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  • To all the men dating a Leo woman: she is not yours. She will never submit to you. I don't care how long you have been together, the things you went through, the things she does for you. She.is.Not.Yours. a lioness only submits to a lion. it's over if
  • So, why do you always want your bf to text first, and if he doesn't do that, you will not text either for days, even months...but then when you see him, you will be like, where do you stand, what is up between you two, and all that. I mean, that girl was
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  • Basically, I got bored AF waiting for a Taurus woman to $h!t or get off the pot with me, so I started hitting up someone else. I need to have fun, and I'm not waiting around anymore for something to kinda maybe happen. I could literally feel my sweet peen
  • Me and this Leo man been dating and flirting, sending all those morning texted and meeting friends and all But at some point we faded out cause of a small matter and I am not good in handling situation like that at that time. After few months, he texted
  • Hey, it's been awhile since I posted in here, last time I did I was in the Aqua board trying to figure out this Aqua lady *sigh* lol just wondering how everyone's 2018 went? Long story short, mine had a lot to teach me and I am blessed for all the experi