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  • New DXP layout bug reports

    Post any bugs/quirks you encounter from the new layout in this forum: - Doesn't remember last page viewed in a topic.
  • Let us curse

    and I hate the reverse order thing. Please and thank you 😊😊😊😊
  • AUTOMATIC Ban for people telling others to...

    Die or things of the sort. How many times does one have to report someone in order for the mods here to listen ? Racist remarks ? Ok. I guess I can mute them or decide to just walk away from someone calling me a fat ape because I'm black. But tell
  • I can't see bottom

    I can't see the list under subscription... (on Mobile) So... I can't have access to my profile, editing, settings and all that... Just can't scroll down to see them Annoying little issue

    ITs ridiculous to have to root around trying to find them every time. And no one checks so you never get answers! This is stupid!!!!
  • blocking options / front page

    honestly bro, i pay the twelves dollars. if you make an options where my thread or post can be invisible of certain member. you can call it whatever you want like the "INVISIBLE PREMIUM OPTIONS". i'm fine with it. second thing, i dont want to loo

    .More user friendly .More dynamic .More interactive please
  • Notifications for PMs

    Can we get notifications for PMs/DMs as well? It's really tedious having to click on Account then click again on DMs. This is a pain, especially when I miss DMs from a teammate during a DXP game. Fix this!