well Leo men, so much to say so lil time,they are beautiful had dated 5, why is everything so goddamn EXXTRA, Yes they do have large penises but i found they didnt work well although they were very passionate and dramatic. I found if they were ever hurt in a prior relationship that they blame every girl that comes along after that, its easy to hurt their pride. Games games games THATS HOW TO GET TO THEM.... THEY SECRETLY LOVE IT

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Ascendant: Virgo Sun: Leo (11th house)

SAY IT, lol
Dear cancerlady ,how do you rate the penis of a cancer guy?
Ascendant: Virgo Sun: Leo (11th house)
This thread always manages to make it to the top . . hmm . .
Ascendant: Virgo Sun: Leo (11th house)
OK...speaking of penis about a LEO and him being 100% Irish? I heard the Irish lack in the size department. I am hoping not because he is 6'1" and hot as hell...would hate to be dissapointed since I am a major size queen (my ex-Virgo was HUGE)
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Neither of the virgos I knew were huge at all.
from Atlanta, Georgia, United States

There is no mathematical equation for it...Just whatever fits the best!

I miss Big penises...Leo's are perfect because even if they suck in bed, you can STILL work it out on top. They like that anyway as well as secretly being dominated!

Just reading this post makes me laugh!
Very funny thread! I have been interested in a certain Leo man and recently had the opportunity to check out his crown jewels and take it for a test drive!

I actually had read about this topic in some post on this board about Leos being big in this department. With this Leo he definitely wasn't bigger than usual. And we had been drinking so perhaps if he had been sober it might have gotten a bit bigger. But besides that he has a very sexy and sexual presence for me so I am much more aware and stimulated by anything he does.
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Yes to Leo. An ex had a big floppy delicious dick! I couldn't believe it. I guess the look on my face was that of an impressed woman because he kept dropping his pants to give me a show. He would gyrate his pelvis back and forth and that penis would go WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP! There are penises and then there are DICKS! I guess that's where he stored his brains because I swore I heard air whistling between his ears. But damn that DICK!
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