What would YOU do if libra man came back to you?

Ok we know that after a break up more often than not a libra man will come back. It may be just a txt or a call 2 see ho
Ok we know that after a break up more often than not a libra man will come back. It may be just a txt or a call 2 see how u r doing. Or he may actually show up at ur door. He may want 2 get back 2gether. But knowing his ways and how much he hurt u during and after the relationship, what would u do? What would u say?
female from TX
be strong and walk away. it's what i did. i'm no longer with my libra. it was me who ended it. but the way he acted afterwards nullified any chances for me wanting to see him again.
35 years old female from bay area, ca
i will admit that i can be a serial dater myself. not just libra men have tight holds and keep coming back... virgos do just as well!

but anywh0o... what i wanted to point out is that one of the best tools i've always used when i know that it is finally over, and i really need to stick to it was my memory.

being a cancer, i tend to hold onto the feelings and thoughts of past seriously emotional situations. so whenever i am presented with the possibility of returning.. i just think of that time. that day. that moment when that person hurt me, eff'd up, etc. i try to take myself to that feeling, and the thoughts i had when it hit me.

if you can re-create that hurt, or remember that pain, disappointment, etc even for a split second - you will re-consider.

LIBRA MEN make it nearly impossible to make a decision. they always wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. so who's to say that today he wants to go for it, but in a week or two - he is re-considering.

you left him for a reason. these guys are the best sweet talkers ever. they can smile, flash you a wink, and you're in quick sand again.

in other words.... RUN! I am gonna if mine tries to!
female from Gold Coast, Australia
Dont be a fool or he will play you for one and then walk again!
I dont believe being a friend is a good idea, not in the beginning...perhaps a year or so later but first you really would need to squash any feelings because for a Libra it wouldnt be hard to pull you right back in if they had an inkling you still cared for them more than friends.

I had to be downright nasty to get rid of my Libra - he was the one who "wasnt ready" and who said "you deserve better" (which I did LOL) and "the timing just wasnt right" yada yada and it was me who was crushed but low and behold as soon as Id finally started to get over him there he springs back up again and tries it on, not just once but several times, he would drive past my house, send me texts, try to add me back on msn (when he was the one who deleted me in the first place).

Be strong, move on with your life and yessssssssssss go back to those bad times, remember the pain because it'll be the same if you gave it another shot. You broke up for a reason the first time and Ive not heard of any relationships working out the second or third time either.

Personally I'd never go back to a broken relationship, Id have considered it during those first few months after Libra and I went our separate ways but time sure did help me realise that would have been a mistake and thankfully he helped me because he was the one who hid away just to realise he'd made the mistake.....

Run for the hills I say and find a man who does appreciate you - not a Libra (no offence to ALL Libras) who wants to see if he can get you back just to dump you when he got what he wanted
Its hard to tell how long it would take for them to come back, in my case he really never let go but pretended that he didnt give a hoot. Basically though, it took a good 4 months where I snapped at him for seeking me out, then another 5 months when he tried it again.....I agreed to be "friends" and then he started with the flirting again....As nice as I'd imagined it to have been I did remember how he did treat me for the year we were "together" and how he was the whole time on singles sites, not picking up but just scouring them - he needed some sort of entertainment every single night of the week....he didnt want to be with anybody but he didnt want to be alone..sad really.

He had me but he let me go and once he realised Id actually gone he wanted me back - that's how it works for guys like that and Im not saying all libras are like that but I do know that most dont like losing people that they care about from their lives but their way of caring isnt always as normal people care if you get my drift.

You asking that question though, leads me to thinking that you WANT him to come back
I can say at this moment that i dont want him back. I even have a date on saturday nite to go ahead and move on from this. But i asked the question because i know as soon as i do move on he will contact me again. I have spent 2 much time and energy trying 2 figure out what happened and y. And even tho i dnt knw 4 sure the reason, i think i have figured it out. And again even tho i couldnt take him back for fear he would do this again. It sure is fun 2 think about the day he will contact me and getting feedback from all of u, helps me prepare 4 that time. I thank u all 4 ur comments and help!!!!
I left my libra for the last time August, 2007. We had dated for one year on and off. It was definitely a roller coaster indeed. He still to this day claims he cares about me and that he wants to fix things. In the beginning of our relationship it was great. We connected. Sometimes we'd just lay there for hours in silence and it was okay. I truly did love him with my whole being but the last time he walked away was the last time I told myself I'd let him hurt me. I know a part of me will always love him, I accept that, but our relationship was never consistent. At times I do wonder about what it'd be like to go back but then I remember all the hurt I experienced from him. We've talked through all of our problems in the past countless times and he says that he'll never do that again, that I should let him love me again, but those moments I was so low I will always remember. I know that if you truly care about someone you don't hurt them constantly... He betray my trust for the last time that year and he has never gotten it back.
Hey sweetsherrie. Well I'd say it is kind of both. He broke up with me more than once throughout the year...which in turn made my trust in him and our relationship diminish. But the last hit I took from him was in August and I'll never forget it. I met up with him and we talked about things and told one another we truly wanted to make things right this time and that we loved one another. Then we went back to my place and things happened... Well I did that out of love because I loved him. I truly did. Everything was great, I felt great, I was happy that I was finally fixing things with him but no there is always a twist to every thing. The next day I drove him back to the place he was staying at because he had work and he told me he'd call me later that night. I also felt something was wrong because he didn't kiss me goodbye. Well that night came and no call so I called. It rang and went to voicemail. So then I get online to see if he's on and he is but ignores me. I then get a message from the chick he's renting a room from and she tells me that he said he "didn't love me anymore." I...lost it. I went...psycho. It wasn't the first time he had hurt me and I felt stupid for letting it happen again. Love is definitely not a light switch to me and if he did that to me then he can do it again and I won't give him the satisfaction in doing so. He had plenty of chances to make things right with me, more than I can say for anyone else I've ever dated. I don't like talking to him because our conversations always go back to the past. I know a little part of me will always belong to him but I won't ever put myself through such uncertainty again. Sorry for my long answer haha.

Libras are painfully indecisive, but I don't think that should ever be an excuse. I cut off all communication with my libra months ago.. He waited a few months after that and started telling a friend of mine how I was the love of his life and how he wanted to fix things between us. I didn't give in for a while, but when I finally did he started to retract a little bit, almost making it seem like he had never said what he had said. Chatz, it almost sounds like we were dating the same libra because he said the exact same things to me about him being undeserving... it being the wrong time... etc. I guess this is just how the story goes with these men. It takes a strong woman to deal with them, but an even stronger woman to let them go. I'm still in the process of trying to patch up past misunderstandings. With Venus in retrograde until April 17th I'm trying not to make any rash decisions.
Well with my ex he knows how to still get to me. He was one of the first people I truly let in all of the way. I don't know if it is a leo thing or what but with previous guys I dated I always had my guards up and would leave before anything got too serious. But it was different with him. I let myself be open and learned a lot. They are definitely charmers and sweet talkers. They feed you what you want to hear in hopes that maybe you'll come back this time. I feel that even if I were to go back nothing would change. I would still have that fear of him hurting me yet again and therefore my whole heart wouldn't be in the relationship. I've always had difficulty in letting him go. But I know him and I will never be "just friends" because of our past. I usually disappear for about three months and not talk to him but then I always get suckered in and see how he's doing. I notice it does more harm than good though. =/
He always tries to keep in touch with me. What I notice though is he's much more persistent about it when he knows I have a new boyfriend or am dating someone new which I think is bizarre.
Well when I first met my ex in school he intrigued me so much. I noticed he would always look at me but I knew he would never do anything about it. Lol. But it could possibly mean he's still interested. Some librans are just shy.
Leo haha. I guess I thought my username made it obvious
And yes libra men are indeed very complex. They are charmers and some can't be trusted. Don't waste your time on this fellow. Sounds like he's just toying with you because he knows he can, to be honest.
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