Leo and Virgo why it could work? What do you think

Now I am a proud leo woman. I don't have all the leo traits as I only kiss my mirror in the morning to get my day starte
Now I am a proud leo woman. I don't have all the leo traits as I only kiss my mirror in the morning to get my day started right. However I fudged up and met a virgo guy that I really like. I most admit that my heart dropped when he said he was a virgo I was hoping for a passionate aries, or even a freaky scorpio, maybe even an outgoing sagitarius. Instead he is a f'ing virgo.

I am amazed that in truth it can work between us he is funny, charming, outgoing, smart, sexy, and very hardworking. He worries a lot, but when he comes to me I try my best to offer him heart felt advice and an ear for his problems. I try to let him shine, but the fool is already his own star i most admit. I think that is what attracted me most as I was consumed by him on first sight. I believe that if given the chance I could love this virgo guy. It could work with us because he can make me laugh hard and deep and laughter is what keeps a relationship together. I think I make him laugh as well.

On the other hand I think that it wont work because a virgo guy can be hmmm a little cold. I mean this man is "superman" I swear he feels nothing or maybe he feels to much? I think that we as leo's hide our emotions, but we do feel emotion, I think that the best thing about being a leo is that passion and the drama that we bring to any situation. I also feel that its hard for a virgo to understand that. I think that virgo's can be wild, crazy, emotional, and they can be super fun, but the question is does it really work. Can a virgo man really love a leo woman? More importantly can we love them back. Thats my question what do you think?
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Yea I'm a virgo man and I like a lot of leo women phyically, never been in a long term relationship with one. Been in one with a Cancer, Capircorn, other Virgo, and Gemini kinda now. But anything can happen, atleast I like variety! haha.
34 years old female from seattle, USA
"Ascendant: Aquarius Sun: Leo Moon: Virgo Mercury: virgo Venus: Le
don't get too carried away there! stay grounded. passionate, fun-loving, but still down-to-earth. if u can show him that ur heart and dreams soar in the clouds but u still maintain a sober, realistic approach to life then i think it could definitely work. leos can be a very hard-pressed, bound & determined sort when working toward a goal they are passionate about and a virgo will eat that butter up! they'll also love it if u show them ur creative side. u will need patience and understanding. style s of love and communication could be different. call it leo optimism but i'm apt to think it could work out with any sign.
Virgo men are a whole bunch of devilish players that fewl confused when they meet their match within the Leo. Constantly worried about what Leo is doing or foing to do next or who they are gonna do next. It works until Leo gets fed up with their xontrlling crap or does work when leo finds this entertaining how this man is gonna tame a lion into a cage.
34 years old female from seattle, USA
"Ascendant: Aquarius Sun: Leo Moon: Virgo Mercury: virgo Venus: Le
that sounds like a fun time to me, sweat! it would most definitely amuse the hell outta me. i like the kink in being ''owned''. as long as i am treated with the highest respect, and i find him incredibly sexy to the core, i'll give up some control... i just have to agree to it is all
Ninjamu You are right. It is very amusing...but sometimes gets pretty old and boring. The plus side is that if you are in a long term relationship or marriage there is always spice, though there are many many instances when you feel like you are going to break up or get a divorce. Leos need a lot of attention and so do Virgos. The thing is Leo likes to give an overflowing amount attention to everyone depending on their mood, and Virgos act like their attention is a scarce natural resource that needs to be thinly spread amongst society only in dire occasions. Negatives; Virgo dont want to talk about emotions, or think about emotions, or hear about emotions, and sometimes they prefer not to see emotions. They hate PDA unless they are doing it to you, they hate flirting unless they are doing it to you, they hate when you are friends with people of the opposite sex but they can have whatever friends they want, hate when you ignore them but they can ignore you, they do not like when people are confident but sometimes it seems they think they are most perfect race, sometimes I wonder if they like anything...and they can get possessive and even hate some of your family members for this reason. Positive Sides; They are caring. They are loving. They are intelligent. Sometimes they are funny. They are loyal. Their nagging and critical eye really pays off because at the end it makes you look even better than before. They are usually good looking, even if most people do not agree with you. They have a lot of strange new friends for Leo to meet. They have money and Leo can easily persuade them to spend it. They are always busy and this keeps Leo from being lazy...in addition...they like dragging their partners to do most things with them. Seeing them REALLY let loose from their tightly wound up persona and actually be themselves is probably one of the most memorable and worth while experiences ever . My virgo is great and they are really great in general...but sometimes...I really really rather be with a care free fun loving Gemini. Lovely they are cold as ice; which the sun can easily but gradually melt.
Wow @ sweat. I hope to experience this. I really like this virgo. He is a trip and its very unsual having to deal with him, but I am down for the challenge. I just hope that I can learn patience. I am learning and I think I have gotten a little better. I still show a lot of emotions but I am trying to tone that down. Even I hate big shows of emotions, its just hard because I feel like he does hear me, I am just unsure that he is listening. You know its true that listening and hearing are to different things altogether.

Virgo men can be very hard to love. Most are Bipolar or psychos. My husband, in the beginnin I thought was the best thing that could happen to me. (Bein one of those Leo women that are very picky about who to love) Man was that the wrong one to love. I treated that man like a King, worked and provided for our home no matter what it took to keep us a float on bills to enjoy life as it was. But once he made the first mistake (crashing my car) it went on to crashing three cars after that. Said he was goin to somethin about it, yet did nothin. Than when it comes to aruging about simple things most couples fuss about, He turned into this CRAZY EVIL person that will go out his way to make you feel like dirty and curse everythin about you... JUST CRAZY. An right after the abuse wants sex?? WHAT?!?!?! Never again will I every waste anymore of my time on a Virgo man "Kick Rocks" I say. This Leo woman will remain in the presents of those who can focus and multi-task things in life. Not the narrow minded Virgos who have trouble decided what to wear, eat, pay, or just do in life... There are a few good things I could say is that he was funny, hard workin, very good lookin, very good in bed. But real cold with his emotions and never easy to talk to.. It just all re-route back to him being evil when you start to look at the good in Virgo's. Never AGAIN!!!!
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Well, I do think that Leo and Virgo *can* work.

There are some major differences between Virgos and Leos. One big difference between Leos and Virgos is that Leos tend to love attention and Virgos tend to work more behind-the-scenes: to use an analogy, Leo is like the lead actor and Virgo is like the tech person. Leos love drama (and I don't mean that as an insult); Virgos are much more reserved and quiet. Leos are much more open than Virgos. Leos tend to be up front about their feelings. Virgos do have emotions and often have much deeper feelings than they let on. Leos tend to be extroverts (though there are of course more shy Leos out there), and Virgos tend to be more reserved. Leos tend to see the big picture and Virgos tend to see all of the small details. Leos are very bold and confident while Virgos are more critical of themselves (as well as others--and I don't mean critical as an insult here; I mean it in the sense of 'critique' more than 'criticize', if that makes sense). Leos also tend to be more trusting than Virgos.

On the good side, though, Leos and Virgos have some things going for them. The good Leos are very generous and loving toward those that they love. Virgos, being service-oriented, can appreciate this trait in Leos. Virgos are normally more organized than Leos. In a Virgo-Leo pairing, the Leo will often be the one to have an idea or a dream, but the Virgo will normally be the one to work out the practical details to help make it come true: both need each other to make the dream a reality. Virgos can help Leos to be a little more practical with certain things, and Leos can help Virgos to let loose and open up a little more. Neither will completely erase each other's natural personality, but both can help each other to become better people.

Co-sign. Think Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

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