Does anyone know abt my sign

I was born on the 8 of June 1979. I wanna to know about my sign and moon.. thank you
Well..I don't know anything what is my moon sign. @live and love.
I was born on the 8 of June 1979. I wanna to know about my sign and moon.. thank you

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I'm watching the interview of Maame Bibey and the Nigerian women Bob sled team And everyday I'm just so proud to be African. They really do inspire me. They're everywhere doing everything. Last week i went to Elliot Bay books and on staff favorite
My amazing Pisces sent a text about 2 weeks ago in the middle of the day telling me he loves me. I never expected it because he's never really made a bold declaration. I was surprised but I thrilled. I told him a while ago and let him know there was no pr
and....goooooo..... what are your experiences? opinions? thoughts? anything :D
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Hi all, I am a Taurus woman with moon in Scorpio (if that is relevant). I have dated a lot of Pisces in the past, and had a couple of very long-term relationships with Pisces. I tend to find Pisces very attractive, but I noticed I end up getting tired
besides always trying to outwork each other and being massive flirts? #mercurypeeps
I've always thought based on appearances and research, water signs seem to have the most trouble with weight. Cancers and pisces are either fat or just bloated looking/round faces and bodies. Scorpios I feel just fluctuate between muscular and stocky/stou
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This isn’t the best place to discuss religion but does any one on here believe in God? Good and evil? Heaven and hell? In the devil? For the purpose of the thread just participate ONLY if you actually do believe in these things cause I know many don’t
Leo- Ascendant, Moon Taurus- Venus, Sun, MC Aries- Mercury Mars Jupiter- Virgo