Does Leo like cancer and/or Virgo

  • beautifulsoul74
    "Most people strive to achieve balance within themselves. In terms of positive
    male from King Of December
    Posted by CaramelizedCoffee
    Posted by beautifulsoul74
    Leo moon...Virgo

    You're a sag
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    ...and you're a Cancer *shrugs*

  • sultrykitty
    Leo Sun/Cap Moon/Aquarius rising
    female from USA
    Neither, they both drive me up a wall.

    Moon Cap
    Aqua rising
  • Cancer for friendship
    Virgo for relationship

    leo with capricorn moon.
  • MoonshineLeo
    24 years old female from Texas
    That’s a hard one, i like both Sad they’re both our sister signs we feel at home with them
  • beautifulsoul74
    "Most people strive to achieve balance within themselves. In terms of positive
    male from King Of December
    Leo moon...Virgo
  • Chuckcem
    Four neighboring signs in four different elements...That's Me...
    2018 years old male
    Both. I pretty much talk to a Virgo friend and a Cancer friend every day.
  • I like Cancer and Virgo.
    Cancer more than Virgo though

    My guy is a Cancer with Virgo moon soo that tells you something lol

  • wagtail
    Leo- Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...
    from Australia
    Posted by oxSunQueenxo

    Sun Leo
    Moon Cancer
    Ascendant Cancer

    Ditto placements - like Virgo and Cancer
    May I ask why you're wondering OP
  • If your a Leo leave
    Moon ascendent
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