Are Libra Guys and Gals a JEALOUS type?

I was be cautious at least... Please any helpful hints...
Oh Libra unpredictable...hehe

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"You seem like a genuinely sweet person so I "KNOW" there is a great guy out there with your name on him! You just have to step over some of the crap, like this libra guy, along the way. You can do it! "

Thank you LS, that is a sweet thing you say...

You know, I think I have claws under my sleeves too.
I can get hurt, but I regain strenght right after I shed tears for it.
Then all weakness and pain drained out. Only strenght remain.
Then plan how to rise back, but not by drastic measures.

I was thinking, I will meet this guy.
I need to see his face and eyes.
Show him how wrong he is when he thought he had my heart.
Then when we meet up, then I say :
"I thought I am in love with you, but I was wrong. I am sorry."
Then walk away.

I know, he'll have mixed emotions though how tough he is.
Because I want to prove that women can flirt too and send signals
but not serious about it.

We can do that, yes?
How could I hurt a heart that is not really intended to do good?

I believe in that saying too"what goes around, comes around".
If that move would hurt him then it only means he care?

Sometimes we have to give people their own dose of medicine.

Sometimes we have to wear strenght (when truly we are scared) to protect ourselves from pain. Anyway, I am not on that end yet. Will cross the bridge when I get there.

Your point is really kind. It shows your tenderness as a person.
But we have to be careful, when we are in love we are an easy fool.
Even the seem unfriendly smile we tend to believe, because we love the person.

Do you have any other suggestion?
I will sincerely follow a rule if it can protect my heart.

Thank you Miss VL.

PS - I myself is hurt just thinking about that plan. Because I like him.
But who will make him realize he is hurting a nice woman?
Who can ever tell he will really be hurt?

We never really know.

But the fact I was hurt - is the bloody truth.

That's not really revenge - walking away - that's defense.

(from my own POV)
33 years old female
virgo sun scorpio mars...
Jealous? tell me about it..heh. my Libra man is....he's governed by a Scorpio Moon!!

as for me, i CAN be..but not intensely
female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra

If you go ahead with your plans to see him, you are saying to him his behavior doesn't matter, that he is still worthy of your time and attention. The ONLY way to tell him that what he has done has hurt you and is not acceptible is to break it off and no longer engage with him. Walking away and not looking back is true strength.

If you go ahead and see him and then say, "you really hurt me. I want ... I need ...." Your presence is enough for him to realize that it doesn't matter how he treats you, you are still holding onto hope and he can treat you as he pleases.

female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
The best revenge is living well.
Thank you very much. This forum really opens a variation of option for me.

But then as always there are 2 sides of a coin.
We don't know what is in his mind, heart.
Almost always the theory you have yourself will differ when facts are gathered.
I really have to see his eyes.
Not to make revenge but see the flesh behind the mails.
Then protect my heart by walking away (because of the advises I took from here)
Revenge is too much for what I wish to do - the word is too intense - overacted.

When my ex husband brought home a woman when I was 9 mos pregnant
He said his co-worker
I served them dinner - washed the dishes they used
Saw them kiss from my eye's corner whenever I turn around
My heart was really broken, pieces to pieces
I left marriage - then gave birth
After a year ex hubby appeared saying "I want you back"
Told him - I can never come back - I am no more in love.
Re arranged life - moved forward -
Never regretted that moment up to this present time.
I was very glad I took that courageous step.
My life now is really better.
Courage - determination - hope
This is life - there is real battle.

If you really want true love you have to take the risk.
But taking risk in love requires skill - you should be guarded by sanity.
When chance is there, grab it. Chances are it may never re occur.
Take the risk, it's part of it.
Who knows, it could be worth it.

"No one stumble while sitting down"

PS - when I left marriage I was 24 got married 23 - now I'm 39 - have never remarried again
New Letter from the Libra Guy!

Hi - and good morning

Thanks for interesting evening!!
But as we are approaching each other rapidly I will try to give you better
insight in this guy you are chatting to
About the erotic side...
You look great
But I'm not a guy who is looking to your side of the world for excess to
Even here in the west a film director has a strange kind of attraction on
lady's (maybe that_s why I became one)
And my economical success is visible also here.
So all my life I have had offers - more than I could handle .....
( last night as we were chatting I received an sms from a lady your age
inviting me over for a glass of wine.....) ( did not go )
I'm not saying this to boast about my love life.
But because its important to me that you understand my intentions and goals.
When entering into a relationship it has to offer me something more than
just the ability to put another trophy on my shelf.
That's why I'm not desperate about chatting up lady's
It has to be more to it - both for body and soul.
Sometimes I find that strange feeling - that you give me.
I don_t know what it is - or what its linked to.
But I know it when its there.
Its stimulating and a bit frightening - because I feel like loosing a bit of
control - and that_s weird ( a directors most distinct ability is to be in
You kind of give me that feeling - and its tempting but also a little
If meeting up - It would be a way of finding out
Don_t know what you think of it....

(what do you think sisters?)
"II WIZARDS of MERCURY II more chicken!
Probably not typically but then its an Air sign so can be unpredictable.
"II WIZARDS of MERCURY II more chicken!
Libra is unpredictable but dudn't got that extreme jealosy possessiveness of Scorpio or Aries. Depending on their self esteem Libras Libra men can become jealous Alpha Libra males I would imagine are not jealous types they got everything goodlooks, money - big bank accounts, great job, high IQ you name it only his girfriends become jealous thats it.
"II WIZARDS of MERCURY II more chicken!
Libra girls I don't unpredictable but also very manipulative Libra being a Masculine Cardinal sign of Leadership has to win Libra girls have Masculinized cognitive processes so its not................ I'm not sure Jealousy? hmmmmmmm that is too petty considering this Cardinal sign but its about Leadership and trying to outmanuver you.
Thank you Joe-S that's quite an insight.
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