Are Leos Forgiving?

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I notice they are really stubborn and get angry really fast and sometimes it seems to last for a long time.

I wonder if the ego gets disrupted as well and that makes it twice as hard to forgive and forget.

Having a leo moon I sometimes feel this way, but what do you think?

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yeah, i think it's a pride thing. they might want to forgive, but once their ego's been damaged then it's harder for them. they're usually so warm, so i'm always open and honest with them, seems to make them more receptive to forgiving me

they're really like big kitty's, just need to be playful with them then they roll over and let you stroke their bellies. xD

what i like about fire signs is generally, they blow up but don't hold onto it for ages *ahem, aquas* it's like this great explosion of energy, then they simmer down quite fast. but, leo is a fixed sign,so...:/
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I'd say what Nimbue said is fairly accurate. When I get mad, look out. And I am definitely stubborn. But I don't usually stay angry long. It really depends on what was done, and if I get a genuine apology. Pride can get in the way, but if you're important, I will forgive. Forget, probably not. (I'm leo sun and moon btw)
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They forgive but have the backup guy waiting on a posting.. the next day she is gone man2man.. then they will be a friend. Who knows what they are.. So confusing.. WHERE IS my scorpio honey.. I like having water bottles thrown at me at least I know where I stand.. What I hate more is a LEO woman cussin me out and hurting me.. the minute i respond and crush her from being so mean.. I then hurt her deeply..

WTF.. control your roar LEOS.. get a grip.. They blame everyone on jealousy but they get wounded deeply after ripping someones ass and not taking it..

I am tired of tip toe ing around her nice ass..
female from london, united kingdom
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Posted by hurtinscorps

I am tired of tip toe ing around her 'nice ass'..

^^^that...would suggest not
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I tend to think of myself as forgiving, unless you do something so awful that I can't forgive you!

Little things I tend to forgive quickly on. Yes, I can anger easily but once I have a chance to step back and look at the situation, I can see where the other person was coming from or see that no harm was meant and I get over it. Leos are known to react before analyzing so I think that's where that comes from. If I truly care about someone, I don't want them to be angry at me or have any strain on our relationship...I want us to go back to "the happy spot"

Being a Leo, yes we can blow up. Personally it takes a lot to get me there but the anger is pretty deep but like the other posts say, we blow up big time but we simmer down fairly quickly after that. The anger bubbles for quite a while and it has to be released. Just dont be in the way or you might hear things that you may not want to hear.

We forgive but if you hurt us on purpose or do something that is against what we believe in and you know that, watch out!!

At least these days I make it clear on what I will and wont accept and its your choice to either accept that or walk away and if you do the things we wont accept once you've decided to stay, you're a goner - we wont look back and will wipe you off of our Xmas list LOL
I can forgive if I believe the person is truly sorry and didn't intend to hurt me. Forgetting is another matter. I don't expect them to do the same thing again. If they do, then they have a problem because I don't like being disrespected.
There are times when I have made mistakes and didn't intend to hurt anyone. Sometimes pride can get in the way of doing what is fair or what is right. I think it depends on how much I care about the person and how much that person cares about me. If I really want to keep a relationship going, friend or family, whatever, I will work to meet that person more than halfway so long as they show they are sorry and really do care about my feelings. There is always room for misunderstandings and you cannot please everyone, but disrespect is another thing. I believe in live and let live and I would expect someone to forgive me if I asked to be forgiven. I also would expect to show that I learned from the experience. I believe also in being fair and will put myself out to be sure that I can bend rather than break.
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I feel like they're similar to us, Sagi, in that they're pretty easy going and don't get mad often...they give people a lot of chances...but they are slightly less quick to forgive than we.

We let a lot of butter roll off our backs, but there are lines to be crossed...and once certain lines are crossed there is little that person can do to go back.

Even after I've forgiven someone who has crossed a line with me, I still never feel the same way about them again. They are never allowed to hold importance in my life again.

I do think this comes from my Leo moon too!
Leo is a fixed sign after all. The one thing I've definitely learned about them is once they make up their mind about something....that's it. You might think they are hearing different sides, etc....but they're really not. Lol

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I am a Leo, and truthfully, I dont hold a grudge, and i do forgive...especially if I know the person really well...we all make mistakes...
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one of my best friends is a leo and she can be a drama queen if her feelings get hurt but her whining and complaining will only last for a short period of time and then she goes back to being her usual bubbly (bossy) self lol but the one thing i can't deny is that she has a warm heart. she's a softie.
Posted by Sagittarius89
I notice they are really stubborn and get angry really fast and sometimes it seems to last for a long time.

I wonder if the ego gets disrupted as well and that makes it twice as hard to forgive and forget.

Having a leo moon I sometimes feel this way, but what do you think?

Haha, try making a leo with a aries moon mad. That's a recipe for murder.

Yes ego gets in the way. I've told my leo friend to get over things people have done to him (that the fact that he's getting upset about it is only giving their enemy credit because it got to them). But he still continues to hate the person. Doesn't make sense to me cus I let a lot of things go, but he just has to have JUSTICE.

If you've known a leo for a long time and you mess up they will be more forgiving, even if you think they aren't going to because they get so angry. You just have to let the fire die down. Doesn't mean you should keep pushing their buttons tho. They'll just lose respect for you at that point.
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Posted by Sagittarius89
I notice they are really stubborn and get angry really fast and sometimes it seems to last for a long time.

I wonder if the ego gets disrupted as well and that makes it twice as hard to forgive and forget.

Having a leo moon I sometimes feel this way, but what do you think?

It depends on what's done to us. We forgive but that doesn't mean we will let you into our close circle again, especially with a betrayal. Lying, lying by omission, and any form of cheating whether it's physical or emotional are dealbreakers. The relationship will be over and we don't look back. Taking us forgranted may or may not be unforgivable depending on the situation.
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Depends on the situation but yes i feel we're very forgiving with those we love
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