Do Leo men typically like a younger woman?

27 years old female
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I've just been asked out by a lovely, sweet Leo guy who is 12 years older than me. Do they typically go for younger women?
I thought it might be because Leos are playful and fun and would rather have fun playtime with someone young who can keep up, lol.

Any tips for the whole Leo/Libra thing in general?
If you are ok with the age difference, obviously he is. As a male Leo, I think about "intimacy" often. You caught his fancy, did he yours? Don't give it up too quick or it may be just a physical attraction, which can be therapeutic as well, as long as you know that going in.

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i don't think it has anything to do with signs. it is common for older men to want younger women. the attraction in general between older men and younger women is fairly common. older men see younger women as vital and fertile. the younger woman often wants the older man because he stands for virility and wisdom. i think it's more primal than astrological.
27 years old female
Sun Libra 16.06 Ascendant Scorpio 27.11 Moon Aquarius 2.48 Mercur
thanks everyone! hey eden 3, a new guise! like it.

so we had our first date yesterday. i felt a bit bad because i'm still in love with the cancer boy i've been chasing for so long but since he's ignoring me i should really move on. my leo is lovely, very gentlemanly and sweet. and such a talker!

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