Me I love them and would prefer to have two female partners in my bed instead of one
I recently moved to Europe for school and met a Gemini. I became so into this guy that I would think about him every wak
does anyone have any experience with a gemini sun, cancer moon, venus in gemini individual? i'm mainly just curious. i
What about a man with these characteristics? Is he faithful in love or shallow? Does he like Cancer girls? Is he immat
Gemini April 2015 overview By Elisa Jane Tarot Card Readings.
3RD DECANERS REPORT IN! im curious to see who all there is...are there any females? i know there are a couple males..but
So I started talking to a gemini man a few weeks ago and everything seemed to be going well until he asked me out and I
I really LOVE being touched. Not even in a sexual way, but just any sort touch from friend or family member or lover (of
I play to many games, and I become distant when I don't get enough attention.. I HATE it.. I crave to be loved and adore
ok, so this gemini that i was having communication/flirting everysingle day all of the sudden communication a little mor
Are trouble. I know that as as a gem, we fall for them. Hard. But they try so hard to be like us and I wish for the life
I'm a May 22 '86 Gemini (10:40 PM Eastern StandardTime birth) - should I get gynecological surgery for a mass that is ei Really cool article that covers all bases o
Really feel like I fit the description given. Why is that? birthday is may 28.
A few weeks ago I met this woman online. We chatted for a bit, swapped phone numbers, and eventually met up last week fo
My Gem bf & I have dated on and off for past eight months. His Gem female roommate has been chasing him for months (cons
Hey all, So I've been knowing this gemini guy for many years, and there's always been an incredibly strong attraction
Would a water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces) or an earth sign (taurus, virgo, capricorn) be better suited for a gemini?
So i started taking to this gemini woman...and My gut said dont you dare.. I used to have a really good friend who was a

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Even if it is a girl you barely know and you are not sure if she likes you?
Hi guys & girls what was wrong with the website for almost 2 weeks ?
he’s libra sun cancer moon cancer rising virgo mars libra venus/mercury and i’m aries sun libra moon libra rising taurus mars aries venus/mercury i’m his first love hehe but i have trust issues from all the libras i’ve dated bc they’re the same in the
Currently in Spain and I’m going to be in Europe for 3 months traveling. Anyone want to meet up?
My boyfriend says he is a virgin. And he: - Acts really shy and nervous around me. - Doesn't know what to do about sexual things and is clueless. - I almost always had to initiate something sexual. - Gets embarrassed when he says "kitty". - Respects
I'll try to keep this short. My ex taurus and I have been talking again. I broke up with him 2 years ago and we've recently reconnected. We hung out again the other day and ended up sleeping together. During the sex he kept telling me we were really compa
When it comes to relationship? Like those stupid mind games, if you know what I mean. I'll go first. Aquarius - Annoying AF, I have to be unavailable, in order to get their attention. Sagittarius - Ha ha ha... Pisces - Xanax is a must, if I want
So how's everybody smelling? Good? Goooood. So if you happen to be wearing any perfume/cologne, what kind you wearing? Me I'm currently wearing invictus by paco rabanne. Sorry guys I would post images but pics not seem to be functioning on my end.
When it comes to love/relationships - Obligation or Fullfilment? What matters? What brings happiness of the heart to you? HI (^~^)/ I'm curious on this topic. I need Virgo help please and thank you!
How do I avoid these types of men? I always attracted more sensitive men. Men who want me to be clingy and emotional. I don't like expressing my emotions at all. Not even with family. I have some serious attachment issues. I feel like people have this hat
What can a Taurus moon add to a Libra Sun?
Directly? or just don't say nothing and try be around you? how you fellas aquarians approach someone you are interested?
i heard when a girl ignores u she actually likes u?or like if she looks mad at u T or f?