So does anyone in here actually like Leos...?

34 years old female from seattle, USA
"Ascendant: Aquarius Sun: Leo Moon: Virgo Mercury: virgo Venus: Le
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Meh. They're OK I guess.
lolz ur a leo...

Really?! *shocked*
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lol now that u r telling me, u remind me of what happened to my best friend (cancer sun aqua moon)...

she happened in a laboratory where the boss was an aries slut man, with a leo researcher who worked for him and another virgo student, together with her... her thesis was in medicinal chemistry but in the synthetic part, i did both synthesis and computation so i was in another lab... better but they were wolves too...

now, the aries professor, married with children, treetrunks the virgo girl (has bf) and the leo researcher (she is married to a libran) they need to in order to get where they are.

happens that aries professor starts being interested in me and my friend Paula, i keep away distant as to say i dont know u u arent my professor, but she poor baby, has to ask questions as she is new there, her place becomes a nightmare... i was in a lab with a pisces stalker boy, who did nothing but talk to the capri professor, she is with GIRLS, like her huni, and they are WORSE THAN MALES. males back off when u tell them, these girls were terrible... she came to me crying every day, as we went eating outside for lunch, as these girls called her slut as the professor was giving all the attentions to her... when i know my friend never did anything wrong like going with the professor but only cared to finish her thesis. the leo researcher told her: u should go with the professor... and together with virgo called her slut... i said: have a look at urself at the mirror, joking like that, and said: we are only students we just want to finish and graduate and saved her... but it was terrible!!!
O-emgee, I hate it when politiks get into students' premises. It just becomes nasty, ugly, and someone might get killed and stuffed into a pipe. When innocent academic situations turn into a rise for kiss-ass professorship, meritocracy slinks into a boot and people need to quit to get out.
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Shy Leos (rare, but they exist) are absolutely adorable.

I like old Leos (not to date, obviously) because they tend to have a lot of wisdom, are good storytellers, and are just interesting people to talk to.

Haha my grandmas a leo. She does have a lot of can't get her to shut up lol. She used to be really strict too, but I think she's mellowed out a bit. Most be the responsibility thing
44 years old female from Michigan
"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
I don't hate Leos, and I can't bring myself to pre/misjudge an entire sign (any sign!) based on my (limited) personal experiences with them. Each person is different, each person starts with a clean slate. Tabula rasa.

I'm not generally very romantically compatible with Leos, though I was with one for five years. But I don't hold HIM against YOU all haha

Leos and I definitely have some friction between us.. generally very different modes and povs... but I'm very easygoing and accepting of peoples' personality quirks. Good thing, too.. I have only TWO sisters, BOTH are Leos (Scorp Moons too, haha - and I have NO Scorp in my chart!) And one of my five brothers is also a Leo (Cancer Moon/Venus - and me with NO Cancer!). And my youngest son is a Leo with a *ridiculous* amount of Leo/Fire in his chart.

So I figure all my Leo experiences were to prepare me for my youngest child.. who is totally Leo, and my child with the LEAST in common with me.. heck, even my Aries son has a Pisces Mercury like me.. and I have an Aries Venus. My Leo son? All Leo but a Sag Moon and Scorp Mars. No common ground, really. Just a whole lotta love and acceptance lol
I LOVE Leo's that embrace the Leo, that butter is hot...I DESPISE negative Leos....Nothing is worse than being negatively absorbed in one's self..I can empathize, and that is why I know it isn't a pretty sight.
I'm heavily crushing on a Leo man right now. Here are some things they have that I feel make them stand out from other signs.

- cuddliness and romance. I've never seen some one who could be so cuddly! They say that men will show their soft side when in private but no one told me leo men would be so dramatic. Holding hands when we're sitting on the couch watching tv, snuggling up closely, kissing my shoulder and hugging from behind, kissing my hand at least once every hour, never ever getting tIred of kissing basically. Careful with girls, like a prince treats a princess. My goodness.

- child like demeanor.

- natural charm. It's a lost effortless and people just gravitate towards him.

It surprises me and doesn't surprise me, because I am a leo myself. I don't want to talk about me though, I want to talk about him
But to be honest, after reading the general description of Leos as narcissistic and dramatic, I got hurt and began disliking my sign. I read up on the description of Pisces and was so envious! It's silly to base a person's personality on mere horoscopes, but I realized we Leos are so full of love and so full of ourselves! As much as I try to lend a helping hand, I always feel the need tierce some kind of recognition. It seems so egotistical, and when j think about how we need to grab the attention in a room or we dint feel good about ourselves, I feel like stabbing myself...

But I believe a matured lion will be much better. Waiting to grow up!
male from Dallas, virgo sun leo rising scorpio moon, mars cancer venus virgo
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I don't begrudge all Leos due to my personal experience, but I am a bit leery when I interact with them. I think that being a virgo-leo cusper would help me connect more, but nope. The Lioness and I have a good track record for the most part. And 8 x out of 10 I literally almost get into a verbal or physical confrontation with the lions. Only ever got along with one, a guy I worked segregation, and rec yard with. He had a controlled confidence that didn't spiral out of control.

My perspective of leo males: confident charismatic semi loud mouthed braggers judgmental self absorbed and will view you as equal if you meet their standards.

My perspective of leo females: domineering flirty judgmental petulant possessive semi cruel easygoing and loyal if you earn their respect

That's my take on leo's anyway so far....

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I looove my Leo student. We gel so well she's fast becoming my favorite!
I am a sexy scorpio that lives in beautiful and sunny California
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^ ^ ^ That's not a flirt, that's a fact; am I right ladies?

Yes u R right! Love the name hun!
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I LOVE Leo's that embrace the Leo, that butter is hot...I DESPISE negative Leos....Nothing is worse than being negatively absorbed in one's self..I can empathize, and that is why I know it isn't a pretty sight.

I had to cut an August Leo off because she was more than a smite bit too negative for me. Often when I spoke on a particular subject, her input was always off the bat negative. She wasn't absorbed into herself at all, when it came to that one subject though, she'd always offer negative. We always had fun and crazy conversations but because I can't do the negative thing I had to dismiss my Girl!! I think of her every now and may call her one day, but if she comes at me negative, it will be another 8 months or so before she hears from me again.

Aww maybe it would be better to just sit down and have a talk with her about that. Just be very open and honest. What if she died within the next two months and you never got to speak to her again all just because you feel she's negative? that would suck. You should so just tell her straight up "I think you're negative and it makes me feel ________." then if she keeps it up, ignore her for a while lol
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