Just curious if there is a common ground with Geminis here. Perhaps it is because we are mildly sociopaths?
My BF is a Taurus Sun with a Gemini Moon, yes I know this is Gemini board but I thought you all could help. He has a pr
How would you feel if your best friend of 15 years wrote a letter to you pointing out all your flaws and reasons why you
I mean, really? Really now? Why must every email that comes to me off of that site that rhymes with snatch.com come
I'm surrounded by Gem men, and I attract them like a magnet. This Gem guy and I have been talking for a while and it
Which sign do you think is a Geminis missing piece? I've heard alot that Pisces are our other piece, because we're ea
the ability to view all sides is a great gift. However, there comes a time when you just want to be singular in thought.
Im clueless as to what love means to me....its so weird. I will yearn for the guy one day then the next day ill be like
Hello :) I posted on another thread, but here's the gist. Hoping for your advice: Started dating a 45 yr old Gem.
I am going to another appointment on Wednesday. Physical and mental aptitude test coming up. Let the psycho-analysis beg
Anyone know someone or heard of someone using a friend's illnes/disease or death to gain sympathy? I have a friend w
I was dating a gemini, I used to like him alot & he disappeared for a looooong time! So, I moved on & I'm currently in a
Still waiting on my asvab results. I've put a lot of effort into this and hope to get a highstarting position. So excite
The Gemini Shadow (From the book Astrology for Lovers by Liz Green) What kind of shadow does the god with winged s
I recently went to this relationship coach, she used tarot and clairvoyance to get right to the heart of the situation,
My best friend beyrayed me by sleeping in the same bed as my boyfriend. They didn't have sex.. they just slept in the sa
I recently started hanging out with a gemnini that I met through friends. When we first started talking he would text me
How bout sharing some pins on this b%tch
Being the exception to stereotypes and generalizations is common for me...all of the studying and researching I did onli
treetrunked wit that dude.....usaf can't come fast enough
Lets talk about relationships cuz I love to empathize... How did your last relationship go? How is your current relatio
I have noticed that Gemini is a sign with a reputation as an introvert. I know a couple of characters who fit this descr
And my family doesn't know. They are against it. Still, I'm joining this month. I'm pretty stressed cuzy mom is pushing
About Natalie Portman all day....you know she da bomb.com

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I've noticed many mistakes are made when things are done in a hasty manner. Of course you want to beat the competition, but without all the information you don't make correct decisions. Guessing isn't accurate assessment .
Ok, so a guy asked me whether I've been in love before. I said yes I have. He turns around and says : I wish that guy was me. What is he trying to tell me? Thank you for your help.
Share your favorite tattoos/tattoo ideas! Sidenote: I want to get an Aquarius tattoo but being an Aquarius, I don't want it to be stereotypical- go figure! -___- So any Aqua tat ideas appreciated as well. https://i.imgur.com/mMNYycI.jpg https:/
any member. No holds barred, bro. feel free to attack their tier... just keep it funny and don't start fighting for real. fake fighting is fine tho.
Well not like a full on unibrow. But small hairs in between the eyebrows. Not talking Arab eyebrows, but I actually noticed when I was a teenager that all my main group of male friends had to some level or another, hairs in between, and that's including t
On vacay n the women in my group go jewlery shopping but only get card n item number so when they go hom their boyfriends will order n pay for them. The say no that's for them to pay. They both Asian with white men not sure if cultural ? I find it sick
Let's just say I hate my phone sometimes. Yes I'm obsessed. Deal with it. I'll be like this for the next 2 months. That being said I need your opinions.... I already have 2 weapons.... a sword and a Mallot (I'll post pics in a sec) do you think a le
Aries here... Half an year ago I messed things up with this cancer date I had by acting weird while high (I've created an awkward situation and she never called back). I've regreted it every day since then because she was a truly amazing girl, but I decid
I just love how we cancers are stereotyped as being weak, emotional, ugly, etc..... EVERY cancer I've ever met has always been very successful, or on their way to being successful. We are the only sign that can actually cut someone off and be completely a
Is anyone on DXPNET living in Australia? I live in Brisbane, Queensland.
Can you be too ugly for love? I don't feel I'm that bad looking, although maybe only 4 or 5 out of 10 for looks. However, recently I've had a real bad run of luck with girls just flat our blanking me, not wanting to talk or have anything to do with me.
I go through a "fear" of getting old. I think this is normal and everyone might go through this at some time in their life? How do/would you deal with this? I feel I need to take my time going through this right now and I feel I am more nostalgic, little
Do you have any information about it?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1YBuz0XwxM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2oaXxvP7M8 COCONUT COUNT @FknNerd-4 @MzSaaaag-4 @Starwars-4 @LivenLuv-6 @Effervescent-3 @AneemA08 -6 @Ssuperman-4 @Ram416-6
Got a new bedframe delivered to me this morning. The best things that came to my mind, ok let's jump on this thing and see if it makes any noise... and it did !!! Arghhhh super dissapointed then the Aqua picture came to mind n i was like..: why am I even