Sex and HOT Libra men

So hung out with my Libra tonite and he is crazy hot so new thread whats the hottest things about sex w/ libras? My personal favorites:

1. Creatively intellectual - totally runs with my intellectual roleplays
2. Romantic, sexual and sensual at the same time yet politely rips my clothes off - hard to explain but matches my sexual intensity with a more refined touch
3. Almost as into sex as I am
4. Oral abilities
5. Desire to please especially after I have taken the lead
6. His hotness which he doubts at time but is soooooooooo obvious
7. Receptiveness to my creativity w/ new posiions
8. General attiude towards sex
God, where to start!!!!!!
86 years old female from Chicago
Sun Scorpio 0.25 Moon Sagittarius 27.52 Mercury
All that and more. The bomb!!!
29 years old female
Sun: Cancer Rising: Scorpio Moon: Aries Mercury: Cancer Venus: Cancer Mars: Leo
lol my libra talks too much in bed.. he is exceptionally attentive which i love but he talks so much and asks me questions lol "what do you wanna do" ... IM DOING IT jeeeezzzz lol
86 years old female from Chicago
Sun Scorpio 0.25 Moon Sagittarius 27.52 Mercury
***he is exceptionally attentive which i love but he talks so much and asks me questions lol "what do you wanna do" ... IM DOING IT jeeeezzzz lol***

LOL!!! Unusual, most Libras I have known, more action than words, no need for words when in that situation. Unless it is a little "dirty talk"

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