've asked for it. You can't pick on the answer when you've yet here been to ask the question! As for our jealous topics... Geminis, I think I recall hearing but our precious 3rrd sign here can be paranoid. We speculate. Maybe you don't realize you're jealous, just like Aries doesn't realize they spark up competitive nature in people. Take more care to your actions and maybe you'll grab that Air sign's attention. I have been envied I believe, however I never thought of it being as I was a Gemini. In fact I never knew so many people generalized Geminis by being jealous or hating them... Geminis are friendly. Why be so mean? I'll be friendly with you. In fact I feel quite lovable right now. (Umm... That SO came out the wrong way...)

Sure Geminis learn quick but I can assure you, they easily forget too. Being Air, Vata, and a Masculine sign. I can assure you that... Besides hey, some astrologers say Virgo is their mental match, and can be the Teacher's Pet, and a perfectionist, you should be jealous of -them! Not some laid bag Geminis! I am not really picky about my clothes, they're classy but loose and "thrown on." Slightly like the European man trench coat wardrobe.
"Except for spelling." Funny!

Yes, but females don't like excess chickeniness. Maybe there is something -beyond- "THE GAME" that us Air signs just don't have... we may never have the soothing, healing emotion, attachment, and kindness like the Water signs will always have, the sensuality the Earth signs possess, and that fiery spark the signs like Sagittarius and Ram exact in. We may try to get ahead with what we have, but it can't take you further than that.

No, I don't expect you to read it, just... anybody who's willing to...
Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
Saggi's make excellent partners in crime!

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for those who are confused with Gemini's and whether they are good or bad.
and the whole jealously thing. its a bit too much don't you think?
i am a Gemini and i understand that we gems tend to be in situations where we are hated or well-liked.
if we are talking about horoscopes you should find out the Gemini's Chinese horoscope.
every Gemini's are different based on there Chinese horoscope.
if you a dragon gemini you would be very different in personality to a rabbit gemini; astrologically speaking of course.

so for those who hates gemini's check there chinese horoscope and you will see different personalities that explains there behavior towards you and other people.

that goes for all other western horoscopes (ex: scorpio's, taurus)
although the characteristics is very comparable to astrological characteristics you can't completely base it on horoscopes it also has to do with environment, and genetic dynamics; scientifically speaking of course.

I hope all those mumbo jumbo on jealousy can finally come to a peaceful end.
but i do understand that gemini's are deep thinkers and sometimes they can also be too much that it becomes too overwhelming for some people. i don't mean intellectually but they are witty people, I mean that everything that most people don't think about; most gemini's do. i think you gemini's know what i am talking about.

58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
We're suppose to be jealous of Gemini's?

We're suppose to hate them, too?

Look .. rules should be more clearly posted .. if you want us to hate you and be jealous of you .. then next time, put it on the astrology board so you can get the "everyone" to oblige.

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