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  • How do you tell a coworker she looks terrible?

    I work at Hooters where appearance is everything. We have a host (Leo), which the same rules do not apply to the Hooters girls.. I hate to sound so critical but she looks AWFUL in the uniform (accShe threatened the managers she would quit if she couldn't
  • Cancer or Virgo for relationships?

    I have a very attractive Leo guy friend who is looking for a girlfriend and I had introduced him to my group of girl friends which are: Another Leo, a Virgo, a cancer, and a Capricorn. He's been deciding between the Virgo and the cancer as he thinks th
  • Happy Birthday...

    Happy Birthday, @Soul ~ https://m.popkey.co/ced7cd/Mwxwk.gif Our favorite LE(Scorpi)O... you wear it well, even when your candor leaves us reeling. :) Hope your birthday is exactly what you want it to be... enjoy. ♡ https://stati
  • Does He Just Want to "Conquer" Me?

    I've known this Leo male since high school, but about a year and a half ago he started to show interest. I mean pretty much stalking my Instagram. He's very attractive to me so I gave in eventually to try and get to know him more. We began to message each
  • How is a leo mom and dad?

    I have a leo dad and a leo mom so im just curious if they are all the same with their child,both have big egos both wants attention so they always bring their second child to brag while me and my little bro stay behind most of the time,or maybe im just sa
  • Happy Birthday...

    @Seraph ❤ https://68.media.tumblr.com/219042460343b5a4edb0cfd391a30dd7/tumblr_o8oqmhDqN81sumtodo4_400.gif ... you regal beast. :) Hope your birthday is amazing, my friend. This place just wouldn't be the same without you.
  • Ask a Leo

    I feel as if this post has been done before...Heck I may have done one a year ago. There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Leos (a lot about Leo Men too). So if you don't feel like posting a new topic but just want to pick a Leo;s brain, feel free.
  • Leos and consequences

    hello Leos, how are you with consequences? like... that of a big mistake, or getting carried away or getting too angry and hurting someone, or playing with someone's heart and then be busted, etc etc. most Leos I know aren't very good at facing consequenc
  • Silent Treatment

    Is it common for Leo men to give the silent treatment? For 3 months at that... I'm so use to Leo's saying exactly what is on their minds and not sugarcoating anything. I've just never knew a Leo to bite their tongues. But I guess silence is a form of comm
  • Will Leo woman be jealous of me?

    I have a long distance Aquarius guy friend, he is going to visit me soon with his Leo gf and a couple of other friends. I've never met his gf before, they are in a long distance relationship for almost a year. Last time, this guy friend visited me and sta
  • How do Leo Men deal with being dumped?

    I was in an on and off relationship with a Leo man for 2 years. I was the one suggesting a break each time because I didn't have time for his mind games. After each breakup he would apologize and ask for another chance, I'd give in. We never fought at
  • Leo Season has begun

    As it is Leo time for the next month or so, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread dedicated for Leo's by Leos. So this thread is all about us (as we can be seen as being selfish). Any questions, feelings, jokes, good or bad are welco
  • I am a Leo Man ask me anything!

    Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
  • I WANT my Leo!

    So, I met this guy and he's really peaked my interest. Unfortunately, he's very unpredictable. I've never dated a Leo before and I could use some sound advice. It's only been a couple of weeks, I can't even say that we're dating but I'm the beginning stag
  • How intense is a leo man when in a relationship?

    Like, what am I expecting? This is moving crazily fast but I think we both fit in each other's lives perfectly. Like, it's crazy! I'm still spinning but he's already talking the future and we havnt even met! We meeting this Monday. But we are pretty much