Gem girl problems

By alexscariesJune 15, 2019 10:23am — 68 replies
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have i mentioned that me and cap are friends now with no benefits of course lol except divorce so he had asked me if my antique store has some furniture he needed and today i ve called him and he came to pick it up and i told him he looked good
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a little short backstory we were friends for a long time but we have huge age gap around 8 years i am younger and i developed feelings for her and she rejected them and became cold this continued for 2 years until now when she is trying to rebuild th
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okay i want to share my gemini experience bcs i still cant let it go im sorry in advance for the length and maybe too many details d im aries sun amp moon aqua venus taurus rising hes gemini sun sag moon cancer venus so ive been going to t
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okay i want to share my gemini experience bcs i still cant let it go im sorry in advance for the length also its a university story so dont laugh at my details d im aries sun amp moon taurus rising hes gemini sun scorpio moon so ive been g
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my boyfriend is clearly losing feelings for me it s not hard to tell lol my question is why hasn t he broken it off yet it s almost like he wants me to break up with him but i refuse because i don t want to break up w him i want things to go back to ho
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hope you have a great one gem i pulled a card for you relationship harmony p img http i64 tinypic com 2sb29ec jpg img
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