Advice on how to proceed or what to think so far regarding Leo male...

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    I am the LEO and must tell you its a bit of a struggle with my Virgo gal. She has done a fine job of sucking me into her web. How do you deal with the hot and cold mood swings?
  • how do leos get over their exes...?

    yeah i need to know this because at first i was out partying every night and ive now realised that didn't really help the scenario at all since when im alone i feel terribly empty. i don't know, this is annoying i hate this feeling and it's the reason wh
  • Do Leo men test you to see how long you can go without talking to them

    All the Leos I know have done this. But idk it’s only with me One leo ex told me he didn’t need to talk to his gf all day or even hang with her all day. But after 3 weeks he changed his mind and would talk about marriage (just general talk) I have se
  • Lion Amoureux

    How would you describe a Leo man in Love?
  • My First Boyfriend. . Back Again. . Again.

    My first (and only) ex is back. Zachery. he has abit of emotional problems at the moment and i don't know what to exactly do to make him feel better, i gave him some advice but won't lighten up, hes just keeps saying "im not comfortable with anyone" or "i
  • Love in 2018?

    I'm looking forward to finding love, true love. A love of my own. It's hard to keep hope alive when considering the male prospects that are available. Although I'll never fully give up hope that it's around the corner cause man it's long overdue. It'd be
  • Being tough for too long

    I have always been really strong. The solid rock that held it together. I broke when my brother died in 2015 and was messed up for a year or two and became very withdrawn but i usually kept my tears behind closed doors. I finally got it together and made
  • he is pulling away.

    I’ll start with a little backstory. I just got on birth control pills 1-2 months ago and it kind of drives me crazy to be honest and on top of that, I naturally have a bad temper. My leo boyfriend handles my tantrums most of the times, I’m grateful. Howev
  • Crazy for a Leo Man

    So this Leo man that I am just head over hills for invited me to a event that he’s hosting for a side business that he’s been growing. He said it would be an honor and hoping if I could show up. It’s really hard for me to read him. I’m not looking to much
  • Ask a Leo

    I feel as if this post has been done before...Heck I may have done one a year ago. There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Leos (a lot about Leo Men too). So if you don't feel like posting a new topic but just want to pick a Leo;s brain, feel free.
  • Post-Mercury Retrograde aka Retroshade

    How did all my fellow Leos weather this recent Mercury Retrograde (March 22nd - April 15th)? A friend of mine this morning was like, "Well the next week or two we're in Retroshade." My friend defines retroshade as wrapping up and resolving any miscommun
  • any leos here with scorpio moons?

    or has anyone here dealt with this combo?
  • Virgo Male and Leo Female: First Encounter

    *** Note I posted this on the Virgo forum, but would like a leo perspective as well *** I am at point in my life where I am fully happy with myself emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even though I have worked on my own self-worth by focusing on in