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  • Feel like dying

    I wish i wasn't here no more. I think life be easier on everyone else. I'm over everything at this point
  • Leos jealously

    I'm having a hard time understanding leos jealously . Do they just get jealous over people they love or just over anyone ?. My Leo got friend gets jealous a lot whenever I hang out with someone else or when I post pics with someone else even over people t
  • Leos love

    I know that leos love hard but it's so hard that they confuse people into thinking thar they romantically love them not a friendship kind of love . With my Leo friend it's gotten to that point and my question is why ?. He literally cares so much that I sw
  • My Little Lion

    Is a damn pig. Lmao. He's 10 months old and eats like a teenage jock. He's extremely lovable. He has his own little personality already. It's soooooo cute. I love me some him and he loves him some me. I wanna know about his placements tho. Look
  • Does this leo girl just wanna be friends?

    Soo, there's this leo girl I know. We've been talking for months and have shared many experiences together. In the beginning, I was instantly attracted to her and let it be known. She told me, "you're not my cup of tea," so I bailed. A couple of months pa
  • i cant commit

    I have SUCH a hard time committing to someone In the beginning i can be all over that person and want to talk and hang out all the time then a month goes by and i begin to dread the fact that i have to call or text back, its more of i get annoyed when i
  • Drained.

    Pray for me lately I just been emotionally and mentally drained. I haven't got time to try to relax and deal with bs. My friend passed away last month still haven't had time to grieve over that. Lost my job me and my mom argue like cats and dogs I been sm
  • My little Leo update? Where is his head

    You guys quite the task Huh :p? But a fun one! Moving on, I post about my Leo interest here a little bit, asking for advices. This is a little different because I unfortunately don't think I will be in contact with him much longer (there is a cancer
  • Am I being paranoid or is something wrong?

    Everything was back to being very good before college ended.We hung out everyday,from day to night and were very much connected throughout the day.Then cllg ended and we came back to our respective cities and are now in an ldr.When coming back,I gave him
  • Running game

    Does Leo's tend to run games on people they try to figure out? I feel like I'm wishy washy about my feelings. But maybe I try to test the waters with people to see if they can handle what it is. I feel like it's a way of people guessing and chasing after
  • More Leo news! How fast should I expect things

    I posted recently about a Leo and have been reading forums. I have to say I am begining to learn the Leo way! After some sporadic texts and one failed meeting we met successfully and had a wonderful time. It was not a date simply because I wanted to
  • Where do you rest your chin when you lay down?

    When you lay on your stomach? I rest it on a pillow but then my jaw feels sore for a while. I feel like you also have to rest your neck on the pillow to not put all the weight on your jaw.
  • Antisocial ?

    Is there any other Leo always feel antisocial or a loner. I swear I want to go out and meet new people but I just don't know how to talk to others but if I do talk to other I can get along with them pretty much I just don't go out my way to talk to them.
  • He acts like he likes me but I'm not sure

    This is not about my Leo Bestfriend . Suprisingly it's about this other Leo guy that I've had in my past and a month ago he came back into my life and we're close again he's so sweet . He says he loves everything about and makes it seem as if I'm perfect
  • Leo friend

    What are some reasons why a leo man would drive 4-6 hours to come see you other then they like you.. because he claims that he doesnt like you? I would say sex yes but leo said if he wanted sex it would have happened before I move away and he said its
  • Just a Cap Girl who Fell for a Leo Man and he just disappeared.

    I know there has to be a Post about this somewhere. If there is, please forgive me for posting twice. And if you can..direct me to it. Nevertheless here's my issue I met this Leo guy at my job. He's very attractive and I only started paying him attenti
  • Leo Men/Women

    What's the difference? Well, one has a penis and one has a vagina.
  • I am a Leo Man ask me anything!

    Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!