Do any Libras ever have regrets...

After reading a lot of posts here, I see that this indesiveness is a common behaviour in some libras when they are in a

I wish all Libras were as desicive as you...Have you ever been in a relationship where you were not ready or not sure ??

Count your blessings that he dosen't come back in any shape or form..Causes so much more hurt and confusion...Maybe your Libra has respect for you and dosen't want to hurt you furthur by returning and playing games...
For me I put so much into a relationship and if he doesnt work out, I dont back. In my mind I've done everything possible and it just aint working! Do I regret certain things? YES..
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lol... do u have any idea what happens to a libra man when he learns from his past mistake and moved on ready to find girls? hahahahahaha... why do u think i am still single? Every girl i try to date end up seeing me as their greatest friend and start confiding in me about their life's problems. Then instead of being a boyfriend, i end up being their damn relationship counselor.
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An undamaged libra is a grown adult libra man who has accepted his past experiences learned from then and moved on. Not letting his past experiences affect any future possibilities. For anyone who have been involved with any like this would probably find that they can definitely persue and stay in contact mostly when they are in love with you. Not much guessing to do.
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A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
(( Very true, undamaged libras are the best!!! ))

Thats like 13-14 year old. At that age, the only girl who can impress a libra man will be a virgo. Bcoz she fits the social idea of a perfect women from outside.
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Very true, undamaged libras are the best!!!
Don't be scared capris, they are not all like this...

I do feel better now but I still miss him a lot..It was a big dissapointment for me because all through my relationships in the past, I never really felt enough emotion or had a strong enough connection to anyone to consider them a lifelong partner..but I did with him, I actually had no doubts at all, at first a little about the children because they are very young 1 & 3 and my daughter is 16..but after spending time with him I wouldn't have cared if had 10 little children...I'm still sad and angry about the way he diminshed my feelings for him, he made me feel really stupid, telling me that it was impossible that I was in love with him and that I just felt sorry for him...but he is entitled to his opionion and his feelings..

Anyways give the new Libra a never know..
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Or sometimes they tell you when it is wwwaaaaayyy too late.
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yes, yes, yes---but they may never tell you.
it took me two years to get over my x-libra cuz he kept calling me up to this day! I finally got over him by cutting all contacts with him e.g. answering his calls, avoiding places he goes to for awhile and hanging out w/ his sister who used to call me to hang out a lot. Well...I think in time you will get over him. I thought me and him were going to get back together bcuz of him trying to contact me once in a blue moon, but we didn't and I don't want him anymore (I kinda can't stand him -- is that weird?). Now I'm happy that he's OUT! (but I have a new libra interest...*scared*)

I am doing really good actually...And I have started dating...

I guess after reading so many posts which all seem to have the same ups and downs, i just wonder how many Libras that behave this way actually wreck something that they will want in the future...I wonder why they just don't go away and deal with themselves instead of coming back and hurting the person over and over again until it gets messy..

Maybe the other person could get over their emotions but it appears to me in my situation and in others on this post that the Libra won't allow this because they keep coming back and contacting...And I know you are all going to say that you should not answer them, but that is easier said than done...and what bothers me is that they know you are going to answer them and they know they haven't given you enough time to get past your emotions, and probably they are not fully past their emotions either,yet they still call..

If they were fully past their emotions why would they keep contacting you, as a friend (with no emotions) why would they want to hurt you, when they know full well that you still have emotions..I know that I don't hurt my friends...

I am beginning to think that they don't have control over their emotions and like everybody says they go back and forth between logical and emotional..Logically they know that they should let you go, but emotionally they are not fully ready to or are not sure if they want to...

I almost see this as a weakness because they are not strong enough to do what they know they should do..they give people hope with their maybes...They push so far that the other person finally has to be the strong one and tell them to get lost...

What an easy way out...

Of course Librans have regrets, we ALL live with regrets in one way or another at some point or another....we all have emotional baggage, but how we pack that baggage makes all the difference.

HH Im sure your LIbra regrets what happened, how he let you down and Im sure he's gone into his cave and done a lot of thinking and his own hurting and KNOWS you are hurting too which is 10 times worse for him than it is for YOU.

You have to understand we have eachother here to bounce stuff off of and of course other girlfriends/friends to give us advice and support but what do you think he's doing? He's probably doing it on his own which is so much worse and will take so much more time.

HH, you gotta let him go on, he wants you to go on otherwise he'd be letting YOU know that he wants differently. I know as a Leo this is extremely hard (to let go) but just be thankful for the time you had with him, learn the lesson he gave you and go out and date and be happy. He WANTS you to

Maybe when he knows the emotions are gone he'll come back and you can be friends but for now he knows your emotions are still very much involved.
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Yes, some do have regrets, but mostly for hurting the person they let go. They regret and get hurt themselves when they know that person is hurt because things didn't turn out the way said person wanted it to even if the libra didn't want the relationship to go that route.

In all, I think we all may have a regret, at least one in our past. If not letting a person go, doing something to a person we could have handled differently.
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