So... Libras...lets talk breakup...

30 years old from Canada
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hey all libras out there, I was just wondering from your personal experience how do you handle breakups? I would like to the know the sign you were with and if you broke up with them or vice versa! And also if you were really in love with that person. Now spill your beans! lol
I handle breakups by breaking up and having no contact what so ever.....My last 2 significant breakups were with Taurus men. As a Libra when I'm done I'm done cut all ties....period.
I have been broken up with a few times, and it is always the worst feeling in the world. My mind spins wondering what I've done wrong...

When I do the breaking up, though (more often), it is usually clean. I try to remember how it feels and do it gently (if it is so deserved).

I almost always, in either case, able to remain friends, but the prospect of ever being romantic with that person again is erased forever.
2 Scorpio's I dumped and 1 Gemini. I pretty much moved on mentally so my stress levels were really low.
30 years old from Canada
Sun Capricorn 0.11 Moon Taurus 3.10 Mercury Sagittarius 9.26 Venus Sag
this is surprising, as a sign of relationships, you guys get over it quickly then I expected =D
male from Belgium
"this is surprising, as a sign of relationships, you guys get over it quickly then I expected =D"

we love the idea of love more than the person him/herself
for myself, when I break up with someone, it takes me a long time to reach the decision. I imagine other libras feel the same. A huge libra trait is the wavering back and forth decision making process, but usually when our minds are made up, we are steadfast in our choice and very little (if anything) can be done to change our minds.

In my longest relationship it took me nearly a year to make the break, but I am happy that I did it, and know it was right. Sometimes, I wish it had happened sooner, but I was conflicted.
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* we love the idea of love more than the person him/herself


It can take up to 5 years to get over a bad break-up/divorce, etc. You just haven't been inlove.

When I broke up with the guy I lived with, however, I was way over the relationship before I left so I left dry eyed and tail wagging.
It also depend on the circumstance's. Example, if you have done and tried everything in your power to make it work--then you have inner peace and can move on without looking back! Now if it's a cheating situation then that might be a little harder.
a muse a libra and little_sparrow....its not a sudden breakup for us because we do wavering back and forth. Both my breakups took years for me but once I made up my mind it was done.
34 years old female
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Quote little Sparrow!!!

I had a bf for 7 years and when it was finished i couldnt have given a butter less. But, i have had really short flings that still hurt to think about. For me it doesnt depend on the other person, but on my own state of mind when i start the relationship, or when it ends.
Sola & libradiva, I agree 100%.

Arianlatay: *have you ever went ape b!tter and said a bunch of terribly childish things?*

Yes I have, he pushed my buttons like no other.
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Libras tend to physicall appear to have let go even if they haven't yet mentally let go. Libras tend to deal with breakups in a way that makes people believe "they never cared" because of how smooth & calm they are when dealing with a breakup. Some Libras (Depending on how long they were with the person) will slowly start to back up & back off little by little in order to ease the tension (they hate making their ex their enemy)& then there are some Libras that break up with you & act as if you never existed...Libras know when to let go & Libras know when they've had enough & are usually STRONG enough to let go (Regardless of how strong the love was before) & then you've got some signs in the Zodiac that have a harder time letting go during a breakup. The biggest goal of a Libra during a breakup is to make sure things remain sane & free of drama from the other person & they will normally do whatever they have to do (rather it's completely breaking away or slowly removing themselves emotionally) to achieve this
**(rather it's completely breaking away or slowly removing themselves emotionally) to achieve this**

Are you in my head krysrenee7? My ex is so emotional, we havent been together in over a year. I'm slowly helping him break away, but keeping the peace at the same time. Just when I think he is there he hit me with so more emotional S.H.I.T. It just never end with this guy.
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