Leo lady in love with Taurus???

I'm a leo woman (all the way) & desperately in love with a strong Taurus male? Discouraged to read most posts reguarding this combo. Have dated before (almost year----10 years ago) & now again for 8 months. I'm
Very much in love with this man. Keeps me on my
Toes and love the friendship/sex/future possibilities/ect. Almost TOO good to be true. Hit
Obstacles on a recent trip, but he finally said I love you, which took the relationship to a different place for me bc I've loved him all along. Said he had always felt that way.....even years ago. We are both extremely picky, love the attention we draw as a unit (not just the
"Leo me", but he loves it too.........& he's NOT
One to say things he doesn't mean (yet, seldom said). I'm a catch (if I do say so myself) & he's the ultimate catch, in my and a lot of women's eyes). I've let him
In and SO scared bc of a stupid argument that I may lose him a second time around and
Physically sick over it (had 4 men already asking for dates).......but I only want this one? Scary! Need helpful advice from strong Taurus male or is it over? Usually don't care and this is one that makes me care, makes me feel, & makes me want
It all........& honestly one of only 2 men, throughout
My 35 years I've felt like
Could give it to me "all".........just battled a lot......serious
Stuff....and lifes to short not to
Go for it all, but also don't want to be unrealistic? Come on Taurus me and Leo women? Give
Some guidance.....never been
On one of these deals before, but
Advise welcome?

What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss.
I dated a Taurus before. He was sweet, very stubborn. I believe any relationship regardless of sign can work if both parties are willing to work at it. My Taurus was a man man so he wanted a woman woman. It is hard to change a Taurus's mind. Um I guess that's all I got for now. HTH
Hard job. Taurus is gentle,calm,quite,strong and stubborn.You are social,charming,bubbly,stubborn.
U know yourself well.So don't make him beliv you don't he being boss in relationship.Most men are.But they end up doing it tactfully,emotionally but Taurus is the one who wants lady who does not mind taking the back seat in a relationship.
You have every right to express your opinion and concerns but in a way he takes positively.Sit with him,talk out
your concerns in a way that gives him information from your side.But Leos are dramatic who create drama of each and everything which pisses us off big time.
Second thing is you have to control urself from being authorative,pushy or bossy as it will make him more stubborn.
So control these things, it will get stubbornness out of him.Rather as I said be respectful and talk about your needs
which sound more like concerns rather den criticism,drama or push.
Taurus is down to earth man (simpler den other male of the same social status).He might be reserved but not egoistic.
So Lioness no ego to him and prefer being humble and down to earth with others too. But if you show him ego he
will only get stubborn and show you the ego which you won't even show to your enemies lol.He thinks the earth you walk on
does not belong to you, the air you breath does not belong to you, the body you live in is not permanently urz as its origin is sperm and destination the dust..So what to be proud of?

Now can you imagine incompatibilities?
Your true nature can only get worst of stubborness out of him which could shape him as egoistic,dull,boring,lacking passion for you
Now it all depends how much you both are into each other and how willing you are to make it work.

Best of luck
When you're searching for information on getting back together with a Taurus man it's obvious that the two of you are going through a difficult time. Break ups are so challenging in ways we never really comprehend until we're in the thick of it. Losing the person you love most in the world is hard enough but trying to get over it when you just can't let go makes you feel as though you're stuck in some sort of emotional prison. You have to move forward and if you still are holding onto the belief that you belong with him, the direction you need to be going towards is getting him back. Don't think for a moment that just because you two had a blow out break up that there's no chance for you. Regardless of how hard things have been, true love does have a way of prevailing and you can get back the man you love if you know how to make it happen.

One very important lesson you have to learn if you're determined to win back your Taurus is that you have to do the hard work. You already know that these men are extra stubborn and if he was hurt during the break up he's not going to want to feel that vulnerable again. He won't chase after you to get you back, you have to do that yourself. Getting back together with a Taurus starts with dealing with his bruised ego. Tell him you're sorry for the way things ended up and be specific when you apologize for things you said during the break up. He needs to hear and see that you have remorse for what happened.

Read more: Secrets for Getting Back Together with a Taurus Man #ixzz1jkzDQVmO" target="_blank">http://www.sooperarticles.com/relationship-articles/breakups-separation-articles/secrets-getting-back-together-taurus-man-193852.html#ixzz1jkzDQVmO

You also have to turn on the charm if you want to get him to open up to you again. Being sullen or depressed when talking to him won't score you any points at all. You have to be cheery and complimentary. Make him feel special again by sharing small comments about what you find so appealing about him. Don't lay this on too thick though or he'll mistakenly believe you're just saying things to try and get him to let his guard down. Be genuine and thoughtful. He needs to feel that you truly do appreciate his special qualities.

Patience is going to be your best ally when you're trying to win another chance with your ex boyfriend. He's not going to run back to you with open arms overnight but with the right mindset and persistence, he will start to see you as someone he still loves. Just be patient and remember that all good things come back to those who wait.

i know exactly how you feel, i was married to a taurus man and 2 yrs ago i met a taurus man who races in the tts, i also am a leo woman , i have had 2 yrs of on and off not seen him for over a yr now so hes not ready at nrly 43 for anything so i have had to accept that and move on but its not the same, love and light x
well i have been with a taurus male for 4 years. biggest challenge ever and most interesting person ever.

we have had many disagreements because of misunderstandings and at times when i thought we would never talk again, somehow we came back to opening up discussion, most often when i initiated contact to talk after taking some time and space to think. one thing i have learned is that taurus is easily hurt and shows this by going on offensive, by getting first strike in, so to speak. He doesn't really intentionally mean to hurt but he also doesn't realize how his words have a cutting effect sometimes but it's his nature to talk first, be blunt about it and not ask questions later. So he is likely used to dealing with the fallout of having a shoot-from-the-hip attitude, which also means that he is likely very open to reconciling but perhaps his fear that he has lost you already or his pride or even his anger is getting in his way. men tend to think that arguments mean it's over whereas women know each person needs to be able to express themselves and get what they need. it's how they argue that differs. it's what is said and how. once tensions rise, stupid things can be said. it's hard to change something that is said but it can be explained. that is what leads to a new understanding.

yes patience is required to be with him because you are both stubborn and if it was a stupid fight, he might not know how to resolve it without losing face or even have an idea of how to get things started so you can take the initiative. this is not because you are weak, it's because you love him that you reach out. you can say that something happened, things were said and it got out of control but you are sure you and he never meant to hurt each other. that you are sorry and you are sure he is sorry too. with taurus, indirect approach is best. so give him space and time to think about what you write and talk about things from your perspective. give a summary of what happened, what your feelings are...and leave it at that, telling him to get in touch if he wants to talk. he might take some time to respond. the quicker he does, the sorrier he is and more likely it will be to resolve things fairly quickly. but remember, you deserve to be respected and so does he so keep this in mind when he does get in touch and be sure to mention it in your message.
well case in point. i took something personally that he said and he felt i was telling him what he could and couldn't say and expecting him to be sorry for it. it's about respect. how he says things and what he says too. so i am sensitive to somethings yes but i have to speak up. we finally talked it out today, main thing is, if there is mutual respect, keep trying to get him to understand what you are trying to communicate. this might mean saying something over and over again or
saying your piece and giving him time to process it so that he gets in touch when he is ready to talk. people say stupid things and no it's not just men who jump to conclusions. if love is real, there is room for misunderstandings and after things are ironed out,there is new level of respect.bottom line is don't be disrespected. taurus has pride but so do you.

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