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  • To those who have mental illness...

    How would you feel if someone who is close to you, tells you that your illness is caused by the demon and that you shouldn't accept the reality of having a lifelong and debilitating illness (because God does not want anyone to suffer hence your illness do
  • Read this article

    At least I’m not allergic to ugly people
  • Workout recommendations?

    Hi!!! I've been going on the treadmill a lot lately but not too keen on the idea of the impact it has on my joints. I've done elliptical through the years and have now gotten sick of it... What other workouts would you suggest that would not leave you
  • Bad breath

    How do you tell a friend that they have bad breath? Especially when you know they dont have any dental insurance. And not be mean about it. And I'm not talking about just bad breath from eating an onion one day, but they always have bad breath Please hel
  • Anyone struggling with insomnia?

    Would love to hear how you make it easier or how can I help someone who's going through it atm.
  • Addictive Behaviour

    What do you feel are ways to deal with deep rooted addictions? I'm looking for genuine advice on this as I'm having trouble breaking this cycle.
  • any women ever tried female Viagra ?

    so i am wondering what does it do to a woman and how long does it last
  • pros and cons of

    pharmaceutical companies? i didn't know there was so much controversy, i know how ignorant of me NOW pls help me understand
  • too much stress now

    Has anyone here overcome adrenal fatigue? how long did it take and what did you do?
  • Sprained Ankle

    So 3.5 weeks ago while visiting the Cancer, I sprained my ankle while walking a friend home. It's the same ankle I sprained back in mid-2014, but this time I felt my ankle give way as I stepped off the curb to cross the road. (Previous incident was du
  • Death from common cold

    What is the death rate from the common cold? I think I’m dying. Is an urgent care clinic appropriate? I had a cold all week last week but it cleared up this past weekend. Today I woke up with a soar throat and progressively the pain has taken over my
  • Shoulder/Back issue

    Tell me if anyone has experienced this or if you're a professional and can give me advice before I go to physio. that would be great... I have one shoulder that rounds more inward and seems to be slightly higher than the other giving me hell when I exe
  • Why am I always cold?

    I always feel cold and I find it hard to get warm. This started at the beginning of fall. By October I was wearing all of my usual winter clothes when I was going outside, I got a personal space heater for my bed room and desk, and I started sleeping with