Why are Geminis so funny?

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I've always admired how Geminis are such great conversationalists. Speaking to one is always fun and interesting. They're humorous, intelligent, and outgoing. I've also noticed that when they argue, they also have something smarter, meaner, funnier, or better to say. It's hard debating with these individuals because they always have something to say! Sometimes when I argue with my grandma, I end up laughing when she insults me; that's how funny she is. If I wasn't a Virgo, I'd honestly want to be a Gemini. So back to my question: what makes them so funny & quick-witted?
I think it's because are minds are going 90 to nothing and we can think about several things at once. Someone said its like a computer with 2,547 tabs open at all times lol
two minds are better than one!
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Posted by GemJenn
I think it's because are minds are going 90 to nothing and we can think about several things at once. Someone said its like a computer with 2,547 tabs open at all times lol

I agree. I have a Virgo (female) friend who says I drain her when our conversation is over. I always have so much to say and so many points to make--she can't keep up with me and my train of thought! The only one who ever was able to keep up with me in conversation (going from one thing to the other in warp speed) is this Libra male I've been friends with for 20+ years. I love, love, love, talking with him. I know I can be insensitive at time (not intentionally) and he just rolls with the punches and has staying power with me! Love that. My male Virgo friend thinks I'm crazy but he can't stay away so... lol!
female from TX, USA
I'm all Gemini!
Posted by TauryGemyGir147
im not a full gemini, but it is my cusp. My taurus side and all the earth in my chart makes me a stern person. Sillyness is sometimes there, but im pretty bad at telling Jokes. Yes its true Gemini's are great conversationalist's, i have what's known as a "smartmouth".. I actually really do have the ability to chew someone up and spit them out Very Easily. They are Easily jokesters;I guess because Gemini's Love to Laugh and Have Positive Vibes flowing thru them All day. Gemini's are the True Kids at Heart and Dislike's to take Anything too Seriously. Playful, Silly, Random and Awkward, are Gemini traits. I do have Lots of Earth in my Chart so My sillyness comes and Goes, So im so Grounded. But bring a kid Around me and Ima Kid right along With them. Gemini's Are Genuine, and have Good hearts and Good Intentions. At least Speaking from my own Chart, and My own experience's.

My b-day is 22 May so I'm a cusper as well (yay!). Believe it or not I CAN be quiet and observant; stubborn and very, very focused. Love that Taurus side! But Gemini is in me strong along with that wacky Cancer rising and it comes out often! Being a Taurini, TauryGemyGir147--we have the best of both worlds!
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I dunno... I think I'm hilarious, but others think, not so much. Lol!

What I do know... We love to laugh! We love good times! We love fun!
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