My niece was born less than 2 days ago and she started having seizures a few hours ago. The doctors are doing whatever they do in these situations. Has anyone has a baby or knew someone with a baby in that situation.
No silicon heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?
My niece was born less than 2 days ago and she started having seizures a few hours ago. The doctors are doing whatever they do in these situations. Has anyone has a baby or knew someone with a baby in that situation.
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I wish you the best in this situation.
from Australia
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You and your loved ones are completely in my thoughts right now.
Really hope they find out what's happening, and you can ease your fears and just enjoy the new partner in crime x ~*~
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Dang, hope she's okay! Sending prayers her way!
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I hope she gets better soon.
Oh you fancy huh
No I pray for the little one and all of you
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Hi OP. This must be such an emotional time for you and your family. Your niece must seem so tiny to you. I am very sorry. I am sending you my prayers.
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hope she gets better 💛
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My niece was born early and had seizures too. It was from birth asphyxia, she outgrew it. Maybe it means anything to you to know that it doesn't necessarily have to be from an underlying condition.

How is your niece now?
Awww, I'm sorry to hear this.
Babies may be tiny but they are fighters. Plus she's a Capricorn. She will get through this and come back stronger!
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Hugs for the baby and family.
from Canada
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Sending you the best vibes possible to you & your family. 💖
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This could happen because of asphyxia, use of forceps during delivery, difficult labor ( eg breech position) etc,...and little difficult to confirm with new born babies. Most babies outgrow them.
Some seizures could be because the brain needs time to coordinate properly or due to heightened brain activity.
An EEG would be recommended.
Hope she gets better :-) Your neice and your family are in my prayers.
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