What do you do when ur jealous, men?

Hello Libras! Was wondering what does a Libra man do when he's jealous. I mean how does he react? How do you know he
Hello Libras!

Was wondering what does a Libra man do when he's jealous. I mean how does he react? How do you know he's jealous? What are the things to avoid? How to make him feel that you never meant to make him jealous? I know some men keep silent, others get angry, some confront ... etc.

I'm not trying to make a Libra man jealous or anything I'm just asking and wondering as it randomly crossed my mind (Geez I'm scared people would get me wrong after my last discussion around here lol)
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I'm a libra lady, but notice no one answered so I am bumping this up for you.

Honestly, I don't really get jealous. On the very odd occasion that I do get jealous, I tend to get down and moppy. I tend to withdraw but it doesn't usually last long.

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I've seen Libra guy go permanently ice cold in 0.06 seconds when they see their woman is intentionally trying to trigger his jealousy with game playing and/or outrageous behavior. Libras don't like to look bad.. and if his girl is acting like an immoral slut and/or causing a scene in front of his friends, it reflects badly on HIM too, and he won't like it at all. That's certainly one way to get a Libra guy to dump you in a hurry! He isn't likely to make a public scene (SO distasteful!) but he probably WILL be calculating how to get out of that relationship as quickly and painlessly as possible.

When mine gets jealous, he gets quiet and a little bit pissy. Mind you, I never intentionally do things to make him jealous, but that little double-standard they have about flirting (THEY can and often do flirt with everyone, but if YOU do... hoo boy!).. and they sure do love to show their girl off, but if she gets a little TOO much attention, those deep-seated insecurities tend to trip him up a bit. SO.. if he's feeling jealous, he sulks a bit with a slightly injured look.. like he's trying to figure out just how upset he SHOULD be.. If I were to act guilty or apologize for being sweet and friendly, he'd get the message that he should indeed be upset, because my motives were questionable and my behavior suspect. But since I've done nothing wrong, I stand my ground quietly and let him work it out for himself. It's a purely cerebral exercise for him, since he lives more in his head than his heart... he will logically talk himself back down BECAUSE I don't act or feel guilty about HIS fleeting twinge of jealousy.. then my sweet, affectionate, proud Libra is back full force and all is fine in Libraland!

However, mine also has a Leo Venus.. so he might be a tad more jealous/proud than a "typical" Libra or one with an Air Venus. But I've found that most Libras are a lot like this anyway LOL
Ive never seen mine jealous (I think theyre very good at hiding it) But they do seem to be possesive. When a guy is talking to me in a friendly manner hed call me and say we need to go somewhere else (which is just another corner of the place??
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"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
Oh.. thought I would add... it's not like his jealousy is obvious (that too would be distasteful!)... if it happens when we're out, most of our friends and whatnot seem totally clueless to the undercurrent and dynamic of his bit of jealousy.. THEY don't see it, but *I* always can. It's really, really difficult to hide an emotion from an especially intuitive Pisces... esp one with a deep and almost inexplicable psychic knowledge of what goes on underneath someone's outer projection. But then again, men tend to be "emotionally handicapped" to begin with.. and Libra men even moreso.. That's not meant to be an insult - men and women are just different. It's not that men don't have feelings and emotions.. it's that they don't live immersed in them, they can't identify and assimilate (and express!) a complex mix of fleeting feelings. Women are better at the emotional thing.. and Pisces women have a definite edge in this area. My Libra has commented on it several times over the years... how I always seem to just know practically the second a feeling or a dynamic shifts, how I usually just know how (and why) he's feeling a certain way, even before HE does. He admires my "expertise" in an area he has so little "skill" with... and admires my nearly as impressive "cerebral" skills. My balance appeals to him greatly.

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Passive aggressive. However, I don't think that's just my Libra doing the walkin' in that tendency.
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When i get jealous, i just ignore her. Just be silent and act like im not mad. Then i do something to make her jealous, upset, or angry or all 3. If its over the line then i just come out and just say whats on my mind and argure, not discuss, argue until i feel ready to let peace be restored.

but i dont act on every jealous impulse, they jsut silently build then one day she gon fucc up real nice
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