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  • Soooo Im engaged to this wonderful leo man, (we haven't been together that long) and I am crazy for him. We were living together at one point, then a few weeks ago he moved out of state, for a job opportunity, so we decided to give the long distance thing
  • Hi all! Thanks so much for any feedback. I dated a Leo woman (sag rising, Pisces moon, merc cancer, Mars Virgo) for 2 years. We recently broke up a month ago and I begged and pleaded. She took me back but then we broke up again. She tells me she loves me
  • Hey guys. I don't wanna write too much about it I'm just curious: 1. Do you get in some deep modes, how often? 2. Do you feel: I commute between different states, feel good one day the other day bad. 3. What do you do when these kind of things occour?
  • Shut up. So... I'm going to shut the F**k up. Later.
  • Hi so I met this Leo about 3 months ago at work, I was new and he had been working there for quite some time when I came. About a week into me being there, we started talking a lot and quickly became work buddies. Lots of laughing and chatting all the tim
  • As it says.. do you guys and gals think that was a good paring? We were good until t told her that I didn't love her...after that she basically broke up with me over the weekend. I suspected she was cheating so I was kinda worrying about that when I told
  • Self defense is all that matters.... Nb4: f*g
  • Hey, Need a bit of advice me and my leo man was together for about 2 months... we spent most of our time together he met my daughter and everything was great one night we was sat at home till 4am drinking and talking he told me how much he loved me and t