Libra/Scorpio Cusp Men

So I've been talking with a guy born 10/22. For the year he was born he's exactly on the cusp with Scorpio. He has s
So I've been talking with a guy born 10/22. For the year he was born he's exactly on the cusp with Scorpio.

He has some characteristics of a Libra - friendly, attractive, chatty... But he he also has some serious Scorpio traits - vengeful when wronged(seriously), very "deep" emotionally, loyal, sensual, etc.

I'm falling for him and he's already totally fallen for me - he's trying to "set up house" so that I can move with him and we can get married. I'm just so crazy that it seems "ok" with me too. lol

By the way, we've known each other for about a month.

Sooooo, anybody know anything about guys on the Libra/Scorpio cusp? Or any links would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.
33 years old male from Arizona
The description you gave seems like it would fit the description of the Libra/Scorp cusp male. They are actually really similar, the main differences would be in the emotional versus the intillectual, most of the other traits are found in both of them. The libra not so much vengful, will step up at the proper time then leave it behind him when the conflict is over.....Libras accept confrontation when an ideal is threatened, Scorps when feelings are.

Scorps say what they mean and mean what they say, and the have a lot of stubbornness and conviction...libras males move quickly and intensly when they know they want someone...but have the ability to basically....have fun lol.
You can say I m suspicious but maybe you can take a little bit more time , say at least "3 more months"? to get to know each other better? Take things slow in love can be a very joyous process .As far as I know the novelty and passion can blind the lovers! when 2 people commit , they need to accept other's differences and traits that they think undesirable or unacceptable according to their standards- it 's compromises ! Otherwise , after that it will be painful ! It's just my own view ...yeah , as Nic said "have fun"
nicodemus - thank you for the input.
The vengeful thing surprised me. He's such a sweet, caring guy. He'll go out of his way for a homeless person on the street but if someone does him wrong - LOOKOUT!!!! He has to get revenge to get over it. But otherwise just a real sweetheart who gets taken advantage of a lot. Aside from the "revenge" thing he doesn't like confrontation and will do anything and everything to make other people happy. And I'll try to have fun.

exam - Thank you too.
Don't worry, I know I sound completely insane, but I assure you I'm a responsible adult. lol I'm just an intense type of person myself and when I feel "full steam ahead" I tend to act on it - for better or for worse. But just so you feel better - even if/when we do get married/move in together it won't be until the summer.

Anyone else have any more input or experiences to share?
male from Pacific Northwest
"tall, dark and handsome"
Do I hear STRONGLY p-p-p-passive aggressive?
female from TX
one month and wanting you to move in. Caution in my book.
Scorpio/Libra men....what a crime. Such of a mix of two signs...except for Mr. Bling of course.
38 years old female from Phoenix, AZ
" Western Astrology Sun ... Scorpio 22? 57' in house 11
My mother (Sag) and her last husband (Aqua) were engaged and living together after only having known each other for 1 month. They married on the 6 month anniversary of the first time they met. The marriage lasted over 10 years, and considering that is by far her longest romantic relationship, it shows that the time it takes for bonds to be established and people to connect does not always fit into the conservativist's ideal.

No one can tell you what is too fast, or too slow, for a relationship to develop and progress... Others cannot adequately make an assessement of your own feelings or his, only the two of you can. If it feels right, go for it, but ensure that you jump in with your eyes wide open. And, good luck, whatever you choose to do!
86 years old female from Chicago
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Another scorp clearly... Cause I totally agree with Alcheme. I go with what I think, listen to advice and take it to heart but the final word is always mine. You should do the same. If it works - great! If it doesn't - Okay, move on! But atleast you will never have to wonder.
antibling - thank you again for your insightful comments.
I don't see him as passive aggressive at all. He's very upfront and extremely generous. Almost to a fault. While the "revenge" thing was surprising, it wasn't unwarranted. The cases where he felt that need was when he had given 110% in a situation or to certain people and they *really* did him dirty. I don't have any kind of fear of incurring his wrath(lol) because I don't do people like that anyway. And yes, my screen name refers to the year I was born. And he's 6 years older, so we're way too old to be acting crazy, but we both are.

houstonpeach (love your name cuz I love peaches and peach scented things, texas is cool too ) - I am caution personified although it might not seem that way. lol While we're both moving fast emotionally, the actual physicality of moving won't be until the Summer anyway - Like possibly July. Thanks for the practical advice.
Virgo - LOL! I agree that the potential mix of Libra & Scorpio *could* be bad, but so far it's amazing. He's got the friendliness of most Libras mixed with the passion and emotional depth of a Scorpio.

Alcheme - I too came from 2 parents who went against convention. Besides the fact that they were 2 different races when that thing was completely uncool(and in some states ILLEGAL!) they married just ***3 WEEKsprinkle after meeting each other!!! They stayed together for over 16 years and separated at that time because they had grown apart. Even then, they stayed married until my fathers death 6 years later.
Queenscorpio - you're reading my mind. That's **EXACTLY** how I am and how I feel. Thank you.

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