Do leos tend to Lie alot?

I'm noticing a pattern of lying from a Leo guy I've been seeing now since early Dec. I hate to think the worst b/c I re
I'm noticing a pattern of lying from a Leo guy I've been seeing now since early Dec. I hate to think the worst b/c I really like this guy, but I've caught him in several lies already and it's only been a month. My last boyfriend was Leo and I know he lied a lot. I'm thinking I may need to cut my losses and get out before I get hurt.

I'm cap w/scorp rising.
Not usually..Were pretty straight forward...
thanks. I guess he's got me confused b/c he can turn on the charm and act as if he really likes me and then not. Maybe you're right, he's just not that into me. Lucky for me, I have other prospects :-)
Hi there,

Thanks for all the insight...........I appreciate it. I know Leos are good peeps generally, I have a lot of fun w/them actually which is why I put up w/some of their BS at times. It's that magnetism that drives us all crazy :-)
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You know, Antibling, sometimes I get the feeling that you don't like Leos.
female from a spot in the shade
" was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe life is. crazy isn't being broken or s
antibling, don't try to pretend you wouldn't ebay your granny. come on now.
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" was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe life is. crazy isn't being broken or s
i know two other leos on a fairly intimate level (used to know more) and have found them to be quite honest.

also, contrary to antibling's h8ing, which he so kindly injected into this post about whether leos lie a lot, i have not found these other leos, nor myself, to do anything dramatic to seek attention.
female from a spot in the shade
" was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe life is. crazy isn't being broken or s
and the exaggerating in strories - that was when i was 8 years old.
27 years old male
I've noticed with Leo's ( i know), is that when he tells stories...they dont lie, BUT they make it out to be the most dramatic thing in the world lol...i like it actually. Maybe they just want you to be "touched" or something.

Im sure they fabricate it once in awhile too, but i think alot of people do that
female from a spot in the shade
" was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe life is. crazy isn't being broken or s
mm, and what is this virgo doing now? tisk, tisk.
I knew one Leo liar, at least I think he was a Leo. But he was also pretty immature, much like the lower type who are also "skirt chasers" or man just like mes, whatever you wanna call it, lol, and big whiners.
But most of the Leos I know are pretty up-front honest and loyal, and good-natured people. There's good and bad in every sign.
A mature leo tries hard to be honest and not lie, we hate liars and our nature makes us bad at it half the time. I think cappywrench mentioned a guilty guarded look, lolll!
female from Canada
Rising is Sagittaruis Sun Gemini Moon Sagittarius Mercury Gemini Venus Gemin
I met a Leo last August he lied about everything. I was talking to him for 3 weeks while I was separated from my cap. Leo turned out to be married, with a kid and he lived with her. He told me that he didnt have kids and he lived with his Aunt and uncle. What a basterd.

After me and my cap broke up for good in december. I met another Leo and he seems to be all about telling the truth we had that convo very early. So I think its all in the person. And who doesn't like to make a story more interesting then it really is. Everyone does that... Not just Leos....
If a leo is being respected and treated right, he/she will not lie! If so, he/she is ready to get away from you quick.
31 years old female from Shiny place in Europe
No, we don't tend to lie, plus we hate lies and liars (at least me).
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