Yes, I am aware of the things going against gem and Scorpio. I have dated a few scorpios and I couldn't stand them! This
So me and my gemini dated for almost 4 years and she broke it off with me because of my Jelousy. After the break up i wr
So have you ever dated Libras or Aquas... or both? How did you relationship go with them? Why did it end? ( you don't
wot do u thing? is it fair to change ur self for someone for the sake of a good reltionship. what if u stop trying to be
Is running away from someone you like a common theme for Gemini males or just Gemini in general? Me and my friend st
Hwo does this workout...Leo man and Gemini woman
Soo this is my first post and very excited!! Let me share my situation. So I have like a FWB kinda thing with a Gemini m
Just wondering your thoughts about this. I've been dating an older Gemini male for a few months now. We're pretty tight
My aunt is a Pisces, and she has a hard time getting along with my Gemini grandma. My grandma is outspoken and always gi
What are some of your favorite questions to ask others when you are getting to know them?
I am feeling something. I hope it won't be much of a problem for me. I am in a relationship with an aqua for quite a whi
I am feeling something. I hope it won't be much of a problem for me. I am in a relationship with an aqua for quite a whi
To anyone with Any of the big three in Gemini (sun,moon,rising), how would you describe your lifestyle in regards t
Fist off im a Taurus man that has dated a gem for almost 5 years. My jealousy gets to her some times but other than that
I met this Gemini in school and he pirsued me but it didnt work out for some reason because he was acting to hard to get
Hey Guys, I am really confused about my career. I am in a back end job, I have done MBA post law graduation. Please s
Hey gems, What are some of the best ways you've found? Preferably without heading into another relationship
Long story short: I introduced a Gemini friend to a friend of mine and, while it was only for work reason, they started
I started dating a Gemini man long distance about 2 months ago. We first met many months ago when he was still local an
I had to move to the Gemini section the Leo was reading my stuff and I had to delete the whole thread. god it was some g
Ok, where do I start. I would love to have input to help me not completely lose this friendship/dynamic. He is recently
help me to kn0w m0re ab0ut a gemini man and a taurus w0men relati0nship

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or a switch? I noticed that some sag women are so sweet and laid back. my sag by example.. is a true kitty. one would think that they are dominant and pushy. ( like the other fire signs...) but they are very chill- laid back. aries women: m
I think I've posted something like this before but boy oh boy do will I ever stop posting butter and obsessing over this dude on this website. today was just really butter and I wanted to talk to to my beloved boyfriend right, because I also consider him
Hi last time (like a month ago??) I was asking advice since my marriage was in a bit of a rough spot. And thankfully, I managed to get over myself and you know... emotionally express myself (cringe) and be more verbal. Obviously, it worked pretty well. It
Ok you have never known someone to suffer so much. She is 70 yrs old. She nursed an marker through brain cancer ...he was her partner and refused to marry her he was just using her. Then he died. She became a heavy drinker. She got sober though.
For my curiosity I started googling being in a relationship with a woman that uses meds for depression I've searched it before. You read about the meds it fvcks a person right up I read you top taking them the meds have done damage that the person suffers
I don't know how many of you know of him. What are your thoughts about all his research?
You're focused on what's important, what needs to be done, and what's next for you as Mercury, the planet of busyness, will pass the sun this week at 3° in strategic Scorpio and Venus, the planet of both love and finances, will connect with Saturn by the
As in no planets in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer. IAny astrological significance? Would ot be like not having planets in a particular element or mode? If anyone has any astro articles or info can you please provide links?
What do you do for a living? I operate a large pipeline control board and a one of a kind Oxygen Removal Unit. I personally didn't catch it before I saw this vid, but I did always find her gait to be abnormal.
Do you always text with your boy/girl? My girl have on the latest time not sent any goodnights or morning to me which we used to always do...can it mean something
Any gems ever break up or think of breaking up with someone once your feelings start to get real and you are afraid they might hurt you? Like starting to overthink things and make stuff up in your head or being insecure and then sabotage your own relation
Which side of the force are you on? What are their differences? Post pics!
Has anyone seen a correlation between their ascendant and their celebrity look-a-like (or anyone they look like)? I find it so funny that my Rising sign is Gemini and it doesn't matter where I am or if I know the person or not, someone will tell me, "y
I'm just curious, it's not gonna matter but who wants I told you so rights? She has a great ass too.
I'm just curious, it's not gonna matter but who wants I told you so rights? She has a great ass too.
I'm just curious, it's not gonna matter but who wants I told you so rights? She has a great ass too.
Everyone is different.. if you ask me I'd say after 3 attempts I'll be done trying... Brief story, after several months together, we called it quits a couple days ago, I told her she wouldn't hear from me. She text me yesterday she text me today, she's
😂My darling friend, is she in heat? 😂 We went from comfortably sitting away from each other to, Her laying her head on my lap, sitting ontop of me. We will be away from one another, and she will adjust to be inches away from me, or she will get clos