I've been seeing this gem guy for a few months and he is very short on words, which has caused me and my scorpio ways to
Do Gemini men tend to be less fearful of commitment after sex? I had sex with a Gem I'm close to 2 days ago. Usually h
like cowards when they see that someone they think is inferior to them found out what is inside their minds? Or is it ot
First, I think this forum is thereputic. Thank all of you for your time. Within the last 8 months I have experienced a d
sweet, sugary foods and cold caffine beverages, I've given up on many if not most sweet sugary foods, I think I simply w
I've read that things will get rough before they get better with Pisces. This is kind of true for my best friend and I.
Has anyone ever come across a QUIET gemini? I've been seeing this gem for about 3 months, he was very chatty the firs
Hi, Im just new here. Im a Gemini and i think that I am bisexual. I dont really like saying that to my friends but
It's true Gemini men and Pisces women match. But only a few Geminis can handle Pisces so be careful. I don't care abou
Yes, I have problems with people who think im crazy because im simply Gemini.
I'm a Capricorn ascendent Gemini, so I think I have traits of the Gemini and can get them better, and get on the same pa
Am I the only Gemini that feels like, other people see Geminis by there stero type: when it comes down to compatibility
What is the best way to effectively communicate with these children? My friend has a 3 year old Gemini and she is a Scor
Gemini man and Pisces female?! Compatable?!
Hi what is a gemini man with a pisces mars personality like. This guy seems popular with his friends, very friendly, goo
curious as to if these relationships work?
I need help...I'm a Gemini and I'm a guy in love with a Pisces girl. I've never ever felt like this before with any girl
I need help...I'm a Gemini and I'm a guy in love with a Pisces girl. I've never ever felt like this before with any girl
i have been with a gemini for 3 years. sometimes we get along great and other times not so great but when we arent getti
Is Gemini man and Libra woman really meant for one eachother? I'm a libra born september 28th and my ex-boyfriend is a G
I need help...I'm a Gemini and I'm a guy in love with a Pisces girl. I've never ever felt like this before with any girl
So my natal chart looks like the following: Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Capricorn Sun is in 05 Degrees Gemini Moo

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Hello, You can find my threads here about a Sag and I. But to cut a long story short: we dated 6 months, he was not ready for a relationship and I wanted more. So I stopped our 'relationship' beggining of January. On the last day we were together we
I noticed that I am attracted to air signs IMMEDIATELY (sun or moon placements) before I even know their placements. My Venus is in Libra, so Libras in particular have an odd way of grabbing my attention and vice versa. Even the ones I didn't really pursu
We met the beginning of February. The next day we went out. Wasn't sure if he didn't care of all the male attention I was receiving he kept saying he didn't but if a guy talked to me too long he would make his way to me. But never had a attitude with me
This topic bothers me. When you read topics about anitchrist, you will notice that the different religions of the world are literally claiming so-and-so religion as the true antichrist. I can't believe how bigoted some religions are. At least pay some
What the treetruk is going on, one of our clients is from my country, the first time i saw him i thought potential, he's highly educated, come to find out he was married to a woman not from our culture. I respect marriage and it was none of my business. any
Whatever it is i am loving it, my god so many guys expressing themselves to me, its cool...i feel wanted.
How do you describe what you feel when you have sexual tension with someone? Is it like you can't look at them without thinking of sex? Do you feel shy about it? My gfs say when I'm chilling with this one dude they feel the sexual chemistry between
I've been using Tinder and was checking out the profile of this guy who sent me an interesting opening line. His Instagram is connected to his profile so I click on it, and I find a post with his birthday. He's a Scorpio, so I get curious and search up hi
I have 7 planets PLUS chiron transiting opposite my 8th house stellium. My life is at the lowest point possible. Please, can someone tell me things will get better after all these planets move on??
I read conflicting reports. Currently, pluto is transing my 12th house and it is very difficult, but I have read that once pluto transits the 1st house that things get better. Other reports say that it is even more difficult when pluto transits the 1st ho
just curies what are your turn On's? what do you look for in a person of just makes you go gaga over something? One of mine is if you can sing, It doesn't matter to me how you look or your race or gender if you have a beautiful sing voice I will go
Do you relate to any of these?? http://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/az8qOPb_460s.jpg
Hi, so I am having some trouble with a virgo woman. We met around 5 months ago and then I sort of asked her out but she was going through a bad break up and thus declined. However we kept talking and became good friends. After a while when she got over he
I'm born June 5 1993 at 8 am in Dayton ohio. Anyone have a clue as to if I'm a cuspian Moon or not?
Is her Career done? Do you think Nicki can recover? This woman ( Remy Ma ) just dissed Nicki, the reactions are insane right now. The internet is with Remy ma... Just look at the comments: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd8G-ohqWNY About her:
Beautiful, sexy stubborn, loyal, loyal, LOYAL, sweet, quiet, simple, house wifey real women. I love you Taurus. The best sign... My wife will be a taurus. You all are beautiful and have a heart of gold. And why is it taurus always has a beautiful voice? A