how to make libra feel loved?

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Which signs do you see together that just never seem to work?
I don't know what's wrong with me but I consider myself super jealous even with guys I like. For example, I like this guy and I know he's into shy and quiet girls. I consider myself shy but I do like to talk and I have a personality. Well there's this gi
A breakup and loss of of what I thought the future held for me. It’s sad and I’m disappointed, but this time I feel different. It feels like transition, like a reminder not to repeat the past. I get it. God or the universe gave me another chance to
Maybe it’s just me or him or an Aqua thing.... but that eye contact.... The most intense experience whenever he looks into my eyes. I feel like he’s looking into my soul and discovering all my secrets. I feel loved and desired, completely exposed, afraid
Saggie her with a Taurus. 2 years and a learning curve. just curious how your ralationships are going. challenges? common arguments? Likes? dislikes? someone told me that longest is 4 years and I wanna hope to prove that wrong.
Happy Birthday Season to all the fiery pioneers! What would the zodiac be without such perfect leaders to kick off a new cycle, a new zodiac year. Have a ferocious and blessed birthday. 💗 P.S. I know I’m a bit early. Sun doesn’t move into aries til
I'm really trying to understand why I've gotten cheated on in all my relationships, and why I seem to attract guys who secretly have girlfriends. It's always so dramatic. Wtf is it? Am I too detached? Am I just doomed? Do I seem like a slut/home wrecker?
I’ve come to a theory. Girls that secretly like you hook you up with their most attractively threatening friend(s) to sabotage it to keep you to themselves when they make their move. I’m on to you ladies... Men, elaborate, share a time you got swoop
What are the benefits? How often do you check it? Idk if I have anything worthwhile to post on Instagram or Snapchat... Curious to know why many people use it!
Saggie her with a Taurus. 1 years 4 months and a learning curve. just curious how your relationships are going. challenges? common arguments? Likes? islikes? someone told me that longest relationship lasts 4 years and I wanna hope to prove
Do you guys find Aquas love Scorps??? I seem to attract Aquas like moths to flame at least they're interesting and aren't shaken up with my emotional bursts hahahha
Hey guys Firstly, i am in a relationship but I have a capy friend who i have had a crush on for way to long (morally incorrect spare me the speech) i knew my feelings for him were wrong so i blocked him from my social accounts and we never spoke for ab