I'm a scorpio and I think it's a complete waste of time to be jealous of anyone. The way I see the world, there will always be someone who's more talented, more intelligent, more whatever...at every turn. So to waste time with a fruitless emotion such as jealousy is to deny myself my right to happiness in the world. I would rather appreciate someone else's good qualities and strive to improve myself than sink into despair thinking "I'll never be as ____ as that person". I just won't let anyone have that kind of power over me. Plus, I have the confidence to know that I am capable of anything I set my mind on achieving.
That's the spirit 68! I like your attitude! It's very healthy and positive.
66, thank you my dear! : )
( I'm truly agree with you...
i don't know,it just happened on a gemini friend of mine last few years ago. Probably not all gemini but just in my case...
i'd met this gemini friend before,everytime she did something wrong she's more likely to blame it on others and run away from responsiblity,a coward girl i can say....she always likes to pin pointing on people bads (in order to get attention from other people,think that she's better than those who she's criticized)sometimes could be very hurtful(too much) and always think that she's kind of most perfect or very good like(cheating on her ownself,sorf of like this).
Can't imagine that a gemini can be far more too critical as well.(for this friend only,sorry)
i dont think it's the case that we are jealous at gemini or me jealous of her but in this case it's kind of the other way round.She scares people to be better than her or think she's not really good. She's kind of competitive typical.She can be quite cunning when jealous of you,anyone of you ever meet such kind of gemini? She'll try to think of any possible way to get in your good standing place.B'cos she likes attention and sometimes i just lets her be in her highness(otherwise she'll argue with you for nonsense,talk you into her ways,always want people to be in just her ways).
There's also 1 thing true about this gemini friend, she always like to get good things without any effort but just with some sweet talks.She's always taking things for granted.Everything has to come easy for her, otherwise she'll feel unplease about you.Lots of dishosnesty has been found in her as well in the way to get things she wants.She's not really generous,you are right about this point... her generousity seems to have intentions.

Okay stop to be too critical, but i'm saying this just in my case of that friend i met, not to offend u all.A longtime ago...just recalling it to share with you all. Wonder If anyone of you have meet this kind of gemini before?

So my point here is sometimes it's not us who really jealous of gemini.B'cos she's nothing for me to jealous of her.

To all the gemini CHEERS!
Don't get me wrong.
As i know everyone is not the same.....
40 years old female
dancin at the disco bumpa-to-bumpa wait a minute where's me jumper?

What a horrible sounding person!

There are good and bad characteristics to every sign - this person seems to have all the bad ones!

You need to get to know more geminis and you'll inevitably run into some nice ones (they outnumber the horrible ones)
You put that very well! Excellent answer!

I have a stressful job...but, I love it. Part of the reason I love it so much is due to the people I work with. I have worked with people before who were jealous of others, catty, sneakily competitive, etc. It causes the atmosphere to be negatively charged with distrust.

The group I work with now appreciate that each of us is different, and that we each have our strengths and weaknesses. This acceptance and appreciation for each other makes us a very strong team and also makes work lots of fun!! What a difference the 'charge' in the atmosphere makes!
Seems to me that many Geminis lack humility.
I often wonder why your arms are broken from patting yourselves on the back too much. As for being jealous of you, you must be thinking of your twin personality. You are no better than anyone else. So try to understand that in your quest to impress.
female from United States
216, thank you for the compliment! (I'm "68")

I am glad to hear that you are now in a positively charged environment. Jealousy, while a natural emotion and one that can come over a person without their control, is something that only can affect our actions insofar as we allow it to. Jealousy unbridled and allowed to overwhelm a person, is toxic and poisonous to the soul.
Hi Cortica,

( here...

Hmmm... she's not all the bad one, just never mention it.
What i do know is that she's a difficult person.
Well, Never seem to border.....

Hmmm... thx! Yeah, hopefully i can meet some good Gemini out there. Are you the one as well? Hehe!

Have a nice day! Cheers!

i love all of you gemini's.......i am one, and we rock we don't think we are better then anyone else, but point prooved how alot of jealousy came out in this topic =)~
Those are old posts where no one had to register back then.
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i had the impression too that at least the first two post were written by the same person, same style of writing and same strange views
i don't hate geminis, i'm not jealous of them and they are fun to be with.
you just can't generalize ppl because of their starsign. there are a few gems who i think are too wishy-washy, and the reason for behaving like this is mostly immaturity. there are other geminis that i really like.
so no need to shout, mysterious unregistered gems :-)
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I think geminis r the coolest people in the world. Being around them makes me more relax
awww we love you cappyguy!!!
male from the left coast
SUN* Gemini

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