Leo Man said I missed you....

female from London, UK
"My big bad planets are: Sun Scorpio 18.47
Awwwwwwwww PROVERBS....you ickle Romantic you!..

::ruffles hair::

female from London, UK
"My big bad planets are: Sun Scorpio 18.47
  • Love is when you are blind drunk and you give your man a call in the middle of the night and he gets up out of bed and drives an hour to come and pick you up cos he's concerned for your wellbeing

  • Love is when he is going away for the weekend and he slips a little note and a red rose on the pillow before you wake up to say "I Love You"

  • Love is waiting for someone to return home so you can both eat together cos you can't bear to eat apart..it just won't be the same

  • Love is waking up to the person and just watching them adoringly while they sleep

  • Love is buying loads of little pressies for your man at christmas cos you love the way it makes them feel when they have lots of little pressies to open instead of one big one

  • Love is all those things and more....little things make a big difference..
    female from London, UK
    "My big bad planets are: Sun Scorpio 18.47
    Hahaha..LOL..Shurrrup Proverb....I do beleive in true love....

    female from London, UK
    "My big bad planets are: Sun Scorpio 18.47
    Well said leo kitten....Not to rub salt in the wounds or anything...but in my opinion, it really is down to the is whole FWB type relationships, that real relationships suffer...why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free...my very goood male friend told me that..and its the way most men think....but its logical if you think about it....if you are getting something for free without any emotional entanglement, why would you want to go down the headache route..

    Bring back the days when relationships actually meant something and people actually work their damndest to hold one together...too much choice has left many confused....hard work doesn't even come into it anymore..its like...ok, you are giving me headache, let me just call upon my substitute 3.

    A song comes to mind...

    Is it cuz they like my gangsta walk? (gangsta walk)
    Is it cuz they like my gangsta talk? (gangsta talk...ohh)
    Is it cuz they like my handsome face? (handsome face)
    Is it cuz they like my gangsta ways? (gangsta ways...ohh)
    Whatever it is, they love it, and they just won't let me be
    I handles my biz, don't rush me (area) just relax and let
    me be
    free (codes)
    Whenever I call (I call), come runnin' 2-1-2 or 2-1-3, you
    that I ball (I ball), stop frontin' ot I'll call my
    substitute freak (hoes)

    Dear oh dear...Ludacris did say it well...

    Woman, just do not let them have the cake and eat it too...What do you think he's gonna do if you don't give him what he wants? he will simply walk away and go for someone he can get it off..do you really want a man like that....you feel trapped now cos you think if you don't give it he will leave you...but like Leo kitten said, you set off on the wrong foot...you can be playful, and whatever you wish by flirting...you don't have to give up the goods though....and I will bet you any money..he would respect you for it....Ah well...GOOD LUCK in whatever you decide to do...
    28 years old female from ze 206
    "hello. i'm a dash of scorpio, a sprinkle of aqua, and a hint of capricorn."
    your treating this like its a relationship, its not. he's not obligated to do anything with you, he's just your FWB, there are too many emotions here. you want more and if that was me i'd flat out say what i want and if thats not what he's feeling than you either deal with it and accept without trying to ask for more or just move on. almost sounds like he just wants control. to keep you all swooned over him while he does his butter, when you reciprocate that "we're just fwb" comment he gets all sulky.
    Here's the story in a nutshell. Initially he told me that he just wanted to be friends. He said to me that he wanted me to be FRIEND. Yet we have sex sometimes. He's a great person underneath all the Leoness... I see all this good in him and sometimes I get a glimpse of it. He's so much fun. However he doesn't show too much emotion ever. Except when he's had a couple. I don't know how to BE with him. How can a libra and a leo combo not allow their emotions to become entertwined.(sp).

    By the way, he matches every attribute of the list I made a year ago. I recited the affirmations everyday and on New years eve(07) we met. However we didn't get together until May of this year after playing this cat and mouse game for 6 months. He keeps saying that he doesn't want to get involved yet he coveys something totally different. Oh by the way we got into a huge argument last night so I don't think he will be calling me back. We were supposed to spend some time together and he started his job late so that fell through and I overreacted and yelled and screamed being totally unreasonable. I apologized profusely but he has yet to call.

    female from London, UK
    "My big bad planets are: Sun Scorpio 18.47
    this whole FWB thing is complete nonsense..I don't understand it and its downright cheap...Thats just my opinion...and we all have one...If you are not sure about someone..why sleep with them..eeek...

    Anyways..if it is friends with benefits..then neither party should be confused about anything...you simply shag and be done with it...no emotions..isn't that the idea...I am sensing emotion here..

    Are you a male leo or female leo? If you are a male that I will take what you have said into consideration.
    If you're a female. I will have to think this a little more. Reason being, Men think differently than women.

    We are in the early stages and I'm okay with establishing trust with him so I will just walk cautiously through all this and see where it takes me. And I'm not a doormat. I just accept him for who he is and its much more than what he's doing but more than what is conveyed.

    Thanks for input...
    I don't understand it either. He claims to have a lifestlye that allows him to date other people and so do it that's why I couldnt' understand why he became upset with my FWB comment. He says to me that he wants me to be his friend yet when I treat him like that he freaks out. When I see him this weekend, I'm going to feel him out again and then I think I will know for sure.

    And I do respect myself. I like him and if I didn't like him, I wouldn't do that things with him. Its my choice.

    I just feel like he doesn't want to accept the fact that he has found his partner and that's me. He even commented to someone how great I was because "I put up with his sh**". I think he wants to be sure how he feels about me because when ever we have a disagreement. He seems to call me back and everythings okay.

    I don't want to address the issue because I feel that If I allow him to come to the conclusion then It will be his decision to move it further.. Or Am I wrong to be doing this? Tell me mr Leo.. What should I do?
    Well, I have one for your guys. I have been seeing this Leo for the past few months. On again off again type of thing. I am a libra/sag rising by the way and his a leo/gemini rising. Anyway, the last fight we had was over 4th of july and we had a wonderful night together and the following morning he was so playful and affectionate.

    Anyway we had a fight and I didnt hear from him for 3 weeks it was the hardest 3 weeks of my life. I sent him a text message, called and left a message and then finally he calls me out of the blue like nothing happenend. This past weekend he went on vacation while I went to a GM concert anyway when he got there he text me and then called the next day. Its like he calls me when he wants to share what he does. But anyway I can't make anything out of the relationship because first he says he wants to be FWB then when I said that over the 4th of july he replied " oh so now we're just friends". But that was what he wanted, not me. He is the most confusing leo, I have ever met. I have noticed that he is more open to me now. We still havent done anything together yet except maybe go out dancing and then sex aftwards. He hasn't even taken me out to dinner yet? What's up with that?
    ''My close girlfriend said I'm too available for him and adviced me to not say it back to him to gain control/upperhand of this relationship. I don't really like playing games, but at this point, I'm just confused....''

    From Aries female perspective,

    1) yes it's really hard for the females to verbalise or show soft-side especially in relationships. That's just how it is - we're more like guys and very guarded. But yes there's nothing wrong with saying mushy stuff back - it just spells control/commitment issues for our freedom-loving selves :-)

    2) We do not like playing games as we are not build like that - it involves some strategy, we just like to get things over and done with as it happens. A lot of my girlfriends play games that I cannot even begin to comprehend and they just tell me I'm too blunt; eitherway everyone's different.

    With a Leo guy, msariesx09, leave give him control/upperhand. power games with Leo? too messy. And they understand us a LOT like other signs don't. Even if he's just FWB, we make great allies.... Analysing your feelings towards a change in the situation is a good idea.

    Nothing to do with his sign, men just want to feel like men PERIOD. Even if you have the upper hand, don't let it be obvious

    Oh Happy bday Leos
    Yes, he's fully aware of the arrangement. In fact, I'd say it was his idea. In the beginning, I did think that it was just a purely physical attraction and arrangmenet. But as time goes on, we did more non-sexual things, so I'm starting to think that he has more feelings for me than "just a piece of meat."

    Since he's not willing to turn this into a fully committed relationship (and neither am I ready to do so), I was just surprised to hear him say "I missed you". For me, I tend to see things black-and white. As in, if we are just FWB and it's a physical thing, then let it be that, and not discuss our emotions and whether we missed each other. By him saying that, or telling me that he's been thinking about me a lot prior to his vacation, it really threw me off guard.

    He has done something simliar before, like being withdrawn and acting distant. Most of the time, he said he was just stressed about work, life, etc. I'm just concerned this time because I didn't say "I missed you" back.

    My close girlfriend said I'm too available for him and adviced me to not say it back to him to gain control/upperhand of this relationship. I don't really like playing games, but at this point, I'm just confused....
    Thanks everybody! prringleo is so right - I have a really hard tell verbalizing my emotions. But I'm going to give it a try and let him know I missed him. Will keep y'all posted!
    from Johannesburg, South Africa
    I agree with Prring....he's feeling a lil' rejected I thinks.
    Maybe just casually say, hey you know what...I missed you while you were gone.
    from Johannesburg, South Africa
    I agree with Prring....he's feeling a lil' rejected I thinks.
    Maybe just casually say, hey you know what...I missed you while you were gone.
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