Okay 4 some reason i cant seem to get away from leos. The last leo i posted about i messed up and became physical too so
Okay 4 some reason i cant seem to get away from leos. The last leo i posted about i messed up and became physical too soon for him i guess. Even though i made him wait 3 mths, he still dissapeeard afterwrds i guess because we never spent any real time, didnt have a committment, and we barly spoke on the phone. Not to mention he stayed in another state. smh. Anyway now i get another crack at a gorgeous leo man. He really likes me too. We've been on 2 dates, and today was our 3rd. Last night he sent me a text saying "you mines okay" i texted bac sayin "ok". Then he got to telling me all these things he wants to do to me. Thats when i decided to keep it real n let him no exactly what i want from him. I told him that i really like him and that i dont spread for a guy JUST BECAUSE i like him, i told him its deeper than that for me and that im interested in getting to knowing the REAL him. I even told him if thats not what he wants then i will understand. He texted bac saying "I like your classiness" he said he'd like for me to get to know him.(that was last night) Then today we spent the whole day together.Everything was perfect until he tried to get lucky at the end of the date back at his place.smh. I began to tell him i hadn't changed my mind in 24 hrs. Then he started pleading his case, sayin he doesn't understand why women make men wait 2&3 yrs for sex,becuz if a man is no good he will be no good in 5 yrs too. Then got to making me feel guilty asking "What do u think im going to play with u and leave you" i asked him what was the rush, he said there is no rush, that there's jus something about me and he just wants to. i told him i didnt know if he'd play me then leave me and that finding out is the point of getting to know him...did i sound childish? is he gon forever? he still kissed and hugged me the rest of the time i was there, and kissed me gd nite n made sure i made it home safe, so he didnt seem pissed. i jus dont wana b a joke to him. am i doing the right thing?
THANKS LADIES. Well its been a day since we talked. I know leo men show their affection through physical connection andmost of them pride themselves on female attention, so me rejecting him might have struck his ego a little bit. However, I do think he's irratated with an prolly views me as a lil girl that doesnt go for what she wants and blah blah blah...I say this becuz i texted him the next day saying "Enjoy your day babe! I enjoyed your company yesterday =)" And he never even responded. If he is upset (What a baby)..ugh. He's drop dead gorgeous and caked with money, not to mention he's a genius, smart and just the bomb, im sure there are plenty girls that would drop their pantys for him at the drop of hat...is he really done with me or THAT upset just because i didnt act like a hoe and submit myself to him the 1st time he tried? If so I'm appauled and insulted...what do yall think?
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Why are you putting such pressure on yourself? Do you not have anything else to offer except sex?
You better if you want him to stick around. Stop being so insecure.
Btw, what do you see in him that you like so much besides the fact he's attractive and has money?
I'm talking about your connection with him, is it all based on how hot you both are?
Thanks for your comment Jonleo. You made some good points, but no its not just his looks or what he has. Im not sure what he likes about me just yet, because we've only been out 2 times. The 1st time the date only lasted about 30 minutes because he had to go to work, he wanted to hook up when he got off but i didnt find it appropriate to be out with him at 2:00am in the morning. Anyway, i love his drive. He's has alot of goals that he's still working out, and i'm a huge dreamer myself, so someone that dreams just as big as me is very interesting to me. Then its the way he carry himself.I mean he could be rockin a pair of beat up basketball shorts, and still manage to turn heads because his presence alone is THAT powerful, to me anyway. I think it's more to him than what meets the eye, and i'm very curious to find out. Like i said before, I've dated 2 Leo's in my past. One is still lingering around,however everytime we talk he talks about sleeping with me. This one is slightly different. He's been contacting me since the little incident at his house, it seems he never goes more than 1 day without hearing from me. Maybe your right, i could be over reacting. But it's only because i like him soooooo much. lol
meow meow...roar dont Underestimate the leo else the lion will devour you. your
Hey there girl if you want to keep a leo interested there is only one way ignore us.. That is what keeps us interested we love the challenge. Trust me leo will often lose interested in someone they know that is really into them. Try it out ignore him for a bit dont be too loving in your text messages.. You will see that leo become a kitty.
@Naz01...Are you sure? I mean im asking are you sure because every tread or article down to this forum i've studied about the personality the characteristics, likes n dislikes of the leo men, and all of them said that Leo's looooove for their mate to adore them. That the leo man puts on a hard core front, a powerful ladies man act like he's perfectly content with being single when in all actuality the only thing thats true is the fact that he IS indeed a ladies man, but he longs to have that one on one love comapanion and loving partner by his side. I've read that if you ignore the leo man, it might peek his interest to break you down, but once he does he wont keep you. They say thats why its important to give him a little, be direct about liking him. But then again, i guess your right. Because i never call my leo, but whenever he contacts me, im always sure to let it be known i'm happy to hear from him. But i dunno...you sure ignoring him will work??? My bestfriend of 10 yrs is a leo woman and if someone ignores her the only way it will bother her, is if she REALLY really likes the guy. But even then he wont know that she really likes him, because she'll never tell him...she hates for a guy she likes to ignore her, she might even force herself to move on just to send the message as if to say "that'll teach him to ignore me"...lol
okkk, what ARE you talking about becuz it sure dont got nuthin to do with this post...
@Miss Kitty, thanks for your help. I dont know...i back off the sex tip not to be 100% sure, i backed off the sex in only knowing him for 2 weeks because thats not lady like, it doesn't send a good message to the man. I was taught that a man wont appreciate something that comes so easy to him. And personally i dont think that goes just for men, i think it goes for both sexes. If money, or diamonds came easy to everyone, people wouldn't steal kill, or even have jobs because the shyt jus fall out the sky. Hope you get what im saying.lol. It just goes double for men, a man has to work for the prize. And its not that im not as confident as him, its just that UNLIKE him, i like to be sure of myself (not so much as the situation) before taking a step, sex with someone i plan to build a serious relationship with is serious to me. Its not something you just go with because ANY man would appreciate you going with it at that EXACT moment, but MOST men wouldnt appreciate it in the long run because they will be gone.

Also, we haven't really talked but everytime i think he's no longer interested he does something to let me know he still thinks of me. I dont know. I will admitt i do think i've pushed him away a little by not having sex that night. I guess when i told him i really liked him and wanted to get to know him, he thought that taking me to spend a whole day with him, then caping it off with sex was a way to get started. But then we probably would've only been sex buddies. I dont want that. So if we dont make it because i wouldnt give it up as fast as he think i should, then maybe it just wasnt meant to be...
By the way, it's only been a day sense we've last had contact, and im going crazy!lol. I just loooove LEO'S...and saggs. A toast to the only men that can keep this Libra Gal on her toes!lol
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pinklibra i just love your avatar....Tyrese Gibson (sigh!) i could just eat him up!
Lol. Thanks. That makes two of us, especially when he played in "Baby Boy"... =D
OKAY SO WHAT GIVES!? I recieved alot of post saying its a "GOOD" that i didnt have sex with the leo man after telling him straight foward that i wanted more than a sexual relationship with him, but i cant tell. Its been 3 days and thats completely out of the norm for me and him ...i mean i know i shouldnt care, and i dont regret not giving in but whats his deal??? I mean he texted me saying " Your mine, okay?" I told him okay, then he starts telling me not to cheat on him and what-not, then he trys to have sex, i say no and he backs off >=/ thats not fair. I mean geesh, he's fine as all get out doors, i didnt think he'd care that ONE girl turned him down. He's distant, no texts nothing. Then when i reach out and contact him he has the nerve to ask why have i been a stranger, and even acts excited to hear from me, is this some kind of joke or is this how leo's roll...im irratated..i really liked this guy..any suggestions on what to do?

SERIOUS ADVICE ONLY PLEASE....im not joking. I need help.

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